One thing that goes very well with every business is saving the costs yet being effective and efficient. It can be a tedious job considering how much extra entrepreneurs put in just to save some extra bucks.  Here we present you a list of free tools for entrepreneurs and would save you a lot of money. Yes you heard it right, FREE!

There are many free tools for entrepreneurs  out there but not all are exactly “free” considering the games developers play with us with the so called “free versions. But worry not, this list consists of software which are really free, without any forced upgrades after the trial period is over. These are genuinely free to use as long as you want them.

8 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs Business

free tools for entrepreneurs

Having a free tools for entrepreneurs & good accounting software is a very important aspect. It helps you track and manage your finances efficiently. Express accounting is a full-fledged accounting software which comes at no cost. Multiple currencies, tax flexibility, banking related tools are a few highlights of the software. A powerful software such as this is a must have for any business.

You may also like to check Wave accounting if you need an online accounting software.

Invoicing: Nutcache

free tools for entrepreneurs

At times invoicing software is more important for small business than the accounting software. If you one won such business and don’t want to spend on a software, try nutcache.

Nutcache is completely free and promises to remain so for the life time. It is an online billing software and can effectively manage quotations, online payment, outstanding follow up and many other business functionalities in relation to invoicing. The software however lacks recurring invoicing and purchase tracking.

If  you don’t like Nutcache, justbill, zohoinvoicing or reeleezee, all of which are free for limited users.

Human Resource Management Software: & Cavin HR

free hr software - Hrstop is a web based hosted HRMS for startups and SMEs that mechanizes different HR activities and allows user to use standard HR services as a part of the most secured, simplest and quickest way with a free software version available for 10 employees. The Software has all the functionality of a good payroll software coupled with the human resource management features.

free hr software CavinHR

CavinHR is also a web-based HR Software that energizes user’s business. HR teams find it simple and easy to use and realize immediate productivity gains. CavinHR automates user’s HR tasks and helps HR teams focus on their people strategy. CavinHR is loaded with features that include employee self service, leave management, attendance and time tracking, payroll, performance management, and social tools for collaboration with a free version availble for 10 employees.

If you are looking for a paid software, here is our article on the Top HRM Software in India.


free CRM Software ZOHO

It’s no rocket science, CRM is a must have tool for all businesses today. And gone are the days when one had to sign big fat cheques to set-up a CRM system for his business. Zoho CRM free version never lets you feel like you’re using it for free. Email integration, sales automation, HR management, workflow automation, mobile support are few of the many features it provides. On top of that, its web based which allows you to access it from virtually any place.

Other CRM you can try are Apptivo and Cream CRM

Email Campaign: Reach Mail

Free Email Marketing Software reach mail

Reach Mail is an email marketing service which allows you to send 15,000 free emails each month for up to 5,000 contacts. Custom email templates, email reports, auto responders and social media sharing are its main features, making it a handy tool to have.

You can also try MailChimp, which provides 12,000 free emails each month.

Collaboration & Project Management: Podio

Project Management Software PODIO

Podio is a web based collaboration tool which helps you work in teams with ease. Assign tasks, conduct online meetings, share files, communicate internally and do this all even from your mobile phone or tablet device! This is a must have software for businesses working in teams on multiple projects simultaneously. it is free tools for entrepreneurs. You must keep in mind that Podio is free up to 5 users though!

For bigger teams you can go for Asana which supports 15 free users.

You can also check out HipChat and Zoho Contact Manager as well.

DMS: Google Docs

Google Docsit is free tools for entrepreneurs. If you’re not ready to pay for the expensive MS Office, Google Docs is here for you. It’s a web based service wherein you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. And the best part is it’s stored on your Google Drive which means you can access it from anywhere.

But if you’re looking for an install based MS office alternative, you can try Apache Open Office or LibreOffice.

We have added the free softwares and add applications we found to be outstanding. Now its your turn to as comments, the softwares we might have missed.

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