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Best Barcode Software For Businesses In India

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We all have seen small images offline, a rectangular or square image, which can be read by a scanner at a retail store. Such codes are applied to a product for quick identification and are used in the retail store as a part of the purchase process, to track the inventory in the warehouse and on invoices to scan through the records and the documents.

What is Barcode Software?

The rectangular lines labeled on the products, also known as the barcode lines consist of information about the products. It contains the details, such as price, manufacturing date, expiry date, packaging number, size, color, etc. Such a series of lines can be scanned by software to retrieve the information stored. Barcode software reads, process, and store the barcode information encrypted in the barcode lines.

The barcode software is programmed to barcode hardware. Once the barcode reader scans the code, it is then processed by the barcode scanner and the information is displayed on the screen. The scanner cuts down the manual time of entering the details of the product and help process the information in a fraction of second. Barcode software is the technology that allows users to design, create and print barcode lines, also known as barcode labels using database driven data. The software makes sure the billing process to be faster, smoother and managed with proper records. This helps in real-time data collection and helps in effective store handling.

Types of Barcode Readers

The barcode scanners, depending on the usage purpose can be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Contact Readers- These type of bar code readers are basically handheld devices. Used at retail stores, mostly, they can be utilized by either bringing the product with barcode lines close to the device or by putting the device close to the barcode lines.

  2. Non-Contact Readers- Well equipped with a laser beam, these devices can be used by either taking the product bar lines close to the beam or by bringing the bar code scanner close to the product. The product need not be held close to the scanner but should be positioned in a way that it lies under the beam. These scanners are either handheld or have fixed mounted configurations.

What are the features of Barcode Software?

  • Accuracy- The barcode software eliminates the error and provides the results with high accuracy. The manual entry of the product and packages, involves a high risk of wrong data entry, hence, resulting in a net loss for the company. The Barcode software surpasses this error with scanning the labels and generating the labels based on pre-fed information.
  • Speed- The barcode software with the help of barcode reader significantly reduces the processing time. The scanned barcode lines are processed in the system by the barcode reader and reduce the act of reading, manual entry making and correcting data. Barcode software hence speeds up the process of product registration and checkout thereby, saving a lot of time.
  • Inventory Control- With the record of barcodes available in the system, companies can have accurate control over the inventory. The cargo and the inventory storing scans the barcodes while marking the entry and register it in the inventory management software to maintain the stock data. This can be linked to the online portals to instantly update the status of the package, and notify the customer with the real-time update of the package such as arrival, departure, and delivery.

What are the benefits of Barcode Software?

From the use of retail barcode software to the use of barcode in the education industry, the use of barcode scanner software is high in the industry. The usage of bar code scanner not only ease down the work for the organization but also help cut down the cost and processing time for the company.

Listed below are few of the benefits of barcode software:

  • Create quick custom labels- While barcode scanning is one key function of the barcode software, the other major function is to generate the barcode.  The barcode labeler includes all the information related to a product in the system. As soon the information related to the product has entered the label with all the product information encrypted in the barcode lines is generated. It is easy with the barcode software to create labels, asset tags, shipping labels, Id, badges, and address tags. All the custom labels, including barcodes, graphics and texts can be quickly designed, hence saving the cost and time involved.
  • Easy allocation of serial numbers- The barcode software while allocating the tags to the products, also records the information while providing serial numbers to the product categories. Hence, the unification of the serial number per product is maintained and can be used as a unique identification number for the product.
  • Eliminate the data entry errors- Making use of software cuts down the scope of human error. The barcode software eliminates the human error associated with the data entry. It eliminates manual data entry work by creating the barcode and hence cuts down on the mistakes.
  • Reduce employee training time- The Barcode scanner is fairly easy to understand and easy to use. With the barcode reader software pre-loaded with information, it saves the time of manual entries and training each employee on how to use the desired software. The employees just need to scan the barcode lines which is fairly an easy process and doesn’t require any special skills or training.
  • Improve accuracy- With centralized and proper database connectivity, the processing time can be saved and connectivity issues can be resolved. With the data stored at a centralized platform, it can be retrieved easily and in no time. Hence saving the manpower cost and the associated time.
  • Improve efficiency- The efficiency of the business can be improved with the installation of the proper software. With barcode software functioning, the retail store can cut down on the bill processing time and also the weight of the bulky items can be pre-feed in the system to shorten the line and make the billing process faster.

Market Trends of Barcode Software

If reports are to be believed, the global barcode software market is expected to grow up to USD 6.3 million by 2021. Considering the current market scenario, the barcode software has successfully replaced the traditional price labeling of the products and provided a convenient way of reading, storing and processing the information. It not only fasten the process but also helps eliminate the human error. With the use of best barcode software, the business efficiency can be increased, the operation process can be eased out and offers a reliable way to encrypt the product information. Also the monotonous work, such as manual data entry, paper logs and spreadsheets can be replaced with pre-recorded data in the barcode software. This help improves business efficiency, improve productivity and profitability.

The barcode software technology is experiencing the growth in the market due to the factors such as, real-time data collection, the accuracy of the data recording and display of data, cost-efficient process, and saving the cost on manpower by avoiding manual data process.

The top trends in the global barcode scanner market are as follows:

  • Battery Free Barcode Scanner- The barcode scanners today are installed with the battery. The idea is to utilize the barcode scanner software with a barcode scanner in a way that it cuts down the dependency and make the device portable to be accessed from anywhere.
  • Barcode software in the health sector-  The health care industry requires to store a large number of data, such as inventory information and patient’s information. The barcode scanner software can be functioned in a way to store all the information and produce a barcode label for the same. This can be scanned and the information of the patient or the inventory can be get accessed in no time. The manual approach to the process is time-consuming as it requires manpower to manually enter the unique identification number of the product or the patient and the report can be then retrieved. This lead to human error and increased process time.
  • Usage of cloud technology- The use of cloud-integrated technology would not only increase the processing time for the scanning but also help in storing more information on a centralized database. The increase in processing time would also help with better tracking solution.

The barcode reader software is a major need for the businesses dealing in product selling. It not only reduces the time and efforts associated with the product billing but also increases the operational efficiency. Almost every supermarket and big retail stored in India is now making use of the barcode scanner. The barcode scanner India helped cut down the long billing queues and made the processing smooth and faster. With all the wide range of barcode scanners available in the market, choosing the right one is important for the productivity of your business. Specific barcode scanners with the specific functioning barcode reader software have been built, such as retail barcode software-  used at retail stores to scan the product tags, simple barcode software- used to scan invoices and general product information, etc. This scanner software is built for specific work environments and process data quicker. Hence, analyzing the need before making the purchase and chose the best for your business to increase the operating efficiency and overall productivity.

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