There are mixed reactions when it comes to using an ATS- Applicant tracking software. Different HR professionals and hiring executives have different opinions- some believe that this software fails to match the mark and some find it effectively time-saving. So, to decide whether you need such recruitment platform for your business, you first need to know what ATS is. And how it can benefit your hiring process.

Applicant tracking software is a complete e-recruitment management that helps an organization find talents and recruit them more efficiently. This HR recruitment software can be used for posting jobs on a website, create job board, screen every resume and generate qualified interviews by mail. Some other significant features are automated resume tracking, track requisitions, customize forms and applicant tracking with multilingual support. Almost 50 to 60 percent of medium-sized businesses are already using ATS or applicant tracking software.

So why do you might choose applicant tracking software for your organization? Well, here are some solid 8 reasons that you should think of this HR technology as your next purchase!

1. Automate and streamline your recruitment process

Forget old school hirings- it’s time to get updated with HR recruitment software. With this online software, you just have to put your requirements and it will provide a robust interface that will manage the complete recruitment process. It is designed for ensuring best practices.

2. Get a quality workforce

Your employee workforce will get a quality workforce rather than overburden their workload with repeated hiring and interview process.

3. Make use of all job boards and channels

Your organization can find better quality candidates by leveraging the pre-existing applications. Channels like social media and different job boards can be used at one recruitment platform.

4. Instant availability of data

No more paper works or in-house software to manage data. With applicant tracking software you get a cloud environment to get applicant data instantly. It is easier than handling different tools, different managers with different duties.

5. Increase company’s social reach

Wondering how? Well, candidates are more prone to use apps on mobile for job search. And they are always interacting with social media. So, you can reach out to potential candidates and get more views, likes and shares at the same time.

6. Cost effective process

Not only you are reducing extra man power for recruitment purpose, you are getting everything done over one recruitment platform. Automated hiring and interviewing tasks will bring down your hiring cost.

7. ATS improves employee retention

How, you can ask, right? As discussed, ATS lets you find a good quality match for your business. It saves your valuable time and money. So, better the match you get, it is likely that both your organization and your employee workforce will get satisfied. This will lead to an increased turnover

8. A positive hiring experience

Not only the recruitment software will align everything well, it will provide a clean, streamlined and positive hiring experience to every candidate. They will be in less confusion creating better result oriented interviews.


So here’s everything about the ATS and how it will benefit your company. It is always better to go for a trusted recruitment software will good reviews. Find out the best service provider online, before you invest in any software.