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Top Absence Management Software in India For 2020

Finding the best Absence Management System for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Absence Management?

Absence management refers to controlling the absences caused due to urgency, injury, or illness while maintaining uninformed, unscheduled, or excessive absenteeism. For any organization, absence management is a crucial factor as it directly relates to the productivity of its workforce.

Absence due to illness or emergency is unavoidable within any organization. But, one should take this in a fair and in an understanding way. Different types of absence include:

  • Short-term or long-term Sickness Leave
  • Persistent Lateness
  • Maternity or Paternity Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Educational Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Paid/Unpaid Leave

It is vital for an organization to manage the absence of employees efficiently.

What are the Top Causes of Employees taking Sickness Leave?

To bring down the cost of sickness absence, you must gauge the common reasons for sickness leave in your organization. Here are some top causes for sick leave:

  1. Minor illness: Minor illness like cold, flu, stomach ache, and headaches were the top reasons for an employee to take sick leave. As minor illness is such a common reason for an employee to request time-off, the HR department must find ways to reduce its impact on the business.
  2. Stress: The next big reason for sickness leave after the minor illness is stress. As per a survey, employees in white-collar industries are more likely to take time off due to stress. To determine what the stress is related – whether work or personal life – HR should interview once the employee returns. If the stress is work-related, you must look into how the company can help employees alleviate their pressure.
  3. Musculoskeletal injuries: After stress, the next reason is the musculoskeletal injuries and back pain. These are also reasons for taking leave. Musculoskeletal injuries are more evident in an industry that involves manual work. To solve the issues of back pain, check if the staff has access to tools that improve their posture. Ergonomic keyboards, footstools, and adapted chairs can help improve employees’ health. A sound absence management system can keep track of people in an organization taking time off. It maintains different types of leave log and helps you tailor the strategies for any causes of leaves.

How to Manage Employee Absence Leaves more Efficiently?

A key issue the employers face is how to deal with absence management in the workplace. Excessive absences lead to reduced productivity, decreased staff motivation, and poor customer service levels. All of these can harm a company's finances.

Here are some absence management solutions that employers can deploy to manage absence in the workplace.

  • Improve employee’s wellbeing: Happy Workforce = Productive Workforce. Any employee's welfare is of prime importance if you want to mitigate the risk of poor absence management. By well-being, we mean keeping your employees at the core of your business strategies. Include them in every possible form – be it one-on-one meetings or extracurricular events.
  • Promote Attendance: As per a survey, organizations can improve their employee's attendance by focusing on employee engagement. The most common ways to achieve this include promoting an open culture where employees can raise their concerns, recognizing an employee for his work, or giving away attendance rewards.
  • Provide Work-Life Balance: Offer your employees the choice to work flexible hours that match their lifestyle while meeting your business needs. It provides a sense of ownership as well as control to the employees. Adopting such measures make employees feel valued. A simple step like providing flexibility in working hours can make a massive difference to their and the company's productivity.
  • Evaluate your Absence Management Policies: Just as other areas of businesses, absence management also requires periodic evaluation and evolution. Whether reviewing attendance or experimenting stress-busters, you can determine which policies best fit your workforce and yields better results.
  • Deploy Software: Handling absence management on paper or manually is prone to errors. Instead, leveraging the best absence management software can measure, track, and predict absence while managing leave applications and more.

What is Absence Management Software?

Staffing gaps in the present absence management system significantly affects productivity in the workplace and contributes to success in the long run.

An absence management system helps organizations to keep track of holiday requests, sickness, and also maintain a record of all types of absence. It enables you to determine which absence-related issues could be holding your business back. HR or managers can even generate reports, analyze the absence trends, and find solutions to any problems.

How to Choose the Best Absence Tracking Software?

Absence tracker brings in several advantages. It lets you track absences, monitor the trends, and implement your absence policies.

When you step into the market, you will see different companies offering absence tracking software. Before you implement one of these absence management tools, it is crucial to examine the features and benefits of the available options.

Below given are some of the features and benefits to look for while choosing the best absence monitoring system.

  • Track absences accurately: The first feature you must consider while buying absence software is its ability to track absences. This is what the absence management system is all about. So, the system must be efficient to log every instance of the employees, which includes violation of your absence policies.
  • Define Absence Policies: When you want your absence monitoring tool tracks the absences precisely, it should be able to understand the definition of an absence or absence policies. Any system you select should provide you the ability to define your customized policies. For instance, whether clocking in 5 minutes after the regular time is considered a violation or penalty for showing up late is different from missing an entire shift. At the core, the system must let you,
    1. Create your custom absence definitions
    2. Categorize absences and lateness
    3. Create individual staff profiles
    4. Generate automatic reports in case of violation of absence policies
  • Monitor absence trends: Absence management software you select should be able to monitor absence trends. This feature enhances the overall value of absence tracking software. As mentioned above, the ability to create individual profiles enable you to know the behavior of each employee. Some absence software also sends you a notification when any of your employees miss a shift. This, in turn, helps you monitor the absence of anomalies and address the attendance issues quickly and easily.
  • Real-Time Analytics: A good absence management system also offers you access to real-time analytics. This feature frees you from waiting for your HR to generate daily reports stating who is present and who is absent. Real-Time analytics authorizes you to view which employees are clocked-in whenever you want.
  • Reports: This is again a vital part of the absence monitoring tool. If you have no access to detailed reports, you cannot fully utilize the functionalities of absence management solutions. With access to detailed reports, you can view the details of each staff member. It should also offer you the option to see the total absence of any employee or department. Moreover, you should also be able to enter custom variables like date or shifts.
  • Flexible & Scalable: Any absence management software you choose must be flexible and scalable. Whenever your company undergoes any changes, the software must easily adapt to it. Be it changes in staffing, time offs, or hiring, your software should easily add or remove profiles. Irrespective of the size of your workforce, absence tracker should be capable of tracking every absence and logging each rule violation accurately.
  • Integrated & Cloud-based: You can't afford to waste your valuable time tracking attendance in one system and payroll in another. You can boost your productivity when you can manage everything from a single place. So, look to it if the absence tracking software you are buying lets you integrate other solutions into it. Further, if you opt for online absence management software, you can easily keep a check on your business operations from anywhere.

Whether you have a small staff or a large enterprise, you must choose an absence tracker that works best for your organization.

Key Advantages of Absence Tracker & Loopholes of Absence Software

A good absence management system benefits both the company as well as the employees. It enables employees to plan their leaves and lets the manager determine the staffing requirement at that particular point of time. Employees can request for leaves and view their past leave records, whereas the employers or managers can review and approve the leave application as well as track the leave records.

Advantages of Absence Tracker

  • Transparency: As the absence monitoring system makes all the information available to the employees and their managers, it enhances transparency in the organization. Each employee can view their leave history, check the available leave balance, and plan the leaves. Further, the managers can view, approve, or reject the leave requests and share the details regarding the same with the employees.
  • Accuracy: With an operational absence tracker, you can access accurate information about employees' leaves and leave trends. If the absence software is integrated with online payroll software, it becomes easiest to generate accurate payslips.
  • Leave Policy Awareness: Absence management tool clearly defines the available number of permissible leaves, number of days required before applying for a planned or extended leave, the penalty for lateness, and more. This makes the staff well aware of the leave policies.
  • Compliance: Online absence management software customized as per a company’s leave policy can ensure accordance with the company's leave policy. As it makes use of the company rules, it restricts employees and managers to allow leaves only for their favorites in the workplace.

While there are numerous benefits of using absence management software, there are some drawbacks too.

Disadvantages of Absence Tracker

  • Cost: When it comes to deploying a good absence monitoring system, price is one of the essential factors. The best ones will undoubtedly be expensive. Moreover, any system you get accompanies acquisition and maintenance costs. This can be trouble for small businesses.
  • Scalability: Small businesses likely choose simple absence software for their limited number of employees. When they grow, the system should also be able to scale with them. There is no meaning of investing in a system that you need to change if the number of employees increases.

What is the Best Absence Management Software for Small Business?

At first, absence management seems a straightforward process. But, last minute leave requests, low visibility of records, disparate spreadsheets, and emails create chaos and make the entire thing troublesome.

So, opt for an absence management system and say goodbye to emails, spreadsheets, and paper forms. An excellent holiday and absence management software offer your organization, management, and employees the visibility for every type of absence. It provides accurate, real-time data and also highlights the leave trends.

Even after being clear of what you are looking for, the selection of best absence management software can be daunting. To help you ease this burden, we have put together excellent absence software at the top. You can browse the list and pick the one that fits in your business needs.

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