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DeskAway is one of the best online project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work. It is 100% Web-based tool in India. You can try it before you buy it. View Profile

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SOFTWARE BY Infocube Technologies

Along with a host of software modules like timesheet, leave management, expense management, project management, task management and client billing software, Officetimer is cloud hosted softwares to serve the various needs of SMEs, as well as large enterprises and even individual freelancing entrepreneurs. View Profile

Logo-Avrut Innova
SOFTWARE BY Avrut IT Pvt. Ltd.

Avrut is an enterprise wide project management system designed to automate all processes related to standard architectural and engineering practices for Indian business. With the help, you can work as collaboration software with internal and external team members and associates. View Profile

Logo-BIZixx Project Management System
SOFTWARE BY FATbit Technologies

BIZixx Project Management System is one of the fine tools that help managers manage all the aspects of a project from his desk with ease. Bizixx is one stop solution for all management related issues and requirements in your project for India. View Profile

SOFTWARE BY Framebench Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Framebench Project management software enables real-time review and discussions over any file. Used by over a 1000 companies, its is the easiest yet most powerful online app on the internet. You can share, annotate and leave comments on any document, spreadsheet, presentation, image or video. View Profile


Citrix Podio - Project management software & Collaboration tool is the new way for your team to communicate, organize, track and get work done in one place.The result is a new way of working – no more bottlenecks, no more blind spots and no more disconnected processes. View Profile


Asana a project management system centers your team's communication on the work you're doing, keeping everyone on the same page. It is flexible enough for your team’s unique work and communication. View Profile

Logo-Zilicus PM
SOFTWARE BY Zilicus Solutions

Zilicus, is project management software and collaboration tool on the market, includes in addition to typical features resources tracking, wide reporting options or customization options. Its user interface with icons makes it easy to use. View Profile

SOFTWARE BY Pivoting Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a collaboration tool (Web-SAAS) for enterprise in India. An intuitive, economical, powerful, social and collaborative tool to empower mid-sized businesses. It also works as time, project and task management software for your enterprises and teams. View Profile


Basecamp - project management software and collaboration tool is designed to store and share information within a team. It includes a calendar and to-do section, but is it not a project planning software. It focuses more on discussions and sharing information, files and current statuses, none of which are connected to a particular project. View Profile


Planplex - a project management software and collaboration tool is essentially composed of tasks and resources, and planning successfully highly depends on how you manage the interactions between them. For instance, tasks may have dependencies among them, and managing these dependencies is a pivotal point between success or failure. View Profile


WorkBook is one of the best project management software and collaboration tool contains key functionalities for the Professional Services Industry and especially targets Architects, Advertising, Consultancies and Engineering companies. It’s a matter of having the right software to help you define the scope, time, quality and budget. View Profile


PayPanther is the ultimate all-in-one software that combines the best business apps from the largest websites. The only business management software with free online project and time management for freelancers & businesses. View Profile

SOFTWARE BY Sales Force Inc.

Chatter is the leading enterprise social network that allows teams to take action and sync up like never before. And because it's built on the Salesforce1 Platform, you can create custom actions and deploy instantly to every desktop and device, and access any app from a fast, easy-to-use social feed. View Profile

Logo-Zoho Projects
SOFTWARE BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho's task management software is the best way to keep track of everything right from simple tasks to complex projects - all in one place. View Profile


Definition - What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is a system utilized for project planning, booking, asset assignment and change administration. It permits project managers (PMs), stakeholders and clients to control expenses and oversee planning, quality administration and documentation, additionally software can be utilized as an administration system. This process is also known as online project management software.

SoftwareSuggest’s Definition- Project Management System

Despite of the fact that project management system is utilized for many purpose, its principle intention is to facilitate the planning and tracking of project components, stakeholders and assets.

Primary function of project management tools are as follows

  1.        Project planning
  2.        Task management
  3.        Document collaboration and sharing
  4.        Calendar and contact sharing
  5.        Reporting

Now let’s define - what does collaboration software mean?

Collaboration software or software projects provides the function of sharing, handling and administration of documents, archives and other information sorts among a few clients or systems. This sort of software permits two or more remote clients to jointly deal with a project or task.

Collaboration tools is generally called as project management tools, online collaboration software and groupware.

Collaboration software or software project management is basically intended to improve productivity within a group of people and, more specifically, within organization. This is accomplished through the coordinated assignments processing and administration capabilities provided by this kind of software.

With skills like project and collaboration management, clients can create a workspace and include information and/or workflows to it. The created workspace is accessible and viewable for all assigned users, no matter from what location he is operating. Any changes made to the information or documents are synced up in every ones pc, guaranteeing that everybody has the most updated variant of an ongoing project.

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