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List of 20 Best Audience Intelligence Platform

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Platform by Audiense

Audiense is a widely used audience intelligence platform. It aims to assist marketers and consumer researchers. They can be more innovative and develop pertinent audience-centric tactics through the use of proprietary social consumer segmentation. The platform offers insights into who their audience is and how to engage with them in the most meaningful way. Learn more about Audiense

Platform by Brandwatch

Brandwatch is an enterprise social intelligence suite designed to give brands more control and give them the tools they need to examine, listen to, and offer valuable insights from online conversations on social media. Brandwatch is one of the best audience intelligence platforms. It is an expert tool that supports numerous social media teams. Learn more about Brandwatch

Platform by DemandJump, Inc.

DemandJump is a cloud-based audience platform that gives marketing teams of all sizes access to consumer insights and market analytics. This platform can be used to analyze competition data, gaps, online traffic, paid and organic search, and paid and organic advertising. In order to enhance the current content strategy, DemandJump may also examine content trends and do rival blog analyses. Learn more about DemandJump

Platform by Meltwater

Meltwater is an audience analysis software. Meltwater enables content and discussions through its extensive media monitoring and analysis across print, online news, social media, television, and podcasts. Meltwater assists businesses in staying ahead of the curve of the billions of online interactions. It also actively drives branding insights and extracts essential opinions. Read Meltwater Reviews

Online visibility management and content marketing

Semrush is a well-known SaaS platform with a focus on Google Ad campaign optimization, competitor research, and keyword research. Semrush offers audience intelligence tools that may help you create, manage, and enhance digital marketing campaigns. It helps businesses create material that has a strong likelihood of attracting visitors. New chances for link development are available to users. Read Semrush Reviews

Most Reviewed

Platform by Synthesio

Synthesio is a dynamic platform for social media monitoring. This platform offers audience intelligence tools that can analyze omnichannel marketing initiatives, warn of crises, assess brand health, and uncover data on the patterns driving consideration. Synthesio collects, organizes, and analyses billions of online interactions to facilitate consumer-centric decisions at scale. Learn more about Synthesio

Platform by Zoomph

Zoomph is a popularly used audience analysis software. With the help of the cloud-based audience analytics tool Zoomph, medium to large advertisers can monitor, analyze, and activate their audiences. Customized insights are provided by the platform based on campaigns, brands, and clients. Social Media Monitoring, Multi-User Collaboration, Multi-Account Management, Customer Engagement, and Brand Tracking are useful capabilities. Learn more about Zoomph

Adobe Analytics is now the industry's top online analytics solution, providing more precise customer insights faster than ever. This audience analysis software employs Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other high-end data analysis techniques. Businesses can combine, contrast, and analyse data from any digital point in the customer experience using Adobe Analytics. Read Adobe Analytics Reviews

Platform by Google Inc.

Google Analytics is used to monitor website activities, including page views per session, average session length, bounce rates, and information about the traffic source. For effective analytics, Google Analytics offers audience intelligence tools that support a number of features, including Google Tag Assistant, RegExr, Google Analytics URL Builder, and Audience Location. Read Google Analytics Reviews

Platform by BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an audience intelligence cloud-based software. It can assist users in finding the finest content, engagement, and outreach options on social media and search. While examining what matters most to their brand, users can discover fresh keywords, popular articles, nd successful content strategies. This cloud-based program analyses the online material based on inquiry reports and search queries. Learn more about BuzzSumo

Platform by SparkToro

SparkToro is audience intelligence with which customers may conduct market research more easily and learn what their target audiences are doing online. Businesses will be able to understand how their target behaves and respond to various inquiries by using a variety of filters. SparkToro can help businesses increase marketing ROI, attract clients, and attract new customers. Learn more about SparkToro

Platform by Quantcast

Quantcast Measure is audience intelligence software that lets users access real-time viewership insights. Stand out in a crowded area. Businesses can utilize web analytics and real-time psychographic audience data to deeply comprehend complex user behavior and interests. Quantcast tracks the audience's habits and behaviors immediately. Through collaborations with top third-party data suppliers, this software can additionally give your audience's brand preferences and more. Learn more about Quantcast Measure

Platform by Affinio

Affinio SaaS Platform offers a complete single customer view solution for interacting with and monetizing audiences. This audience platform combines full-featured CRM with Ecommerce, Subscriptions & Memberships, Messaging, CMS, Events, Ad Serving, and Recruitment. For better workflows, the program provides capabilities for managing contacts with intelligent segmentation. It brings to the users a complete single customer view solution for interacting with and monetizing audiences. Learn more about Affinio

Platform by Talkwalker

TalkWalker is a social media monitoring, search, and analytics tool. This audience intelligence platform provides analytics on the effectiveness of owned and earned media as well as insights on each particular search phrase. With the use of data-driven insights, reporting analytics, and KPI frameworks, the solution enables users to compare branding and campaign performance. Learn more about Talkwalker

Platform by Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a robust and user-friendly web.  By locating mentions based on user-defined keywords across all types of web and social channels, this audience intelligence platform offers customer insights. In order to keep ahead of the competition, Mentionlytics can assist firms in uncovering marketing leads and commercial prospects in their niche market. Learn more about Mentionlytics

Platform by AlphaSense

AplhaSense is an audience intelligence platform. This market intelligence platform is used by businesses and financial institutions. New investment ideas are swiftly screened using AlphaSense, and portfolio firms are continually monitored. The instrument is employed in addition to specific investments to keep abreast of market color and industry trends. Learn more about AlphaSense

Platform by Near

With the aid of audience curation, visualization, and activation, Near Allspark is an audience platform that enables marketers to visualize and examine audiences through data storytelling. With the aid of Allspark, marketers can improve marketing by curating a variety of audiences based on vast real-world data sets. Brands get immediate access to sophisticated audience curation and marketing tools with Allspark. Learn more about Near Allspark

Platform by Dstillery

Dstillery is an audience intelligence software that uses its data science-backed AI technology to enable targeted yet scalable audiences. With the help of this software, businesses and agencies can reach out to the greatest potential customers for successful programmatic advertising campaigns. Users can keep an eye on their rivals and get full surveillance regarding their audience. Learn more about Dstillery

Platform by Demographics Pro

Demographics Pro measures Twitter and Instagram activity in a sophisticated manner. This audience software thus provides advertisers with in-depth knowledge about the customers who follow particular Twitter & Instagram profiles, talk about businesses on social media, and influence other users. This system provides market research, help desk support, machine learning, market price tracking, content analytics, customer segmentation, and audience segmentation. Learn more about Demographics Pro

Platform by Mediatoolkit

A cloud-based internet and audience intelligence platform called Mediatoolkit keeps track of keyword mentions that are pertinent across 100 million sources in real-time and in any language. With a variety of filtering options and an advanced Boolean search to ensure relevant results, all references are displayed in one place, the feed. Details regarding the source, reach, interactions, engagement rate, and influence of every mention are provided. Learn more about Mediatoolkit

Platform by Socialbakers

With the help of Socialbakers' user-friendly social media tools and unrivaled competitive intelligence, marketers can measure, contrast, and optimize their social media efforts. The audience intelligence tools from Socialbakers will help users to manage all of their social media platforms in an organized and straightforward manner. Brands can use this platform to measure, compare, and contrast the success of all of their initiatives. Learn more about Socialbakers Suite

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Semrush 4.8(108 Reviews) $129.95 Per Month Yes Learn More
Google Analytics 4.6(33 Reviews)

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Adobe Analytics 5.0(1 Review)

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Meltwater 5.0(1 Review)

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BuzzSumo Write a Review $119 Per Month Yes Learn More

Last Updated: July 13, 2023