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The software name is justifying itself by it's Work and Performance! ClearCompany helps in clearing Recruitment and HR business needsClearCompany is able to customize and report to fit our company. We are in a particular industry where our time to fill, hiring costs and other... Read ClearCompany Reviews

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ClearCompany review compared to AppVault

"Review for ClearCompany" - islam


Teamtailor has changed our working methods and made it much more collaborative across our hiring team. It's value for money and the ability to integrate it. It's designed to help recruiters and HR managers to support tracking job applications. Overall, I'm satisfied w... Read Teamtailor Reviews

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Teamtailor review compared to AppVault

"Teamtailor is a perfect balance of functionality and flexibility " - sayyed sofiyan


This app is a fantastic tool for streamlining your recruiting process. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it simplifies everything from posting job openings to managing applicants. Read Greenhouse Reviews

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Greenhouse review compared to AppVault

"Review about Greenhouse " - Jawad


I use CEIPAL ATS to source candidates. We have integrated it with our internal database and external job boards. it also helps me to keep a track of my data, performance. It is very user friendly, took me about a day only to get used to it. Its features like integrating it with d... Read Ceipal ATS Reviews

Starting Price: $24 User/Month

Mobile App

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Ceipal ATS review compared to AppVault

"Best in its own" - Faheem Yaseen


The best thing about Zoho Recruit is that it's made by Zoho, which has an offering for everything a business can need. The ATS (Zoho Recruit) is functional but basic. But since the price is also basic, I feel it's value for money. An agency/TA team can run its business pe... Read Zoho Recruit Reviews

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Mobile App

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Zoho Recruit review compared to AppVault

"It does the job!" - Paul Witts


I've never seen anything like it in all my years participating in every aspect of the hiring process. It makes sense, it's extremely well executed, and it adds so much value to the process for everyone involved. Right now this software would be globally successful and aft... Read Pinpoint ATS Reviews

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Pinpoint ATS review compared to AppVault

"Review for Pinpoint ATS" - islam. Pakistan


Breezy HR is a delightfully simple-to-use, modern hiring tool for teams around the world to attract great talent and make faster, more collaborative hiring decisions. Learn more about Breezy HR

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However, as this is Amazon’s program, we expect that Vine reviews are treated favorably when calculating the product’s overall star rating (which is algorithmic rather than a simple average). From our observations, Vine reviews often rank highly within a product&rsquo... Read Monday ATS Reviews

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Monday ATS review compared to AppVault

"rewio aout gym insight" - Danish com laib


The software has been a fantastic asset to me as a Recruiter. As a result of using it, our team's output has improved, and we're better able to fulfil the needs of our clients. Read Manatal Reviews

Starting Price: $15 Per Month

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Manatal review compared to AppVault

"Effortless to keep tabs on recruitment operations" - Nikki Burrow


It was good but the product could be more user-friendly. Although its features are useful, the app is not easy to understand.And they have to improve there brand marketing Read Workable Reviews

Starting Price: $149 Per Month

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Workable review compared to AppVault

"Product " - Sarath Meghana Sayapaneni


A powerful applicant tracking system called Recruitee makes hiring easier for companies of all sizes. Its user-friendly design enables recruiters to manage candidates, post jobs, and collaborate with team members all in one location. Users of the platform can design customized hi... Read Recruitee Reviews

Starting Price: $249 Per Month

Mobile App


Recruitee VS Workable

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Recruitee review compared to AppVault

"From Posting Jobs to Hiring Candidates: A Comprehensive Review of Recruitee" - Honest Monk


I love the features provided by the Keka Portal like the attendance management and the payroll slip generation. I can also check my salary and the taxes in a single portal. Keka helps me to implement my leaves and holidays on time. The UI is very interactive and very easy to use. Read Keka Reviews

Starting Price: $97 Upto 100 Employees

Mobile App
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Keka VS BerniePortal

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Keka review compared to AppVault

"Keka - The Best HR Portal" - Neeraj Gaur


Very user friendly and easy to teach team. Good support from team if there is any additional customization required as well. Value for money what we pay and is really appreciable. Read factoHR Reviews

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Mobile App
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factoHR review compared to AppVault

"Good and user friendly" - Divya S


My overall experience is very good with HRmantra, It is very good software but needs to be upgraded as per current requirements of the Market It is easy to use for attendance tracking but if you want to look at other details regarding an employee then the experience is not that g... Read HRMantra Reviews

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HRMantra review compared to AppVault

"Review for HRMantra " - islam. Pakistan


One of the reason we opted for SageHR as our leave management solution is its ease of use. It shows all the relevant information in a very clean and orderly manner, and the dashboard is customizable for each individual. The mobile app could be a bit better as u can only request l... Read Sage HR Reviews

Starting Price: $5 Per Employee

Mobile App
Free Trial

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Sage HR review compared to AppVault

"Easy and Efficient" - Shoaib


I was having a hard time to choose the best software. however after comparing many other database I found the Oorwin is a great tool that can help us specially in recruiting and saving the candidates resume that we tend to use and view. Read Oorwin Reviews

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Mobile App
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Oorwin review compared to AppVault

"Review for Oorwin" - islam. Pakistan


A Powerful Logistics Tracking Software designed to manage your mobile workforce and fleet. A unique, optimized, yet a simple Dashboard and an Android App that altogether empowers your business by minimizing the costs, raise productivity and enhance c... Learn more about CHENZON GPS Fleet Management

Starting Price: $8 Per Month

Free Trial

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It makes my organization work very easy and efficient as well as effective. It is easy to use and it makes my work much easier and better. A good software Read Kallidus Reviews

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Free Trial

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Kallidus review compared to AppVault

"It just amazing and excellent " - Jeet Airen


Sentrifugo is an open sourcw HRMS. and totally free. The best feature I like is it's Appraisal System. I always check for its new release to get the Payroll feature, by which it will be the Best free HRMS for ever. Read Sentrifugo HRMS Reviews

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Sentrifugo HRMS review compared to AppVault

"One of the most popular open source HRMS" - Bhaskarjyoti Bhagowati


TempsPlus is a fully featured Applicant Tracking Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. TempsPlus provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Applicant Tracking system offers Resume Search, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing at one place. Learn more about TempsPlus

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