20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to Adjutas

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Zendesk's solution is good, it allows us to manage our clients' support tickets and enables us to have a page where each client can open a case directly without having to call the help desk. It also allows us to have a knowledge base that can be accessed by engineers and ... Read Zendesk Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Agent/Month

Mobile App


Zendesk VS Nickelled

Zendesk review compared to Adjutas

"Good ticket management" - Javier D'Addino


Well as you know everything has two side. So, also this software has pros and cons.but overall its nice.u must try it and observed. It isn't good.By the way I'm not expert so ,I didn't tell you more about this. I'm really impressed by it. So, I recommend it to every person to use... Read ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Reviews

Starting Price: $8 Technician/Month

Common ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and Adjutas Alternatives

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus review compared to Adjutas

"I used this for a good time, it's best" - Mudit Mishra


Very easy to keep everything organized and to keep track of everything. We are a small and growing e-commerce business using Hiver for 2+ years. It helps to keep everything from being lost in the shuffle and allows us to share important information about our clients amongst the t... Read Hiver Reviews

Starting Price: $14 User/Month


Hiver VS Front

Common Hiver and Adjutas Alternatives

Hiver review compared to Adjutas

"They are fantastic at onboarding. They kept offering follow ups even when everybody was up and using it." - Waleed Farooq


Salesforce has been instrumental in helping our business grow. The platform's versatility, automation, and analytics tools have streamlined our operations and improved our ability to serve our customers. While there is a learning curve, the investment is worth it, and the res... Read Salesforce Reviews

Starting Price: $25 User/Month

Mobile App

Common Salesforce and Adjutas Alternatives

Salesforce review compared to Adjutas

"Budget friendly, yet exhaustive CRM " - Pratik Jha


I have used this platform and obtained too much knowledge about how to solve our business planning issues and other projects. Best and best place to meet up with new ideas. Read Freshdesk Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Freshdesk and Adjutas Alternatives

Freshdesk review compared to Adjutas

"Review for freshdesk " - Iqra Khadim


So far it has proven to be a very stable and efficient program. It has the option to print remotely. It works perfectly with SaaS and web implementations. The screen can be shared. Multiple monitors can be accessed using the remote desktop software. Has a solid file transfer mode Read RemotePC Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


RemotePC VS GoToMyPC

Common RemotePC and Adjutas Alternatives

RemotePC review compared to Adjutas

"RemotePC is one of the best softwares to work remotely" - Avinash mishra


Essential tool for ticketing purpose, provides many features and services. Includes the ITIL practices such as Incident, problem, change management. Can link tickets to one another. Can be integrated with other softwares Read SysAid Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


SysAid VS Zendesk

Common SysAid and Adjutas Alternatives

SysAid review compared to Adjutas

"Good and essential tool for ticketing purpose" - Prachi


Wonder full app! I really like the user interface, dashboard and also like the QR code feature. Satisfied with the app management system. Thank you ubiAttendance Read ControlHippo Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common ControlHippo and Adjutas Alternatives

ControlHippo review compared to Adjutas

"Wonderful App" - Riya Shakya


Hubspot has made email campaigning easier for my organization. The features are good but it need a little bit of technical know-how to maneuver, even though there are guide pop-ups to teach how to use each feature Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Mobile App

Common Hubspot CRM and Adjutas Alternatives

Hubspot CRM review compared to Adjutas

"The use of Hubspot CRM" - Judith Richard


We love using live agents on a daily bases. Saves us lots of time. We know when and what to do. We do not forget to write to any of our customers. And it's straightforward to use. Read LiveAgent Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Agent/Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common LiveAgent and Adjutas Alternatives

LiveAgent review compared to Adjutas

"easy to use and very helpful customer service tool" - Jozef


The profile enrichment and webform connection features have greatly enhanced my ability to maintain a large contacts database. Also, the detailed contact dashboard allows for customization. Read BIGContacts Reviews

Starting Price: $5 User/Month/Billed Annually

Free Trial

Common BIGContacts and Adjutas Alternatives

BIGContacts review compared to Adjutas

"Smooth-running solution for contact management" - Shrishti Singh


I am using EngageBay with one of my clients, a small travel business. We have been using EngageBay for almost 3 years now for our newsletters, customer service, and marketing automation in two languages. We integrated EngageBay with GravityForms on our WP site and automated the c... Read EngageBay Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common EngageBay and Adjutas Alternatives

EngageBay review compared to Adjutas

"Comprehensive CRM cloud software with great value for money" - Christina Oehler (Comquat)


Onboarding employees became a lot easier once we implemented ProProfs Knowledge Base. Using the ready-made templates, we could effortlessly create various documents like HR policies and employee handbooks. Moreover, the tool allowed our new hires to complete the onboarding proces... Read ProProfs Knowledge Base Reviews

Starting Price: $79 Per Month (Annually)

Free Trial

Common ProProfs Knowledge Base and Adjutas Alternatives

ProProfs Knowledge Base review compared to Adjutas

"Streamlined our employee onboarding process" - vaibhav dutt


We started using ProProfs Help Desk as a replacement for our in-house ticketing system. The tool was recommended to us by many businesses who had lately adopted multiple ProProfs products. We use this tool to efficiently handle all our inbound and outbound email communications fr... Read ProProfs Help Desk Reviews

Starting Price: $30 Per Month

Free Trial

Common ProProfs Help Desk and Adjutas Alternatives

ProProfs Help Desk review compared to Adjutas

"One of the best ticketing software available in the market" - Bernice Sander


I’m working as a BMC Remedy Developer and this has to be one of the best Service desk tool in the market covering IM, PM, CM modules as per ITIL and CMDB is the best part of this tool.Even the customisations and Integration are easy on this Tool Read Remedy Service Desk Management Reviews

Starting Price: $2670 One Time

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common Remedy Service Desk Management and Adjutas Alternatives

Remedy Service Desk Management review compared to Adjutas

"Best Service Desk Tool in Market" - Abhishek Tiwari


They have good service if we raised any issues. Email notifications of conversation. Information of who else viewing a conversation. Overall have good experience with the product. They have good filters and reports Read Kayako Reviews

Starting Price: $15 Agent/ Month

Free Trial

Common Kayako and Adjutas Alternatives

Kayako review compared to Adjutas

"Vary good software applications for tracking customer and user requirements." - Aakash Gandhi


iHelpdesk is a fully featured Help Desk Software designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. iHelpdesk provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Help Desk system offers Alerts / Escalation, Email Integration, Knowledge Base Managem... Learn more about iHelpdesk

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common iHelpdesk and Adjutas Alternatives


Seraph is a fully featured Help Desk Software designed to serve SMEs, Startups. Seraph provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Help Desk system offers IT Asset Management, Interaction Tracking, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Ma... Learn more about Seraph

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Seraph and Adjutas Alternatives


GS/HelpDesk is a fully featured Help Desk Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. GS/HelpDesk provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Help Desk system offers Knowledge Base Management, Ticket/Issue Tracking, Interaction ... Learn more about GS/HelpDesk

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common GS/HelpDesk and Adjutas Alternatives


Multi-channel customer communication software with live chat, chatbots, knowledge base, auto-invitations, integrations with Facebook, Viber, Telegram, offline messaging, employee-to-employee transferring, group chats, and mobile apps. Learn more about Chaport

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App
Free Trial


Chaport VS Freshchat

Common Chaport and Adjutas Alternatives

Last Updated: October 19, 2023