16 Best Applicant Tracking System in Australia


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Applicant Tracking System in Australia

As an HR manager, you would know how difficult it is to source and hire the top talents.

Australia is currently facing fierce competition, and it can get tough to find and attract the applicants that match the skill set. 

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That’s why many HR managers are leveraging technology to stay ahead of the curve. An applicant tracking, or ATS, is a set of applications devised to automate the process of candidate hiring. 

It acts as a centralized database where it collects, stores, and organizes all the resumes received from all platforms. It then further filters out the resumes based on certain keywords and phrases. Thus, it brings efficiency and saves time at the same time. 

If you think you are convinced, let’s look at the top 15 applicant tracking system in Australia. 

Top ATS System You Should Consider Using

1. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Taleo is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that is best suited for large enterprises. In fact, it is considered as one of the world’s largest ATS systems with over 5,000 customers worldwide. 

It is driven by artificial intelligence that helps in reducing cost by automizing the selection process. Furthermore, the system provides data-driven insights into candidate communication, assessment, and much more to optimize the recruitment process

Some of their most influential clients are Marriott, United Airlines, and more. 


  • Compatible with mobile devices to allow you access on-the-go
  • Has an engaging and easy-to-use interface 
  • Have a customer forum to discuss ideas and find solutions

2. Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse Software

Another popular applicant tracking system in Australia is Greenhouse Software. It aims to optimize every aspect of hiring, including attracting and hiring the right talent, amplifying your team’s efficiency, building your ideal hiring tech stack, and more.

The system allows you to cast a wider net to accept applications online from various platforms. Once all the applications have been collected, it helps you to arrange all profiles in a systematic order that makes it easy to analyze and manage prospects and schedule an interview with the best applicants. 


  • Offers active support via email and phone
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing business system and applications
  • Quite easy to understand and use

3. Recruithire

RecruitHireRecruitHire is a talent acquisition platform that assists you in finding candidates who are a perfect fit for the position. It employs the most effective recruiting strategies and effectively markets your company to attract more talent.

Using the application, you can easily set up your job posts to automatically repost after a specified period. If your company prefers to remain anonymous when hiring, you can even post it anonymously.

It provides the best applicant tracking and onboarding system, easily customizable, versatile, and customizable. Moreover, the application works with all major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


  • All resumes are displayed in a simple format to help you scan them.
  • It automatically sends reminders to candidates one day before their interview.
  • Posting Job Descriptions on a Career Site allows you to save personalized message templates to save time.

4. iCims Talent Acquisition

iCims Talent Acquisition

iCims Talent Acquisition is a recruitment technology that supports end-to-end hiring processes. The solution has collaborated with Google to increase your job posting visibility without having to spend more on traditional advertising. 

This best-in-class applicant tracking system in Australia aims to provide a better candidate experience by streamlining the entire process

Besides, it allows you to easily post and manage multiple jobs directly from the ATS system. Thus, it increases efficiency.


  • Offers “text to apply” capability to encourage more number of applicants to apply
  • Can automatically post jobs on social media networks
  • Enables hiring managers to handle candidates on-the-go

5. Jobvite


Jobvite is a top leading candidate tracking system that owns 10 years of experience in recruiting. It streamlines the entire process of recruitment – from finding the best candidate for scheduling their interviews, and onboarding them. 

It uses built-in intelligence that collects and analyzes candidate data to help you make smart and fast decisions. It results in closing hires more quickly. Besides, it offers a dedicated mobile app using which hiring managers can easily view, accept, or reject applicants in seconds. 


  • Smart scheduler automatically selects the best time for the interview
  • Maintains a record of all your conversations with the candidates
  • Gives you an actionable, customizable view of your hiring tasks

Looking for Applicant Tracking Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best Applicant Tracking Software solutions.

6. IBM Kenexa 

IBM Kenexa

IBM Kenexa is a talent acquisition suite that helps you find candidates who will be a perfect match for the role. It deploys the best recruiting strategies and effectively markets your company to drive more talents towards your organization. 

You can easily nurture your talent and predict campaign effectiveness with A/B testing.

It offers the market best applicant tracking system in Australia that is highly configurable, flexible, and scalable. Besides, the application is compatible with all the major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


  • Leverages social networks to constantly expand the talent pool
  • The system can be used on mobile devices too
  • Offers good customer support for any technical assistance

7. Proven SMB ATS

Proven SMB ATS

Proven SMB ATS is an applicant tracking system that offers a robust set of functionalities. The system is designed to assist in the entire hiring process that includes posting your jobs to multiple boards, storing all resumes as per HR compliance, and much more. 

Using the application, you can easily set up your job posts to automatically repost after a specified time period. In case, your company wants to be discreet about hiring, you can even post it anonymously.


  • Displays all resumes in a simple format to help you read quickly
  • Gives a breakdown of which platform is better attracting candidates
  • Sends out automatic reminders to candidates a day prior to their interview

8. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Success Factor

SAP SuccessFactors is a powerful applicant tracking system in Australia that offers end-to-end solutions to all your hiring needs. One unique thing is that it helps you find past applicants and candidates that might be suitable for the current opening. Besides, it helps nurture your relationship with passive candidates. 

The solution gives you access to thousands of job boards, universities, and social recruiting networks. You can set rules to automate posting to the right recruitment platforms that attract the best candidates.


  • Gives you detailed insights on various metrics
  • Can be used on any devices and supports up to 46 languages
  • Allows you to embed candidate feedback on the career site

9. ADP Recruiting Management

ADP Recruiting Management

ADP Recruiting Management is a simple yet effective candidate tracking system that helps build a talent pipeline. It is ideally designed for large enterprises as it integrates their talent management data with the HRM system. 

It leverages mobile and social tools to speed up the hiring process. It is involved in both active and passive candidate sourcing to help develop strong talent pipelines. Besides, its one-click reports and ad hoc reporting tools are there to help you make fast and informed decisions.


  • Offers a host of tools, such as job posting, customizable reporting, etc. 
  • Has a rich and intuitive interface for easy navigation
  • Supports your entire talent acquisition lifecycle

10. SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite

Smart Recruiters

SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite is a top-leading applicant tracking system in Australia that offers full-fledged functionalities. It optimizes hiring processes with data analytics and reporting. The system gives you a holistic view of recruiting performance from source to hire in real-time. 

Besides, it easily integrates with third-party applications to enhance your recruiting process. It even helps in compliance with regulatory requirements in over 100 countries.


  • Gives you access to a pre-integrated marketplace of 350+ vendors 
  • Helps you track every source channel performance
  • Has a user-friendly and simple interface

11. Jazz HR

Jazz Hr

Jazz HR rightfully makes it to the top of the applicant tracking system with its powerful features. It provides a platform where you can keep all the members involved in the hiring process with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to the candidate.

The best part is that it allows you to have end-to-end customization of the recruitment process to suit your company’s needs. Furthermore, it allows the sharing of important feedback and notes with collaborators, just by mentioning their name.


  • Allows you to store personalized message templates to save your time 
  • Quite easy to install and use
  • Can receive recruiting messages directly into your inbox

12. UltiPro


UltiPro is a leading cloud provider of human capital management that combines talent management and payroll in a unified solution. It helps streamline the entire hiring process – from sourcing and attracting candidates to hiring and onboarding them. 

The system is candidate-centric so that you can offer them an excellent experience. You can collect continuous feedback to evaluate your recruitment process. Besides, it even offers an onboarding solution to create personalized welcome messages, outline requirements, and more.


  • Leverages candidates’ personal networks to unlock new talent pools
  • Has robust reporting tools to ensure compliance
  • Provides active support to their customers

13. SilkRoad Activate Recruiting

Silk Road

SilkRoad Activate Recruiting is a well-designed talent acquisition solution that aims to deliver an excellent candidate experience. The system aims to reduce the hiring cost by reaching out to qualified candidates with SilkRoad’s unparalleled free job distribution network.

It allows hiring managers to review applicants, create an offer, and launch the onboarding process – all from a single platform. Besides, it helps with building employer brand through content and messaging tailored to different geographies.


  • Enables you to quickly generate dynamic, branded offers
  • Has a rich interface that makes the whole experience smooth
  • Offers support via email, chat, phone, and more

14. Comeet


Comeet is an applicant tracking system that offers you a new and better way to attract, acquire, and hire top talents. The solution is known for its robust modules that not only automates the hiring process but also helps increase coordination between different departments. 

Furthermore, it helps you reach a large pool of talents by displaying your job posts on various job boards. You can even embed career pages into your site without having any knowledge of coding. 


  • Allows you to send personalized bulk emails
  • Seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Outlook
  • Exports candidates’ answers in the excel-friendly format

15. ApplicantStack

Applicant Stack

ApplicantStack offers an advanced applicant tracking system in Australia that empowers you to carry out your recruitment process efficiently. Using the system, you can easily post jobs on multiple job boards and social media platforms from a single platform. Besides, it makes it easy to schedule interviews with your candidates and receive their feedback as well. It provides an easy to use interface to move up the recruitment ladder without any hassle. 


  • Allows you to generate customized reports
  • Easily integrates with third-party applications
  • Has an active customer support team in place

16. PeopleFluent

People Fluent

PeopleFluent is a talent management solution that is best suited for all sizes of businesses. It helps you attract the top talents with powerful features that filter the candidate based on certain keywords and phrases. 

Apart from sourcing, it also facilitates the onboarding process. It equips the new employee with the knowledge and training that they need and provide them with an excellent onboarding experience. 


  • Promote collaboration for easy sharing of information
  • Offers reporting tools to make informed and smart decisions
  • Has an easy-to-use and intuitive UI/UX design

Wrapping up

The above-mentioned ATS systems make it to the top of the list in Australia. While selecting, make sure to choose the one that fits right into your requirements as well as budget. Many vendors, in fact, offer free trials before you actually have to buy it. Give it a try!

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