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Affiliate Software Marketing is by far one of the best ways that you could earn some money online, especially if you are an influencer with a medium to a large following on any of the popular Social Media apps like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and now the latest addition to the list TikTok. An affiliate marketing software would work wonders for you, even if you are a blogger with an avid reader base.

The most exciting part about this marketing strategy is that it is considered to be the best strategy to generate a substantial amount of passive income. It will help you turn the audience that you have into a steady source of income. A lot of people make a significant amount of revenue through affiliate marketing software.

In terms of marketing and online retailing, the word “affiliate” describes a situation where one company or individual may affiliate with someone else to sell their products and services with an affiliate marketing software. The seller might have a ready audience who would be willing to buy the product on their website or social media, and when a product is sold, then the affiliate network tracking software would get a small percentage a part of a commission. This relationship between the product manufacturers and the seller is called “affiliate marketing” and can be easily accomplished with the help of an affiliate marketing software.

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting a product (which does not necessarily belong to you), on your own blog or social media channel using affiliate software. You can do this with the help of various affiliate network software, and if you do it properly, you could end up getting a commission whenever the visitor on your blog makes a purchase through the link of the product that you provide through the affiliate software.

This business model is based on the idea of revenue sharing - Manage your revenue with revenue management software. So suppose you have a product that you want to sell in the market with an affiliate software, you could offer influencers or promoters within your particular niche to advertise your product on their social media or blog channels through an affiliate marketing tracking software  and give them a small percentage of the sale in the form of a commission whenever somebody makes a purchase through their referral which will be tracked using an affiliate marketing tracking software. 

And if you do not have a product or any service that you offer, and you still want to make money through affiliate marketing for software products, then what you could do is promote a product which fits best within your niche and which can also add some kinds of value to your audiences life and you could easily create a great source of passive income with an affiliate management software.

This business model is one of the most efficient strategies in marketing as it uses best affiliate tracking software to make the end customer the focus of the system as it is them who eventually make the system go round. If the consumer does not make a purchase, then the affiliate software does not get a commission, and there is no revenue generated, which could be shared among the merchant and you. 

The affiliate can use whatever channels that they have at their disposal, whether it is social media, search engines like google or bing, websites, or even digital billboards in some cases. The channels used do not matter; what matters is that there are sales generated through the affiliate software.

Whether or not the partnered affiliate decides to let the consumer know that they are a part of an affiliate marketing software system is entirely up to the particular partnered affiliate. Some affiliates might choose to let their customers know that they are using an affiliate network software; others might not tend to be as transparent with regards to the best affiliate software that they use.

They instead opt to let the automated affiliate marketing software work in the background without the customer knowing about any affiliate link tracking software, and the affiliate will still end up being paid a hefty commission. 

The best part about it is that the customer will not pay (mostly) any extra price to the affiliate link tracking software, as the initial cost of the affiliate tracking software network is already included in the retail price, which is mentioned on the website.

Although it is a very important part of the process, still only a handful of people will consider using an affiliate network tracking software. But if you want to become a professional affiliate marketer, then you have to learn to use the best affiliate marketing software, because that tool would help you bridge the gap and act as a mediator between the affiliate and the actual merchant.

There are many automated affiliate marketing software that you could find online, but the best affiliate tracking software and platform is currently ClickBank. ClickBank has been in the topmost of the affiliate marketing platforms since the very early stages of the internet. After it suffered from very low-quality products that made it traverse on the verge of spam back in 2012, it managed to make a terrific comeback by revamping its review process and by creating a much better and more intuitive dashboard of its affiliate software.

There is a very good reason as to why the best affiliate software ClickBank is a strong competitor among the best affiliate marketing software, and that is because of the trust that so many users have for it. However, it might tend to focus a bit more on digital products, which could be a questionable feature. Even though the review process is way more professional these days, but it is still focused primarily on the selling of exclusive digital courses with the help of their affiliate software.

That being said, though there definitely are some quite genuine and high-quality digital products that are on offer in ClickBank, they are very few. And right now, there are none other affiliate marketing tools software that is as big as ClickBank (if not on par), especially in the case of digital products and content.

ClickBank also allows you to join it absolutely free, and what’s more interesting is that the approval process seems to be virtually automated, which makes it an amazing choice for new people who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing tools software to get on board and learn to use the affiliate marketing automation software for the first time. 

It also comes with a lot of information such as FAQs, helpful walk-throughs, video courses, and such content that can help you get started even though you do now know anything about affiliate marketing automation testing software, which makes the entry barrier to affiliate marketing very low. 

If you decide to learn more about how to use the affiliate marketing management software, then you can easily do so with the help of ClickBank University, which is a paid program that includes courses and complete assistance from a league of experienced marketers.

What’s more is that there is also a new second-tier program, which is known as the “joint venture program,” which can allow you to partner with ClickBank's partners, it is a new type of second-tier affiliate program.

1. Everflow

You can argue that Everflow is possibly the best affiliate tracking software that you could find, which also comes with an amazing UI and an elaborate as well as extensive feature set. It is one of the best affiliate software. What Everflow manages to deliver is one of the most advanced campaign management and campaign report functionality. The pricing is also on the cheaper side with the starting price at 200$ per month, and it seems to be a very cost-effective solution among its competitors. Some of the most important features that it has are; Live Graphs & Reports, Notifications, Blazingly fast response times, Media Buying Tools, Easy Handling of desktop as well as mobile traffic, An API which is completely exposed all the time, Traffic can be privately partitioned, Reporting and Analytics in a Multidimensional manner.

2. LinkTrust

LinkTrust is an affiliate tracking software also a digital marketing service software that is able to track all kinds of leads, calls, ads, conversions, sales, and also networks. It is one of the best affiliate software. It manages to track as well as optimize the digital marketing campaigns in a very efficient manner, which helps you to increase your conversion rate. It also has a completely customizable interface that will allow you to track every kind of offline as well as online ads through Facebook pixels, posts, CPA, CC, cookies, mobile traffic, etc. Some of its other features include; a Remote Traffic Agent, Management of Leads, Management of Affiliates, Management of Campaigns, Lead validating, Detection of Fraud, and Mobile Tracking.

3. AffTrack

The only enterprise SaaS solution that you can find in the market is AffTrack, which offers you an unlimited number of clicks. It is leveraged by a lot of huge affiliate networks since the past decade, and it is not just another affiliate marketing management software. It has an amazing mobile-friendly interface, which makes it extremely easy to use and to track on the go. Some of its important features include; a free proxy detection solution, analytics which are measured in real-time, file management suppression, billing and invoice related tools, complete granular level access to the file manager, unlimited affiliates, client sidetracking, and device targeting.

4. Hitpath

If you are an ardent digital marketer, then you can use Hitpath to attribute the many factors of your marketing endeavors. It is one of the best affiliate software. You can use it to evaluate smart and accurate, measurable customer-related engagements. Which also make sit one of the best-automated affiliate marketing software. It is undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly tracking software that you could find online, and it can also be considered a very fast and also a productive as well as best affiliate management software that you can find online. It also manages to offer you completely free training for its software with 24/7 support for all of your queries and concerns. Its features include; real-time tracking for your campaigns, affiliate management, and a very pleasant interface. 

5. Click Inc

This is the only affiliate marketing for software products platform that you can find with an intuitive interface which works absolutely well for some of those who are not well-versed with HTML, and it is also a great tool that you can use to boost your SEO as it will link directly to your main sales page instead of a coded link. Its other features include; reports regarding status commissions for sales, as well as for graphs.  It has a starter plan which you can get for just 25$ a month which makes one of the best affiliate management software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. No, there aren’t any costs associated when you decide to sign up as a partner in order to promote a particular brand with their affiliate program. You are able to sign up for as many affiliate programs as you want to across any number of affiliate networks with no charges.
  • A. Your commission rate is the rate that is based on the percentage of the total value of the sale, which can also be a fee for a transaction done on your affiliate website. The commission rate is mostly set by the merchant.
  • A. Typically, the merchants tend to manage their programs in-house, but some of them decide to turn the management over to an external agency. So you could ask your merchant for more information regarding this, and they should be happy to help you.

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