9 Best Asset Management Software for Small Businesses

Garima Khandelwal

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Asset Management Tools

As a business owner, it’s essential to keep track of your company’s assets and to learn they are utilized.

It’s also important to make sure you are using them in the most cost-effective way possible. 

The latest reports project that the asset management industry is set to grow up to 27 Billion USD by 2025.

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However, managing your business assets (both physical and digital) can be arduous, but it doesn’t have to be. 

With some planning and the right set of tools, you can easily manage all of your assets in one place, saving time, preventing financial loss, and reducing stress during your hectic day-to-day operations.

9 Best Asset Management Software For Small Businesses

Business owners are always looking for ways to save time and money, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through asset management tools.

These software programs provide advanced features that help you effectively manage your business’s assets across several departments or facilities, including accounting, invoicing, payroll, customer relationship management, inventory control, etc.

The best asset management tools also come with features like training programs and resources to help you set up your system quickly and efficiently.

The top 9 asset management tools for small business owners should know about are here.

So let us dive right in!

1. Zluri


Zluri takes IT asset management (or ITAM) tools and makes them simple for small businesses. In addition to providing reports on hardware and software use, the Zluri ITAM tool also features an automated warranty service that helps users track warranties at all times. 

The best part? By automating some of your most crucial asset management tools, Zluri helps business owners spend less time worrying about critical assets and more time growing their company.

Zluri Advantages:

Here is a list of some of the key advantages that are specific to the Zluri asset management tool:

  1. a) It has a comprehensive knowledge resource base that can help you streamline your entire application system in real time.
  2. b) It can help manage all your software application renewals automatically.
  3. c) You also get deep-dive information and insights to help optimize your software application expenses.
  4. d) The software also helps you manage and automate all vendor applications through a single dashboard and access to a pre-built database of vendor contact information.

Zluri Pricing:

The tool is available in 4 pricing variations. The basic plan covers features like automated SaaS discovery. The Pro plan allows further access to the center of the interaction. The business and business plus plans allow custom integrations that are well-suited for companies with 500 or above employees. The pricing for each plan is available at request.  

2. Freshservice


Freshservice asset management tool makes it easy to assign tags and labels, schedule routine tasks, and create user groups with detailed asset information all at once. With features like advanced reporting capabilities and multiple languages supported by its platform-agnostic integrations with Google Drive and Slack, ITAM just got a lot easier! 

Freshservice Advantages:

Here is a list of key advantages particular to Freshservice:

  1. Helps build a comprehensive database of multi-source assets, including your hardware, software, and SaaS tools.
  2. The CMDB keeps auto-updating, giving you a real-time update of the infrastructure of your cloud and onsite assets.
  3. Provides a unified platform for improved IT governance within your organization.
  4. Allows access to marketplace integrations for industry-leading solutions, such as JAMF, Intune, and SCCM.
  5. Allows for seamless automation and management of all your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Freshservice Pricing:

Freshservice has four pricing plans, and all of them are available for free trials. The starter plan is the most basic and is available at around $20 monthly. The Growth plan is billed at about $50 per month, and the Pro and Enterprise plans are customizable according to your organization, offering complete service management solutions. Pricing is available at request.   

3. Solarwinds


With resource management software like SolarWinds ITAM, you can stay on top of what tech is in your business and how effective it is utilized. Solarwinds assists with inventory management as well as monitoring so that you can stay on top of security threats and changes. In addition, the tool actively helps to track assets by location, asset history reports, and real-time alerts when certain assets are moved or accessed. 

SolarWinds Advantages:

Here is a list of primary benefits you can avail with Solarwinds.

  1. Allows users to establish an accurate consolidated database of all active assets within the company.
  2. Real-time tracking of who is assigned which asset and for what duration. This will ensure seamless management of sessions.
  3. Align each asset with support tickets to give you real-time control over your assets’ maintenance and technical support.
  4. Track the overall expenses associated with each asset management to make informed decisions regarding asset allocation, upgradation, and maintenance.

SolarWinds Pricing:

Solarwinds provides completely customizable asset management solutions. You can contact their sales department to request a quick quote for your project. Alternatively, you can customize a quote directly within their portal by feeding in the tools you think are necessary for your organization. Then, based on requirements, the Solar Winds sales department will send a customized quote for your exact asset management plan.

4. Canto


With Canto, you can centralize your marketing assets in one place. It’s a digital asset management (DAM) tool that keeps track of everything from digital copy to logos and stock photos. Another great feature? Project sharing and templates mean no more wasting time on repetitive tasks like creating new emails or presentations.

Canto Advantages:

Here are the key advantages you can avail yourself of with Canto.

  1. Provides a centralized content library to collect and curate all digital assets in the same place.
  2. Provides AI-powered smart filters facial recognition systems, and high-powered search tools to supercharge your content discovery strategy.
  3. Helps distribute all digital assets within your team or consociate access with external partners through content portals and custom share links.
  4. Helps protect your brand identity with access control, user permissions management, and watermarks over your approved assets. 

Canto Pricing:

Canto has a straightforward pricing model that allows all users to start from a basic structure and level up the package as the organization grows. The tool also provides a complete implementation and full training program for the entire team within the organization. For customized quotes, you have to submit your information on the Canto website, and their sales department will connect with you with a custom pricing plan. 

5. BrightSpot


With BrightSpot, you can create a fully customized website and mobile app to communicate with customers through email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your own social media pages. Besides, you can set up web forms and do live updates from events or broadcast videos from your webcam.

If that’s not enough, you can manage the entire content workflow from ideation to product launch right from the assignment desk, right within the BrightSpot dynamic dashboard. Further, you can personalize products for different customers by making inputting customer data directly into individual product listings easy.

BrightSpot Advantages:

Here is a list of benefits of the Brightspot asset management tool.

  1. Brightspot is built on the foundation of a turbocharged search engine which makes content discovery and creation super easy through the media desk.
  2. Reduces the context switching and file access delays when juggling between major digital media assets such as Google Drive, Slack, or Dropbox
  3. It helps tag assets allowing the machine learning attribute of Amazon to comprehend to power your content creation.
  4. Provides video editing and next-generation publishing tools to provide transcription abilities to your existing video and audio assets 

BrightSpot Pricing:

Brightspot offers a free trial of 30 days for its basic plan for up to 5 users/ seats. After that, you can avail the Bright Spot Go plan at 7500 USD per month. This is meant for enterprise-level digital applications at a medium to massive scale. For complete flexibility of features for media-oriented companies, the Brightspot Enterprise plan is fully customizable, and the pricing is available on request.

6. Asset Panda

Asset Panda

If you are an asset manager and need an application to streamline your work, we recommend Asset Panda. The platform is easy to use, flexible, and has many valuable features. It comes with a clear dashboard and ready-made widgets for business processes like finance and accounting management.

For example, it enables you to identify key areas that deserve more attention or have higher maintenance costs and allows you to drill down into business data by providing access to information via relevant links and locations. In addition, Asset Panda offers a free demo version, which allows users to test out its major functionalities before purchasing it.

Asset Panda Advantages:

Here are some of the critical benefits of the Asset Panda tool.

  1. Allows you to see complete asset action histories, images, user manuals, and the warranty details of your asset within one comprehensive interface.
  2. Enables you to manage team hierarchy permissions for each asset while they are being used in real time.
  3. Integrates with your current data storage structure to help you implement the current style of asset tracking with a robust asset management system 
  4. Saves time on expansive training for your staff. 

Asset Panda Pricing:

Asset Panda provides two types of annual plans that can be scaled according to your business needs. The Premium and Standard plans are customizable according to the number of users and number of assets you intend to use within the plan. In addition, you can contact the Asset Panda sales department to get a custom quote and consultation for your requirements.

7. Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity is a cloud-based asset management solution that makes it easy to keep track of all your assets and property. The software is browser-based, and you can access it from any computer. Your people or contractors can also sign in from their computers to see what work has been done as well as its status. 

Besides, you can use this software to monitor inventories, equipment maintenance, real estate, warranties, and contracts for new customers. Further, you can consistently track all types of assets with a cloud-based system. 

The best part is you can automate reporting at regular intervals if you need information on performance over time or in response to a specific problem or opportunity.

Asset Infinity Advantages:

Here is a list of benefits particular to Asset Infinity.

  1. Track assets, inventory actions, and depreciation calculations from a single dashboard.
  2. Allows you to tag your assets with RFID, QR codes, Barcodes, and NFC.
  3. Use a simple method of check-in- and check-outs to track the asset transactions between different departments and team members.
  4. Record depreciation in action using interactive workflow charts.
  5. It helps you make informed decisions regarding new asset integration or even disposal of underused assets in your inventory.

Asset Infinity Pricing:

Asset Infinity has two types of plans to offer. The Standard plan starts at 130 USD monthly and allows up to 500 assets and inventory items. The Enterprise plan is more suited for big organizations and companies with more than 500 assets working simultaneously. You can get a custom quote for this plan by directly contacting the Asset Infinity sales department.

8. Microsoft Asset Management

Microsoft Asset Management

Microsoft Dynamics 360 Asset Management helps keep track of your hardware, software, and other physical assets. It also allows you to manage your employees’ credentials. 

This asset management tool can be used to inventory any type of asset in your business, including but not limited to computer equipment, printers, software licenses, IT assets (such as laptops, and desktops), network devices, and more. You can even use it to track employee badges or permits if needed.

The program helps you take stock of what you have in hand at any given time and then identify areas where there are gaps in coverage or usage.

Microsoft Asset Management Tool Advantages:

Here is a list of benefits you can avail yourself of with Microsoft Asset Management.

  1. Helps track production equipment, vehicles, mobile equipment, buildings, and infrastructures within the fixed asset inventory.
  2. Tracks leased assets and other customer equipment are managed by the company directly.
  3. The interface can be customized to manage various types of assets and track them according to their location, operating modes, design, and maintenance policies.
  4. Allows you to set up a preventative maintenance plan of your assets to avoid sudden equipment failures.

Microsoft Asset Management Tool Pricing:

Microsoft offers customized plans for asset management, customer database creation, and document management plans. In addition, you can contact the Microsoft sales team directly to get a personalized quote depending on the type of solution you need for your enterprise.

9. Kaizen Asset Manager

Kaizen Asset Manager

The Kaizen asset management software system can help you keep your small business running smoothly. This tool is one of the most popular asset tracking apps because it’s designed for small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Besides, the platform has several core features that make it ideal for a small company. 

The best part is that it’s cloud-based and can use it on any device without installing additional software. In addition, all the data is encrypted, and there are no per-user fees or hidden costs.

Kaizen Advantages:

Here is a list of benefits you can avail yourself of with Kaizen Asset Management software for small businesses.

  1. It helps track all of your assets from a central interface that can be accessed online,
  2. uses a simple check-in and check-out process to assign the assets to different employees, and keeps track of each asset’s functionality and action history.
  3. It helps you seamlessly audit all company assets to decide what to retain and which assets to dispose of.
  4. Manages different service system schedules with a single inventory interface for all active and non-active assets.
  5. Keeps track of asset-related vendors and warranty contracts.
  6. Creates comprehensive asset tracking reports that can be printed and saved directly from within the software interface.

Kaizen Pricing: 

Kaizen asset manager is available in 4 different pricing plans. The basic team plan is available at 49 USD monthly for 500 asset tracking. The small business plan is available at 99 USD per month for up to 2000 assets. The midsize business plan is available at 199 USD per month for up to 5,000 assets. The enterprise plan is available at 299 USD per month, and it can help you keep track of up to 10,000 assets per month.


There are literally hundreds of different asset management tools out there. Therefore, to choose the right one that is perfect for your company or the one that aligns with your requirements and goals, you must do thorough research on the shortlisted products. You can also select one of the 9 best asset management tools listed above. However, ensure that the tool you pick meets all your requirements, from features to pricing.

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