Best Alumni Management Software

Best alumni management software includes Almabase, Wild Apricot, Blackbaud, Creatrix Campus, and Graduway. These alumni management platforms enable organizations, institutes, and colleges to stay in contact with their alumni, engage them through communications and events, and solicit donations.

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List of 20 Best Alumni Management Software

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Category Champions | 2024

Cloud-based alumni management

Vaave, an alumni management software, offers institutions and corporate organizations a huge range of options to maintain a successful connection with their alumni and to keep track of things with proper database construction and maintenance characteristics. Additionally, organizations and educational institutions can use Vaave to run leadership and mentoring programs that will help their alumni grow and access many opportunities. Learn more about Vaave

Emergents | 2024

No more incomplete member profiles

Almabase is an alumni management platform that has benefitted institutions. Be it organizing virtual homecomings, reunions, or fundraising events. In addition, it offers certain distinctive features like peer-to-peer crowdfunding which makes use of a vast alumni network to generate funds. Many solutions are provided that are very helpful in preserving alumni relations and generating new opportunities for them. Learn more about Almabase

Category Champions | 2024

One of the best alumni management software available is Graduway. Varied options for holding different activities through which maximum engagement and involvement can be gained are provided. Graduway is a robust ecosystem in and of itself, thanks to the multiple AI-integrated features it incorporates for community building, fundraising, etc. Learn more about Graduway

Emergents | 2024

Can manage 500 contacts at a time

On a single platform, a variety of tools are offered, including a member database, simple payment options, a tailored emailing system, and event planning. All of these services are connected to the cloud, allowing remote access to the data. Additionally, all of these features are accessible via the mobile application, making this alumni software one of its kind. Learn more about Wild Apricot

Emergents | 2024

AlumnForce is an alumni management system that offers end-to-end solutions like career-boosting opportunities, virtual job fairs, and algorithm-based mentoring programs. It helps alumni stay connected to their alma mater and offers effective reach to organizations and institutions. The platform fosters meaningful connections and growth within its vast network. Learn more about AlumnForce

Cloud Alumni & Community Portal for Colleges, Univ

The alumni database management systems that FourthAmbit offers are cloud-integrated and offer the finest security and accessibility. There are tools available that are quite helpful for managing campaigns like job fairs and fundraising events. Communication tools are offered that assist in fostering connections with alumni and enhancing engagement. Read Fourthambit Reviews

Software by Join It

It includes tons of functionality, like a membership database, a CRM, personalized membership portals, etc. The ability to integrate with a variety of apps that greatly streamlines and automate processes is arguably its most novel feature. Also, it is a free alumni management software up to a certain extent for trial purposes. Learn more about Join It

Software by Hivebrite

Although Hivebrite provides services to both companies and colleges, it is more of a corporate alumni software because of how well its event management functionality fits the business framework. Top businesses worldwide choose Hivebrite because their software is easy to use and customize, enabling users to monetize campaigns efficiently. Learn more about Hivebrite

Software by Firsthand

This alumni network platform is one of the finest when it comes to paving the most effective career path for professionals, students, or any given job seeker. It is extremely dedicated to framing the most efficient network worldwide to provide the best employment opportunities. Moreover, a vast pool of experienced mentors is available to provide valuable insights. Learn more about Firsthand

Software by memberplanet

Due to its flexibility in offering services to any foundation or organization and not just educational institutions or businesses, it can be claimed that this software is an all-in-one alumni management solution. Also, the company's onboarding procedure is hassle-free, and payments can be accepted via multiple channels. The database is simple to access because it is entirely online. Learn more about memberplanet

High Performer | 2024

The activity tracker, one of the many features built into this alumni management software, allows users to acquire insightful information on the engagement of other members. Also, the community management feature is quite efficient in terms of data storage and event planning, which makes the software result oriented. Learn more about ToucanTech

Software by Almashines Technologies

AlmaShine is an alumni management platform that operates on modern algorithms to offer the most accurate analysis on the basis of which members can enhance their engagement. Effective strategies are offered for alumni management and fundraising purpose. Furthermore, its alumni database management system is a standout feature as its completely free of cost. Learn more about Almashines

Software by Raklet

Raklet is an all-in-one alumni management software that provides cutting-edge capabilities like newsletter creation and campaign scheduling for career development, fundraising, and other activities to effectively gratify community members. Also, it can be easily integrated with a variety of different tools, which substantially streamlines the process. Communities can acquire the ability to accelerate growth with Raklet. Learn more about Raklet

Software by Gradsgate

It is an alumni software that offers a diversified range of services to schools and universities to stay connected with their graduates and build a database with the help of which conducting successful events and campaigns will be simpler. Additionally, identical services and features are also available on mobile applications, allowing every member of the community to advance. Learn more about Gradsgate

High Performer | 2024

Ellucian offers a plethora of services, including data analytics, financial aid acquisition and management, database creation, and insights into maintaining relationships with alumni. As a result, It is the best alumni management software for educational institutions. Additionally, these services are cloud-integrated to provide consistent tracking and access from anywhere. Learn more about Ellucian Education ERP

Software by EverTrue

The ability to raise money for institutions or organizations is one of Evertrue's key features. Apart from that, it offers several other solutions like organizing events in consonance with several social media platforms to gain extensive engagement. As a result, in terms of fundraising, it is the best alumni management software. Learn more about EverTrue

Software by Vertitech

An ample number of digitalized solutions are instilled in the software, like developing and managing databases for current students and alumni. All in all, it is an education-oriented alumni management platform that assists schools in keeping track of their graduated students and provides them with better opportunities with regard to their career development. Learn more about Classter

Contenders | 2024

High-end performance at low cost

One of the top alumni management systems provides apt fundraising solutions, such as donor and prospect research, peer-to-peer fundraising, etc.  The execution of marketing efforts is assisted. Following the receipt of funds, insightful advice and expert opinion are provided on how to manage finances effectively for the benefit of the community. The abundance of functionality makes this platform stand out. Learn more about Blackbaud

Category Champions | 2024

Utilizing this platform to streamline on-campus operations with the help of the workflow automation function and the availability of a chatbot to resolve any platform-related concerns. The platform framework is flexible that enables integration with a wide range of applications, enabling process e?ciency and productivity augmentation. It is the best alumni management software for educational institutions. Read Creatrix Campus Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Paradiso LMS is an extremely customizable and immersive alumni software that incorporates a vast number of advanced features like AI assistance and integration with several other business platforms in order to improve the learning aspect among the workforce. It promotes the participatory concept of learning that engages the alumni community and opens up new opportunities. Read Paradiso LMS Reviews

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Alumni management software helps organizations, specifically educational institutions, stay in touch with their alumni. By establishing continuous communication, an attempt is made to make alumni future brand ambassadors or solicit donations from them.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024