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ProfitBooks is amazingly simple and fastest amongst the list of business accounting software for small businesses.

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Key Features of ProfitBooks

Pricing of ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks offers 3 affordable pricing options :

1) Professional version is available for Rs 750 per month which is suitable for service based industries.

2) SMB version is available for Rs 950 per month and it also contains additional feature of inventory management - suitable for traders, retailers.

3) Enterprise version is available for Rs 1500 per month and also offers an additional feature of Multiple Branch Accounting.

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Our Comment

Profitbook is a strong online Accounting software. It fits the manufacturing firms as it allows to manage inventory and at the same time its also fits service companies because to its project management and time tracking features. The company also plans to launching an inbuilt CRM. ProfitBooks, however lacks online bank integration.

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ProfitBooks User Reviews

  • Best Online Accounting Software

    Bhavika Popat Solude software

    Profitbooks as the best online accounting software for small to Medium size businesses. I am fully satisfied with Profitbooks because it does not required any formal accounting training for managing Inventory, payroll, at the same time it's also fits service companies becouse time tracking & project management features. It's provide multi user login & roll base access. Profitbooks avoid using complicated accounting terms like Banking, Expenses, Income and journal categories so it's really helpful for newcomer.  As well as ProfitBooks offers 3 affordable pricing options like professional, enterprise and SMB version. Recommended Profitbooks for all organization.

  • It is the complete accounting software

    Himanshu Kashyap

    ProfitBooks is the complete accounting software which removes the old accounting systems from the business, old accounting system which take allot of time makes the efficiency of a business down and due to this factor the accountant the employees are always in rush and yet they were not able to complete task properly, with this software you can access you and you can save your business data where you don’t need to be worried about losing the data because it provides the high security. This software provide automated solution to business transaction like pay roll and taxation calculation ,the time is saved and hustled is finished, Recommended software by top business companies.

  • Complete accounting solutions

    Nikunj Prajapati

    It is user friendly and provides complete accounting solutions to organizations. Besides the accounting solutions, Profit books also provide payroll management and stock management efficiently.