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I have been using FL studio for 2 years now. Initially I used to find it difficult but after a while I got a hang of it. I've produced lots of music with the pc as well as mobile version of the fl studio. Read FL Studio Reviews

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Common FL Studio and Ableton Alternatives

FL Studio review compared to Ableton

"FL Studio's Honest and Unbiased Review" - Pratyaksh Sharma


Audacity is a free, open source and very easy to use audio editing software. It is capable of doing almost all basic edits. It helped me alot while mixing the songs for our School and college fests. Read Audacity Reviews

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Common Audacity and Ableton Alternatives

Audacity review compared to Ableton

"The easy to use free audio editor." - Vaibhav Mishra


VLC is a multimedia player that can play most media files on most platforms. Its wide range of supported formats include multimedia files, DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Read VLC Media Player Reviews

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Common VLC Media Player and Ableton Alternatives

VLC Media Player review compared to Ableton

"My Review on Vlc media player." - Imran Zahid


University taught using Pro Tools, and I still use it for mixing; Cubase is the DAW for producing /composing, utilizing it for many more hours. Read Cubase Reviews

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Cubase VS Logic Pro X

Common Cubase and Ableton Alternatives

Cubase review compared to Ableton

"Best choice for all who don't have a million dollar studio" - Soufian Wijermars Qarbal


Logic pro x made me professional with its very efficient tools, professional sound recording, support plugins, and space mixing. Multitrack exportations. Read Logic Pro X Reviews

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Logic Pro X VS Cubase

Common Logic Pro X and Ableton Alternatives

Logic Pro X review compared to Ableton

"Little but strong " - Ally Zooma


Mixcraft, developed by musicians, is unrivaled in the industry for its ease-of-use and raw power for musicians.  Learn more about Acoustica Mixcraft

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Common Acoustica Mixcraft and Ableton Alternatives


IndieFlow developed a workflow management platform for the music industry. The platform provides a centralized platform to manage music industry workflows and streamline the significant building blocks of an artist’s career. It enables users to manage creative projects, ... Learn more about IndieFlow

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Common IndieFlow and Ableton Alternatives


Bitwig Studio encourages you to take greater control of your music and to give you access to all aspects of your production. Streamline your creative process and make your ideas quickly into full songs, tracks and compositions. Learn more about Bitwig Studio

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Common Bitwig Studio and Ableton Alternatives


Cockos Reaper is a comprehensive program for computer digital audio development, providing a complete set of multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, encoding, mixing, and mastering software. Learn more about Cockos Reaper

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Common Cockos Reaper and Ableton Alternatives


With ACID Pro, you will be able to draw the concept faster than any other DAW, and transform it into a finished project. Its unique workflows, innovative features, and professional tools were specifically designed to produce music based on loops and samples. Learn more about ACID Pro

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Common ACID Pro and Ableton Alternatives


There's so much to do! Guitar amp, bass amp, drum module, vocal mic, synthesizer, beat making, many virtual instruments and sounds! its more than that of any music software as its far more than that. Read GarageBand Reviews

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Common GarageBand and Ableton Alternatives

GarageBand review compared to Ableton

"Great Software " - Rahul


Equalizer APO is a fully featured Music Production Software designed to serve SMEs, Startup, Agencies, Enterprises. Equalizer APO provides end-to-end solutions designed for On Premises. Learn more about Equalizer APO

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Common Equalizer APO and Ableton Alternatives


Fuelled by over 30 years of incessant pursuit of creativity, BandLab's Cakewalk is the latest standard for the modern recording studio. Learn more about Cakewalk

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Cakewalk VS FL Studio

Common Cakewalk and Ableton Alternatives


All people have their favourite, which, due to the fact you may now not agree with their flavour in tune, or technique to music production. It will suit absolute beginner music producers best. There is a stock Of 425 Sounds and Loops, Plus 3 Virtual Instruments. Options For Recor... Read MAGIX Music Maker Reviews

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Common MAGIX Music Maker and Ableton Alternatives

MAGIX Music Maker review compared to Ableton

"Only few software stand out among many dozens of them" - Milind Gupta


Tracktion Waveform is a fast-growing technology specifically tailored to the needs of contemporary music producers. Specializing in innovative and motivating workflows and avoiding not specifically needed features helps the app to remain unexpectedly enjoyable and intuiti... Learn more about Tracktion Waveform

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Common Tracktion Waveform and Ableton Alternatives


Have tried other DAW's and did not find any user-friendly interface as this. has unlimited inserts on each track and great templates- presets for every track, also has the Zero feature for interface speed, has Melodyne integration. Read Studio One Reviews

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Common Studio One and Ableton Alternatives

Studio One review compared to Ableton

"Most User Friendly DAW" - Yehuda


With Avid Connection, you can find and connect to a group of music creators and audio professionals in the Pro Tools app to collaborate and broaden your creative opportunities. Learn more about Avid Pro Tools

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Common Avid Pro Tools and Ableton Alternatives


The true stars of the Reason's experience are welcoming, easy to use and with a sound to die for: Reason's synthesizers, sampled instruments, drum machines and effects. Learn more about Reason Studios

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