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List of 20 Best Address Verification Software

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One verification platform to secure the whole cust

Sumsub is a widely used address validation software for verification that can secure the entire user experience. Sumsub offers comprehensive technical and legal tools for KYC/AML requirements. Businesses can utilize this web-based platform for customer conversion, cutting costs, accelerating verification, and identifying online fraud. Businesses can easily comply with financial standards such as FCA, CySec, MAS, FINMA, BAFIN, etc. Read Sumsub Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by Global-Z International

Global-Z provides useful address verification tools. The software primarily provides data management and cleansing services to support high-touch projects that are difficult to automate. It offers a consulting approach, working with customers to solve particular issues and provide clean data rules. Global-Z checks and validates addresses from every nation, corrects inaccurate values and builds the address according to the country's specific rules. Learn more about Global-Z

Software by Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes is an address correction software that offers services through an easy-to-use, thoroughly explained HTTP API that can be implemented in a matter of minutes. Businesses can improve and broaden the scope of their data quality by gaining access to precise rooftop geolocations, UPRNs, and other premium datasets. Ideal Postcodes offers quick and more effective data processes, simple connectors, and clear documentation. Learn more about Ideal Postcodes

Software by IDDQD Limited

AddressZen is an address cleansing software that offers an Address Lookup solution that captures and verifies an address when used on a form, generally applied at the point of entry. With fewer keystrokes, businesses can reduce friction at the checkout and save consumers time and frustration. The software performs and functions with great dependability and consistency. Learn more about AddressZen

Software by Geocodio

Geocodio is an address correction software. Exceptional uptime, precise spatial data, and a quick, straightforward API are all features of Geocodio. It enables users to find, utilize, create, and share maps using any device, anywhere, at any time. Create maps using the free service BatchGeo. Google Maps API's mapping tool offers features like Street View pictures and driving directions. Learn more about Geocodio

Software by Fetchify

Fetchify is a widely used address verification platform. Fetchify helps with data governance plans by making data submission quicker and more accurate. This helps reduce the amount of keystrokes and mistakes the client makes. Using the address lookup feature of Fetchify, users can check, correct, and update shipping addresses in CRM. Learn more about Fetchify

Software by Smarty

Smarty is a popular address verification software. It offers a range of address validation APIs for non-postal and international addresses. It also offers reverse geocoding, geocoding, and address autocomplete APIs for data entry. Smarty aims to make compartmentalization easier by enabling a web page's front end and back end to alter independently. Learn more about Smarty

Software by Anchor Software

MaxCASS OS is a trustworthy address verification platform. It utilizes the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date address data available. MaxCASS OS standardizes USPS delivery addresses and updates mailing lists and customer databases. MaxCASS OS can be used in real-time mode for speedy address lookups or batch mode to process massive mailing lists. Learn more about MaxCASS OS

Software by Anchor Software

AddressPro is a web-based address validation software. It enables address rectification and allows businesses to easily and affordably update and validate client address data at any time that data is gathered. Wherever data is gathered and distributed within the organization from various touch points, AddressPro makes it simple to access address quality. AddressPro is a strong and extremely scalable web service solution. Learn more about AddressPro

Software by SimplShip

SimplShip offers reliable address verification tools that make it simple to guarantee that every package sent to a customer arrives at the correct address. Every address is checked against the database of the US Postal Service. Businesses can use their Autocomplete API instead to simplify things for customers. Learn more about SimplShip

Software by SmartSoft

AccuMail frameworks is an address validation software that assists organizations with bulk or one-at-a-time address verification, standardization, and management. A data quality check is part of the solution to find duplicate records, update addresses, and guarantee proper formatting. The program includes third-party interaction and a number of extra add-ons that include tools for geocoding, processing address changes, and other features. Learn more about AccuMail frameworks

Software by ServiceObjects

ServiceObjects is an address verification platform that aids in real-time contact validation. The platform supports companies in cutting waste and improving operational effectiveness. Real-time address validation is one of the many features of the Service Objects DOTS API, which also has many additional features like credit card, email, and phone validation. The tool also includes integration points for US, Canadian, and other international addresses. Learn more about ServiceObjects

Software by SmartSoft

A popular address validation software, AccuMail Verify, is accessible in REST and SOAP settings. Users can adapt the tool to their needs because of the robust integration possibilities and secure data network. Businesses can discern between residential and commercial addresses, validate, standardize, and update addresses with AccuMail. Before customer addresses are entered into a database, AccuMail Verify verifies and corrects them at the point of input. Learn more about AccuMail Verify

Informatica Data as a Service is a renowned address-cleansing software. The industry-leading email, address, and phone validation services are just a few helpful services offered by Informatica Data as a Service. B2B businesses can use functions like global geocoding to determine the whereabouts of their clients or sales tax computation to automate sales. Learn more about Informatica Data as a Service

Clean, standardise, & format global addresses.

Melissa Address Verification is a widely used address validation software. To verify that only legitimate billing, shipping, and contact addresses are entered and utilized in systems, Melissa's Global Address Verification service can verify addresses for 240+ countries in batches and at the input point. With support for foreign phone validation, businesses can verify the kind, ownership, and liveness of landline or mobile phone numbers. Learn more about Melissa Address Verification

Software by Loqate

Loqate is cutting-edge software that offers address verification tools. Loqate captures, validates, and enriches address data globally, giving businesses the unmatched precision they require. By giving customers a quicker option to enter their address, Loqate enables businesses to start enhancing the user experience on their website and lower cart or form abandonment rates. Learn more about Loqate

Software by Experian Information Solutions, Inc

Experian is one of the best address verification software that offers a collection of pre-configured SaaS solutions. This gives businesses the ability to manage customer data across many platforms and data sources, resulting in a single customer view that helps them make better data-driven decisions. Experian’s point of contact has a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the product. Learn more about Experian


Connecting the world, one mailbox at a time

Lob is an address correction software that also comprises direct mail automation tools. With end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution, Lob's platform automates the direct mail execution process for businesses of any size. This includes conception, printing, delivery, postage, and sustainability. Useful features include automatic triggers, activity dashboards, reporting and analytics, invoicing, editable templates, delivery tracking, etc. Learn more about Lob

Software by XVerify

XVerify is a popular address validation software. It assists digital marketers in increasing email deliverability by getting rid of hard bounces, lowering spam complaints, and cutting down on fraud. Businesses can upload a list and instantly get results. Validation can also take place directly on their website. Businesses can also verify that the username is present at the domain for each unique email address. Learn more about XVerify

Location-based Search Platform

An address verification software, Woosmap evaluates the user location graph in real-time. Woosmap is a geolocation API platform that provides background location detection, maps, search features, and distance estimation. Geocoding capabilities allow access to location information. Woosmap includes SDKs that may be incorporated into any application to enable user and location-based service location detection in the background. Learn more about Woosmap

Address search solution for Salesforce

Address Finder is a widely used address correction software. The address of a user's contacts, accounts, or other standard or custom objects can be easily found, noted, and verified with the use of Address Finder. Users can specify the address field mapping regardless of whether they enter addresses into their records using standard address fields or custom fields. Learn more about Address Finder

Validate, verify, and autocomplete physical addres

PostGrid's Address Verification feature can verify, validate, standardize, and autocomplete physical addresses in real-time. It eliminates return mail and better deliverability with up-to-date records. Learn more about PostGrid Address Verification

Last Updated: July 13, 2023