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The MLM software made by the ARM MLM company is flexible to support various types of MLM compensation plans. It also has inbuilt genealogy module, Ecommerce, replicated websites, lead capture, autoresponder, multi currencies, multi payment gateways and responsive design to offer a better performance. 

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ARM MLM Pricing

Ultimate Package
$ 799
Full Licence/Single User
  • Business Plan
  • Multiple Payment gateway
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Supports MultiLanguage
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Shopping Cart
  • SMS Notifications
  • Integrated API
  • Integrated with CMS
  • Marketing Tools
  • Replicated Website
  • Lead Capture System
  • Email notifications
  • Fund Transfer

ARM MLM Features

  • Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi Currency
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Performance Management
  • Multi Languages
  • Lead Management
  • Commission management
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Fast, Secure, Reliable
  • Help And Support
  • Integrated with CMS
  • Automatic Payment Processing
  • Integrated with E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Integrated with Inventory software
  • Backup System
  • Support Website Replication
  • SMS Integration
  • E-Pin
  • E-Wallet
  • Franchise Management
  • TAX Calculation
  • Email Alert
  • Customer Feedback
  • Live chat system
  • Shipping Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Dashboard
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Reporting
  • Campaign Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Order Management
  • Data Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Call List Management
  • Refferal/Faststart/Sponsor Bonus
  • Rank Bonus
  • Binary/Pairing Bonus
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Purchase Commissions
  • Position Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Level Commission
  • Investment Bonus
  • Generation Bonus
  • Party Bonus
  • Sales Reports
  • Multi-Country
  • Distributor Management


  • Deployment:


  • Payment:

    Onetime(Perpetual license)

  • check_circle Api
  • check_circle Customization
  • check_circle Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms

  • cancel Web App
  • check_circle Windows
  • check_circle Mac

Mobile Platforms

  • cancel iOS
  • cancel Android


Multi Language,Multi Currency,CMS,SMS,Payment Gateway,E-Commerce,API

Language Support

  • check_circle Chinese
  • check_circle Czech
  • check_circle Dutch
  • check_circle English
  • check_circle French
  • check_circle German
  • check_circle Italian
  • check_circle Japanese
  • check_circle Polish
  • check_circle Russian
  • check_circle Spanish
  • check_circle Swedish
  • check_circle Turkish



  • check_circle Freelancers
  • check_circle StartUps
  • check_circle SMEs
  • check_circle Agencies
  • check_circle Enterprises

Available Support

  • check_circle Email
  • check_circle Phone
  • check_circle Live Support
  • check_circle Training
  • check_circle Tickets

Company Details

  • Company Name :

    ARM MLM software company

  • Website :

    Visit Website

  • Headquarter :


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ARM MLM Description

For starting the network marketing business, it always best to choose a well-optimized MLM software that is rich in features. The ARM MLM software is one of the best packages in online marketing. Our product is catch up with best an interface and we offer a variety of elements like  

  • Built-in eCommerce
  • Fully responsive
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Customizable business plan
  • Lead capture system
  • Replicated Website
  • Marketing tools
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • SMS integration
  • CMS
  • Multiple wallets
  • Live chat
  • E-wallet and E pin management
  • Fund Transfer
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Email notification

The perfect mixture of the features will lead your business to a successful height and more valuable. Experiment with our MLM software demo to understand more about these features and become familiar with all strategies to improve your branding across the globe.  

ARM MLM Customers

ARM MLM Customers

Overall Reviews

Overall Rating

4.2 /5



Ease of use


Value for money


Customer support

Likelihood to recommend

ARM MLM Reviews (8)

Jamie Wilson
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Reliable software with Top-notch features

Oct 13, 2020

I'm here to share my wonderful experience in receiving good software from the best source. Yeah! I tried looking for the software to run my business website and finally get noticed of this destination.


First, I checked the software features and amazed them with reliable functionality. I realized that this was the perfect software for moving. I currently use the product, the smooth streaming of activities manages my time and causes a good deal of stress to handle my business. I was amazed by the product.


There is nothing difficult for me right now in this script

Do you think ARM MLM delivers value for the money spent?


Are you satisfied with ARM MLM features?


Did implimentation of ARM MLM was easy?


Any missing feature?

Frankly, I was totally amazed by the product features beyond my expectations.

How would you rate Mobile app of ARM MLM?

Not Available 10/10

How would you rate after sales service/customer support of ARM MLM?


Useful 0
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Is a Scam company

Sep 16, 2020

Really bad experience, our sides were running live and they done so damage to us and our clients that one page would not be enough to write all. We almost lost our reputation because of them. At the beginning everything was great and after we start with it, everything went down, literally everything. They don`t have any knowledge or they know how to fix things. They sell scripts with really a lot of bugs and thats it, you can`t expect you will get any support here or anything will be fixed, so please don`t make the same mistake we did.


First look was really impressive and we though will help us a lot with our project


We bought few scripts from them. All scripts had so many bugs, not finished at all, most of the settings are not working including referral link and their support really sucks, they keep saying they will fix and then nothing was done, in one point they even remove half of code telling us how is working and we don`t see it lol Please don`t buy nothing here, will cost you your nerves, money and reputation. They are one big liars, they never saying a true.

Useful 0
Trevor Dunne
Company Size: 1-10 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Check other Companies First

Sep 15, 2020

Very disappointed with both software and the company as they didn’t deliver what they promised they would with no recompense and no follow up or solution. Under delivered on all fronts with script not even being complete.


ARM claim to be expert in script development with a team of highly skilled software application developers so excellent product was discussed and anticipated with a fast delivery time. Everything looked very good from their website. It transpired there is nothing to like.


The software had incomplete script, it couldn’t be developed and poor customer services have amounted in lost money and time with no workable product and timescale was completely out of the window. Everything looked very good from their website. It transpired there is nothing to like. Very disappointed.

Useful 0
Company Size: 201-500 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Good Software worth for money

Jun 15, 2020

As a client, I was really satisfied with the product I purchased from the company. The team served me a worthwhile software to handle my business. Right after the product delivery, I tested the product I faced minor issues but the company responded well in doing customization services. I'm using this product over years and it's working fine actually. In my view, it was a good software to give out a trial.


Flexibility of the software is good and easy to use.


I faced a tiny technical issue on interface layout, but it was rectified by the team later.

Useful 0
Company Size: 1-10 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Good Software. Good company.

Mar 26, 2020

Our software is a customized one. Along the way we experienced some misunderstandings on how our system will flow but at the end they managed to get it to work. It took a little while before the system operates satisfactorily. But overall, I am satisfied with them. Great customer service, very professional in communicating with us. I will surely recommend them to others and will work with them again next time.


User Interface is very friendly. Information needed can be access easily.


Do not have any at this time.

Useful 0
Company Size: 201-500 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Good Software to try out

Mar 16, 2020

The software I gained from this company really works well. I have not faced any issues till date. While looking into the features I found this company serving products worths my money. I received good support from the team as well. In my opinion, I was pretty satisfied using this software to handle my business.


The technical functionality of the software was good, it responds well to every device.


I didn't find any cons, I feel happy using this product.

Useful 0
Krishna Rangachari
Company Size: 201-500 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Project monitoring is now very easy.

Apr 04, 2018

Well, if you have this software ready-to-work in your organization, you need not have anyone else. With its robust mobile app, you can easily track the progress of your project at each level. I would recommend it to all of you.


As the software has a mobile app which supports all sort of mobile operating systems even Windows and Blackberry as well, the software is a one-of-its-kind tool for any business. Its competent mobile app is its biggest advantage.


No cons as we are finding it very useful.

Useful 0
Poonam Sood
Company Size: 501-1000 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Great software to streamline all your project-management operations.

Apr 04, 2018

If you want to have an affordable yet effective tool to manage all your operations, then ARM MLM Software is the right pick for you. I am implementing this software in all sorts of operations and taking the delight of the hassle-free and constructive outcome.


The software is a great help for professionals like me who are working in the field of project management. Its integrated modules will take charge of all your operations starting from resources allocations to cost estimation.


The software is competent enough to perform well. We are content with its aid.

Useful 0


What are the main features of ARM MLM ?


The key features of ARM MLM are as follows:

labelInventory Management

labelPayment Gateway Integration

labelMulti Languages

labelCommission management

labelFast, Secure, Reliable

labelIntegrated with CMS

labelIntegrated with E-Commerce Shopping Cart

labelBackup System

labelSMS Integration


labelTAX Calculation

labelCustomer Feedback

labelShipping Management


labelLead Scoring

labelCampaign Management

labelOrder Management

labelDistribution Management

labelRefferal/Faststart/Sponsor Bonus

labelBinary/Pairing Bonus

labelPurchase Commissions

labelMatching Bonus

labelInvestment Bonus

labelParty Bonus


How much does ARM MLM cost?


The ARM MLM has 1 plan - Ultimate Package USD 799 (Full Licence/Single User)
Free trial : Available

Who are the typical users of ARM MLM?


ARM MLM has the following typical customers: Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

Which mobile platforms does ARM MLM support?


Note : We are updating soon

Which operating system does ARM MLM support?


ARM MLM supports the following operation system : Windows, Mac

What payment method does ARM MLM support?


ARM MLM supports the following payment methods : Onetime(Perpetual license)

What is the deployment type?


ARM MLM has Web based, Installed deployment.

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