AI in Fitness: Shaping the Future of the Fitness Industry with Artificial Intelligence

Garima Khandelwal

Senior Writer

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Future of Fitness Industry

People are increasingly turning to technology to help them with wellness and fitness problems. Many fitness apps, gym management software, gadgets, and wearables are entering the market and creating all the buzz. 

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In fact, a recent report by Research N Reports revealed that the value of the global fitness technology market is estimated to grow from $17.9 billion in 2019 to $62.1 billion by 2025. You may not realize it, but artificial intelligence (AI) assimilates deeper into our lifestyle every year. 

AI In Fitness

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that artificial intelligence has become an indispensable part of the fitness industry. 

Whether or not your health club uses AI, AI is revolutionizing the health industry. From improving marketing and sales decisions, AI also reshapes individual habits. For instance, AI can easily track health behaviors and repetitive exercise patterns and use the data to guide you toward your fitness journey. 

In fact, AI has also penetrated exercise appliances that can connect with your smartwatches and smartphones. AI in fitness is all about helping consumers to become smarter and healthier. 

How AI Can Benefit The Fitness Industry 

The benefits of AI in fitness are enormous. Here are a few of the latest trends in the fitness industry. 

1. AI-Based Personal Trainer

The next big thing in the fitness industry will be AI-based personal trainers. 

What does it even mean? Simply put, apps driven by artificial intelligence help you achieve your fitness goals. These apps are so designed that they can offer personalized fitness and lifestyle plans. These apps are powered by AI that helps tailor individual fitness plans based on your goals, eating habits, current fitness level, data from wearable devices, and much more. 

Not only that, but you would also find apps that can check your workout form and correct you, just like a trainer would do. You will need to use your phone’s camera, and you can have a one-on-one setting and get real-time feedback on your workout posture. 

For instance, doing a squat will correct you if you are extending your knees too far or your legs are placed too close. 

 2. Smarter Fitness Wearables 

Another trending application of AI in fitness is that it is making your wearable devices smarter. 

This Apple Watch or Fitbit, which you might already use, is moving towards more than just collecting data. They are now being tuned to detect irregular heartbeats that might lead to a stroke or detect signs of diabetes. In fact, these wearables will soon be able to connect with your electronic medical reports to give you a complete view of your profile. 

These smart wearables are so designed that it can keep records of how you have improved or the time you have spent exercising. You can easily share these data with your coaches using the devices. Soon enough, the gym will act as a virtual assistant, enabling it to provide even more specific instructions to its members. For instance, it can guide you on the number of reps you need to perform. 

In short, it will be able to offer more specific and personalized suggestions to improve some habits that require some changes. Clearly, every fitness enthusiast is going to benefit from these wearable devices. 

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3. Effects of AI In Fitness

AI in fitness is surely revolutionizing the industry. Whether you are a health club owner or an individual wanting to get fit, the use of AI is affecting both parties. 

4. Improvement In Coaching As Well As Performance

Especially for amateurs, these AI-based applications can be of great help.

As previously mentioned, Companies are developing AI apps that will be able to provide you with real-time, personalized instructions that use artificial intelligence. One such company is Asensei, which develops sensors that can be placed in your workout clothes to monitor your movements. 

Based on what it senses, it can send highly personalized instructions about moving your body. In fact, they are also working with many apparel manufacturers to embed these sensors into branded garments. Currently, it works only for yoga, but soon enough, it will spread to other sports areas too. 

5. Improvement In Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

AI helps automate and personalize many processes, which also results in lower costs. 

For instance, the AI is quite useful in customer service. Digital channels are a great way to engage with your consumers. By implementing a virtual customer assistant (VCA), you can easily handle customer requests on mobile apps, websites, and social networks. 

It was seen that VCA has cut down inquiries by phone and email by a whole 70 percent. AI allows you to offer your customers a smooth experience, resulting in increased satisfaction. 

Yet again, AI in health clubs can help close more leads, resulting in increased revenue. There are intelligent sales tools that can help grade each lead based on present and past conversations. Not only that, but it can also have customized communication with potential leads without any human interference. They then send alerts to salespeople when it’s time to close the deal. This ensures you don’t lose any opportunity to convert your lead into a customer. 

Besides, you can close the deal faster by integrating your billing software with the gym management system.  

You can also send out targeting offers to your existing customers using AI in fitness. For instance, if they need personal training sessions or diet charts. This way, you can increase your revenue. 


As our lives are getting busier, we hardly find time to exercise regularly. That’s why you can even see increased health issues like diabetes, cancer, and more. 

However, AI in fitness is trying to solve this problem. These innovative gadgets and apps are trying to transform our fitness journey and make us more conscious. I am excited to see how AI will disrupt the fitness industry and continue to shape people’s habits. 

But the main question is — are you ready to embrace the new technology?

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