Best Account Based Marketing Software

Best account based marketing software are Jabmo, 6sense, Demandbase ABM Platform, Predict, and CompassABM. This software offers tools to automate and reduce the lengthy procedure of determining prospects and dedicating the right resources to promote the most promising accounts.

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List of 20 Best Account Based Marketing Software

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Contenders | 2024

Powerful collaboration tool for teams of all sizes

Wrike is used by top account-based marketing companies for creating targeted campaigns. Wrike allows teams to collaborate and coordinate their ABM activities in real-time, including planning and executing campaigns, tracking progress and sharing results. Wrike provides task management features that help you stay on top of your ABM activities, including setting deadlines, assigning tasks, and tracking progress. Read Wrike Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Pipedrive is a tool that can be utilized for account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. With Pipedrive, ABM can be achieved by creating a database of target accounts, organizing and prioritizing these accounts based on their potential value, and using this information to create personalized, targeted campaigns. Read Pipedrive Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by Terminus Software, Inc

One of the best account-based marketing tools, Terminus, enables B2B companies to engage with their target accounts through a variety of tailored campaigns. With the help of the platform's features for account-based marketing, you may interact with your target accounts at the ideal moment and via the ideal channel. Learn more about terminus

Emergents | 2024

Best in class ABM tools for your businesses

A cloud-based solution designed for B2B companies looking to improve their interaction with target accounts is Demandbase, the top ABM software. Account-based marketing can be executed in various ways, which include measurement, advertising, personalization, and conversion. This platform lets companies reach their target accounts with tailored, data-driven campaigns thanks to features like account-based advertising, retargeting, live chat, site analytics, and a powerful campaign performance monitor. Learn more about Demandbase

Contenders | 2024

With the help of RollWorks, the best account-based marketing software, B2B marketers may increase income by forging closer bonds with their clients. With the help of the platform's features, you can locate, target, and interact with your most valued customers, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and achieving your intended business results. Read RollWorks Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Account Based marketing solutions for all

6sense is one of the best account-based marketing software that is developed especially for companies that want to reach more accounts. With its advanced functionalities, marketers can execute successful campaigns, connect with the right accounts, and drive more revenue. 6sense provides real-time insights into the customer journey of your target accounts, helping you make informed decisions. Read 6sense Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Account-based marketing (ABM) platform, WebEngage offers B2B marketers a variety of options to customize and enhance their marketing initiatives. With the use of this software, marketers may divide up their target markets based on a variety of factors, like firm size, sector, and more. This enables extremely targeted and individualized marketing strategies. Read WebEngage Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Top ABM software for global manufacturers

User-friendly multi-channel account-based marketing campaigns can be easily carried out with the help of Jabmo. The platform provides functions including account discovery, account segmentation, programmatic advertising, personalization, and others. This software also connects with other sales and marketing technologies, like CRM and marketing automation platforms, to give users a comprehensive view of their ABM activity. Read Jabmo Reviews

Emergents | 2024

LeanData is the best account-based marketing (ABM) software that helps businesses automate their lead-to-account matching and routing processes. Marketing professionals can find and target high-value customers with LeanData, communicate with decision-makers, and ultimately boost revenue. LeanData assists you in identifying and contacting high-value accounts. Learn more about LeanData

Emergents | 2024

Act-On Marketing is a cloud-based ABM software that helps businesses with account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. ABM is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on a select group of target accounts. Act-On Marketing's advanced segmentation capabilities help marketers create targeted ABM lists based on specific account criteria such as job title, location, and engagement history. Read Act-On Marketing Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Rewards, Incentives, Benefits & Payouts Platform

Xoxoday Plum is a rewards, incentives, benefits & payout infrastructure that helps simplify the rewards program for thousands of organisations. Learn more about Xoxoday Plum

Emergents | 2024

Azalead is a powerful account-based marketing (ABM) platform created to assist B2B companies in enhancing the efficacy of their marketing initiatives. Azalead enables marketers to engage with their most valuable accounts and spur growth by offering a comprehensive platform for data administration, lead creation, account targeting, and measurement. Learn more about Azalead

Contenders | 2024

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a fully featured Email Marketing Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs and StartUps. HubSpot Marketing Hub provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and Android. This online Email Marketing system offers A/B Testing, Analytics, Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, File Sharing, Group Posting and WYSIWYG Email Editor at one place. Read HubSpot Marketing Hub Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Bitrix24 is a collaboration platform that offers features for account-based marketing (ABM). With this software, companies can create a targeted marketing strategy that focuses on a specific set of accounts (e.g., large enterprise organizations) rather than a large, undefined audience. You can also segment your accounts based on various criteria, such as size, industry, location, and more. Read Bitrix24 Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Leadfeeder is a B2B sales and account-based marketing software that provides different marketing capabilities. Leadfeeder identifies the companies visiting your website, providing you with a real-time view of the accounts that are engaging with your brand. Moreover, Leadfeeder provides insightful reports and analytics to help companies make better decisions. Read Leadfeeder Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Folloze is a cutting-edge & one of the best ABM platforms that assist businesses in connecting with their target accounts. ABM is a targeted marketing strategy that concentrates on a small number of high-value accounts as opposed to a larger, ill-defined audience. Folloze automates necessary ABM procedures like lead scoring, lead nurturing, and account segmentation to help you organize your work and increase productivity. Learn more about Folloze

Emergents | 2024

Best account based marketing software for B2B

Predict is an account-based marketing (ABM) software that provides actionable insights into key accounts and automates key ABM processes. With its powerful features, Predict is an effective solution for B2B companies looking to improve their ABM results and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Read Predict Reviews

Emergents | 2024

DiscoverOrg is a B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform that provides actionable insights into key accounts and automates key ABM processes. DiscoverOrg provides tools for automating email campaigns and personalized outreach to your target accounts. So, you can check out different functionalities and customize them as per your needs. Learn more about DiscoverOrg

Contenders | 2024 is a leading account based marketing software solution that helps B2B organizations to reach their target accounts with personalized marketing campaigns. The software combines advanced account identification, account scoring, and account segmentation features with personalized messaging capabilities to provide a comprehensive ABM solution. The platform provides deep insights into target accounts and empowers marketers with data-driven decision-making, enabling them to achieve the highest possible return. Read Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

All-in-one marketing platform for less than $1

EngageBay is an all-in-one solution with various ABM functionalities. EngageBay provides a range of information about key accounts, including company details, decision-makers, and past interactions, allowing you to inform your ABM strategy and prioritize your outreach. It also provides analytics and insights into the engagement of your target accounts, allowing you to track and optimize your ABM performance. Read EngageBay Reviews

Most Reviewed

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a specialized type of marketing that focuses on identifying and targeting decision makers at specific companies rather than the broader target audiences used in traditional marketing.

87% of B2B marketers said that the ROI of their ABM marketing outperforms their other marketing investments. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, account-based marketing has become an integral part of a B2B marketing strategy, and it is an opportunity you need to tap into at the earliest.

Let’s dig deeper into ABM's meaning and why it is the best strategy for B2B marketers.

What Is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing software helps realign marketing and sales departments which you can use in place of more general lead generation and branding techniques. A tailored marketing strategy is implemented after identifying quality target accounts.

Marketo defines account-based marketing as “an alternative B2B approach that focuses on sales and marketing efforts on a clearly defined set of target accounts of high-value and creates personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account.”

ABM marketing goes beyond mere lead generation with a highly personalized approach and precise attention to detail. It is a holistic approach that allows you to align marketing and sales teams’ endeavors with leading to business growth, delight customers, and enhance efficiency.

The best part about account-based marketing is that you can quickly weed out less-valuable clients right at the beginning.  You also align your marketing and sales teams to manage key accounts and increase their lifetime value. 

But, before we get to the crux of the ABM and learn about its advantages, let us examine its relationship with another essential strategy – inbound marketing. This will help you understand and differentiate the two concepts.

Account Based Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Arguably one of the most robust business partnerships, account-based marketing and inbound marketing can create waves for your business. 

But what’s the connection between the two? 

Read on to find out how you can use inbound and account-based marketing strategies to complement your business goals!

An account-based marketing strategy is a highly-targeted way of capturing valuable business clients. On the other hand, inbound marketing is more of a foundational concept. It is a primary marketing strategy that aims at attracting and delighting customers through customized campaigns, content, and search engine optimization.

Inbound marketing strategy doesn’t get aggressive or involve approaching customers like you would with outbound techniques. Instead, it is more about organically providing customers with the necessary information and driving traffic to your website. 

However, it is worth noting that inbound marketing serves as a foundation pillar for account-based marketing. It enables your sales team to focus on high-value customer accounts. Here is how inbound marketing and account-based marketing complement each other and lead to better results:

  • Account-based advertising takes things one step further by enabling you to convert your target audience via personalized messaging. 
  • Having a robust inbound marketing strategy helps organizations enhance resource allocation to target high-value accounts through account-based marketing.
  • Utilizing a combination of inbound marketing tactics and focused account-based management can empower companies to attract a broader audience base and capture market opportunities that any other strategies may have missed.
  • Harnessing the power of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies helps create personalized all-in-one content and substantially impacts customer engagement.

Why is Account Based Marketing The Need Of The Hour?

A successful ABM program can help you shorten your B2B sales cycle and meet the business objectives faster. Don’t believe me? Here are some data points (statistics) of ABM marketing. 

  • It can increase revenue by as much as 208%.
  • The average value increase of annual contracts from ABM can be as high as 170%.
  • 85% of marketers say account-based marketing tactics helped them retain and expand their existing client relationships.
  • 60% of companies report at least a 10% increase in revenue from year one of their account-based marketing plan.

Compelling figures, right?

There are many benefits that your organization can accrue by adopting account-based marketing. Here is a list of positive results you can get by implementing account-based marketing best practices.

1. Measures Return On Investment

Account-based marketing is precise, targeted, and measurable. It makes it easy for you to measure your return on investment for all the accounts your sales and marketing teams have worked on. This is necessary as it confirms that your account-based marketing strategy focuses on ideal accounts that are the right fit for your business.

With ABM marketing, organizations witness an increase in deal size and ultimate business revenues. In addition, 86% of marketers report improved win rates with account-based marketing due to its structured approach. With increased return on investment, you know that your account-based marketing tactics are working, and you can plan effectively for the future.

2. Keeps Marketing And Sales In Alignment

Account-based marketing strategy enables you to design more purposeful marketing campaigns aligned with your sales efforts. Increased transparency and cross-team collaboration ensure that both sales and marketing teams concentrate on the same long-term goals. In addition, it ensures that both functional domains stick to the pre-decided budget and understand the role of various internal organizational stakeholders.

Another great benefit of a sales-marketing alignment is that your organization can provide consistent content, interactions, and communication pitches for all high-value accounts. Furthermore, it encourages team members to collaborate and work together on managin

3. Delivers Enhanced Customer Experiences

Customer experience is a top business priority.

Do you feel you are doing enough to keep your customers happy?

Research has shown that organizations focusing on customer experience can drive 4-8% more revenues than others. ABM marketing can help organizations nurture long-term customer relationships with a personalized marketing approach.

The primary aspect of an account-based marketing strategy is that the aim is not finding more leads but finding high-quality leads. This makes it possible for your employees to develop long-term relationships with customers by focusing on the three R’s:

  • Reputation: Build internal credibility and create a strong reputation in the market.
  • Relationships: Develop relationships with clients through innovation and insights into their preferences.
  • Revenues: Accelerate growth and profitability by increasing the size of deals and win rates.

account based marketing

4. Helps Develop Tailor-Made Content For Customer Interaction

If you are not working on churning out personalized content, the chances are high that you are losing out on precious customers. Account-based marketing can solve all your content worries!

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenues. – Andrew Davis, Author

With account-based marketing, you can tailor-make content for your high-value customers to inform them about your products, services, pricing, and offerings. You can easily provide customized campaigns for targeted accounts and deliver relevant information through blogs, business papers, videos, and social media. The power of personalization is real! The numbers speak for themselves. Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates. Besides, 80% of consumers trust a brand that publishes content that’s relevant to them.

Therefore, organizations need to adopt ABM marketing to provide every stakeholder of a target account with a high level of personalization. It helps develop mutual trust, retain precious high-value clients, and increase sales conversions.

5. Fewer Wasted Resources

Is your organization tight on its marketing and sales budgeting?

If yes, you need to take steps not to waste resources such as employee time, effort, and money!

ABM marketing is a holistic tool ideal from a budgetary perspective for B2B organizations. It empowers your sales and marketing teams to integrate efforts to work harmoniously on capturing high-value accounts. As we know, there is a high degree of risk involved with marketing campaigns. An account-based marketing strategy minimizes risks and reduces unnecessary waste by optimal utilization of resources.

Not only that, but by having a robust account-based management strategy in place, you can enjoy shorter sales cycles and ultimately generate a higher return on investment.

The Final Word

If you are a B2B marketer, implementing account-based marketing is a no-brainer!

Don’t get stumped! Account-based marketing is not rocket science. In fact, there are numerous specialized account-based marketing software solutions that can help you streamline processes and get started.

Account-based marketing is the best way to future-proof your B2B organization and gain a strong competitive advantage. It can help you compete with rivals and surge ahead by developing a credible reputation and expanding your customer base.

Enough said time to act! 

If you are a B2B organization, there is nothing beyond account-based marketing to help you transform your business processes and increase your bottom line! Go right ahead, implement account-based marketing strategies and witness the magic! 

Last Updated: January 02, 2024