Anyone who’s hired employees knows that attracting talented workers is harder than it sounds. Or, you may be hiring great employees who then leave for greener pastures. If you’re struggling to retain the right kind of workers, it’s time to re-evaluate your incentives and packages.

Gone are the days when decent pay and health insurance were enough to attract and retain the top workers. They want real perks that raise their quality of life. So it’s time to take a look at the incentives you offer to your employees. Do you offer any flexible scheduling? Give away free gifts, services, or food? Provide plenty of paid time off?

These things aren’t just trivial perks dreamed up by lazy employees—they’re tried and tested incentives that will make your team’s life better, boost productivity, and attract the best workers in your industry. If you’re thinking about updating your Incentives Program, you can start out with small changes to see which ones garner the best response. Or, you can swing for the fences with these Top Ten Workplace Perks shown in this infographic:

11 Employee Perks To Attract Top Creative Talent

Source : CompanyFolders