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Mercer | Mettl's solutions help you conduct high-stakes exams securely on our Examination Platform powered by a scalable proctoring solution. In addition, it allows you to conduct credible online exams globally. Learn more about Mercer Mettl Proctoring

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Common Mercer Mettl Proctoring and Assestant Alternatives


This software is the very good user interface and has many choices for monitor tasks and exams and a very professional way. I will suggest it to my friends and family. Also, what I like the most is it easy to use and configure Read Testinvite Reviews

Starting Price: $100 Per 250 Credits

Common Testinvite and Assestant Alternatives

Testinvite review compared to Assestant

"Very good interface" - Abdalrhman Mogazi


It was good but the product could be more user-friendly. Although its features are useful, the app is not easy to understand.And they have to improve there brand marketing Read Workable Reviews

Starting Price: $149 Per Month

Common Workable and Assestant Alternatives

Workable review compared to Assestant

"Product " - Sarath Meghana Sayapaneni


In my experience with the online exam proctoring platform, I've been impressed by its seamless handling of high concurrent user volumes. The platform's remote monitoring not only ensures exam integrity but also contributes to cost savings by eliminating the need for physi... Read ExamOnline Reviews

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Common ExamOnline and Assestant Alternatives

ExamOnline review compared to Assestant

"User Review: Online Exam Proctoring Platform" - Aditi Saxena


We're an entertainment website and have greatly benefited from ProProfs for our social media engagement efforts. This tool is the best choice if you want to create beautiful quizzes that your audience will love. There's also an option to include a lead generation form. Read ProProfs Quiz Maker Reviews

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Common ProProfs Quiz Maker and Assestant Alternatives

ProProfs Quiz Maker review compared to Assestant

"Great for creating fun content to engage audiences" - Archi Goyal


In the initial stage, we were hesitant to go for an ERP. But we were completely explained with EDUMAAT features and functionality and its impact on the the educational sector. We also asked them to work on the CBSE standard grade system(1/8); they'd taken the requirement seri... Read EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness Reviews

Starting Price: $1 Student/Month

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Common EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness and Assestant Alternatives

EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness review compared to Assestant

"Best for 1/8 CBSE Grade system" - Ex Looser


Conduct Exam is a good platform to conduct JEE, NEET and other competitive exams. The User Interface they provide is very nice, All functionalities are there for conducting exam. Read Conduct Exam Reviews

Starting Price: $28 100 Student Per Month

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Common Conduct Exam and Assestant Alternatives

Conduct Exam review compared to Assestant

"Amazing Platform Ever" - Harsh Saxena


Thank you! I appreciate your continued support and look forward to getting ideas about Software from Jupsoft integrated School Management. Read Jupsoft eConnect Reviews

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Mobile App
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Common Jupsoft eConnect and Assestant Alternatives

Jupsoft eConnect review compared to Assestant

"Useful School ERP" - Naveen


Assessment Generator helps businesses find quality prospects through the use of online quizzes, assessments, and surveys. Our assessments provide automated scoring and feedback which allows businesses to demonstrate their expertise, provide value, ... Learn more about Assessment Generator

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Common Assessment Generator and Assestant Alternatives


MeritTrac’s university management solutions encompass solutions like admissions processing, campus management and examination management helps universities and institutions digitise the management of the establishments for efficient university ... Learn more about Digital University - MeritTrac

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Common Digital University - MeritTrac and Assestant Alternatives


Verificare OMR Software is the most trusted OMR Answer Sheet reading, designing, scanning and result generating software that capable to read thousands of OMR Sheets within a minutes. Verificare is an only software that guarantees 100% accuracy. ... Learn more about Verificare OMR Software

Starting Price: $486 Onetime

Common Verificare OMR Software and Assestant Alternatives


I personally liked the feature of  Dashboards & instant Reports feature. It provides quick insight on the exam and it is easy for me to create a report and analyze it. Eventually, I can plan everything accordingly. Read JILIT Online Test Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common JILIT Online Test and Assestant Alternatives

JILIT Online Test review compared to Assestant

"One-stop solution to set up online exams." - Devesh


Canvas LMS is a fully featured Assessment & Examination Software designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. Canvas LMS provides end-to-end solutions. This online Assessment & Examination System offers Online Tests, Assessment Management, Quiz Creation at one place. Learn more about Canvas LMS

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Common Canvas LMS and Assestant Alternatives


Spidergap is a complete and web-based customer feedback management software solution for small and medium businesses. It is very easy to understanding and focused on the goal, technical support to email or phone calls are gold-mine information on imp... Learn more about Spidergap

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Common Spidergap and Assestant Alternatives


Digiexam focuses on security, reliability, and privacy to ensure the highest academic integrity. Our platform is built on proprietary technology to take care of your most important exams. Learn more about Digiexam

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Common Digiexam and Assestant Alternatives


The coaching process has been made very smooth thanks to Testpress. Exams of various types can be conducted efficiently. The bulk upload method supports equations and diagrams-based questions. The process of teaching and evaluating competition exams can be done quickly. It is ben... Read Testpress Reviews

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Common Testpress and Assestant Alternatives

Testpress review compared to Assestant

"Amazing product" - Aarav


I really impressed for their full service and not get any bunded with their extra payment service or any unforgettable though which not better for any customers. Read eSkill Reviews

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eSkill VS iMocha

Common eSkill and Assestant Alternatives

eSkill review compared to Assestant

"No question about eskill" - Jacob Leonardo


ExamSoft is the dedicated Online Examination Software to make assessment simplest. It is all secure to leave no loopholes for heating and make a proper judgment of candidates’ efficiency. It offers professors prepare relevant material as it. Learn more about ExamSoft

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Common ExamSoft and Assestant Alternatives


TestReach is an examination system which helps you remotely invigilate the answers. It provides security to data in accordance with ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and data-protection laws.  Learn more about TestReach

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Common TestReach and Assestant Alternatives


Working well, no problem with the software. I m happy. Read Psychometrica Reviews

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Psychometrica review compared to Assestant

"Good " - Vikas

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