15 Best Customer Loyalty Program Software to Retain More Customers


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The contemporary business scenario is very competitive. It calls for you to introduce cutting-edge practices each day. For every organization, retaining customers has become a fundamental need, even after they have been converted into loyal customers. That’s because the competition is fierce.

Looking for Customer Loyalty Management Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best customer loyalty management software solutions.

Loyal consumers buy 90% more often from your organization, adding on a good amount to the overall turnover of your business. You can make your customers loyal by running loyalty programs. Managing these loyalty programs needs excellent planning and management skills. You can manage these plans with various customer loyalty management software available in the market.

Given below is the list of best customer loyalty program software for you to choose from. Take a close look, you might just find a match for your business.

List of The Best Customer Loyalty Program Software

1. Squareup


Squareup is a customer loyalty program software which helps to digitize your loyalty programs for your customers, encouraging them to buy repeatedly from you. It is a loyalty program which can be used if you have the Square Loyalty POS. It helps in building a long-term relationship with your customers.


  • Applicable to cash and card purchases.
  • Customers just need to give their mobile number, and they are signed in.
  • Rewards per visit/ amount spent/ per item or category.
  • Rewards as a discount on the entire sale/ discount on item or category/ free item.
  • Customizable business terminologies.
  • Creates 100 rewards levels.
  • Change in existing program will not affect rewards already earned.
  • Adds expiry date.
  • Rewards setting location-wise.


  • Basic (0-500 Loyalty visits): $45 per month
  • Standard (501-500 Loyalty visits): $75 per month
  • Professional (1,501-10,000 Loyalty visits): $105 per month

USP: This customer loyalty program solution allows customers to link up multiple payment methods. They can make part of the payment with cash and part of it in credit. But it will add loyalty points for payment done all together, making it easier to collect and track loyalty points.

2. LoyaltyGator


LoyaltyGator is a widely-used web-based loyalty program which can be used for loyalty programs, gift cards, etc. It is a highly-customizable software that can fit into your business, no matter how big or small your firm is. Using this you can offer your customers various loyalty point programs, buy one get one free offer, action-based programs, reloadable card programs, and so on.


  • Web-based
  • Customers can check the balance on the go.
  • Applicable to in-store and online purchases.
  • Customizable with the company’s branding.
  • Customer activity tracking.
  • Tiered-membership levels.
  • Automates email for each transaction.


  • Trial version: Free for 30 days.
  • Price: Custom Quote

USP: Unlike many other customer loyalty solutions it does not require a POS system. It comes in 12 different languages and counting. Using this, multiple merchants can come under one loyalty program. Great for businesses with operations in multiple countries.

3. Poket


Poket is an award-winning customer loyalty solution for small business owners. It is a tool which will help you attract more loyal customers. It helps you earn goodwill among customers and encourages referrals. It allows you to get a 360-degree view of all the transactions.


  • Enrollment of new members in 1 minute.
  • Patented technology
  • CRM
  • Stored value card/Gift card.
  • 1, 2 & 3 tier point system.
  • Discount card system
  • Punch card system
  • Cashback system
  • Pack card system
  • Integrates with social platforms
  • Sends push notifications


  • Lite: USD 12 / month billed monthly
  • Pro: Usd 24/ month billed yearly
  • Premium: USD 45/ month billed monthly
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote

USP: It is a customer loyalty program software which has a specialized messaging service which helps to talk with your biggest fans directly. This will help you have a one-to-one conversation with them allowing you to connect with the customers you really need to retain.

4. The Loyalty Box


The Loyalty Box is a great customer loyalty program. It has been serving customers for over 15 years. It is very suitable for low traffic retail shops. It works superbly with cards, cellphones, vouchers, coupons, etc. It can be used on your POS, on Website, Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Facebook. It has integrations for WooCommerce, Magento and Bigcommerce.


  • Franchise or Multi-Nationals
  • Imports existing customers
  • Superb customization- with over 100 options
  • Report generation of transactions
  • Brick & Mortar/ E-commerce/ Both
  • CRM software


  • Starts: $50 p/store/month

USP: This customer loyalty program software has the ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing POS and e-commerce platforms. This helps to make an accurate analysis of SKU level, helping you to cut-down any wastage of available resources.

5. LoyaltyXpert


LoyaltyXpert is a strategic business unit of Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a SaaS-based solution, launched in 2017 as a one-stop solution for a state-of-the-art Digital Channel Engagement, Sales Management, and Loyalty Programmes solution. cIt can be customized for businesses in any domain, whether manufacturing or services. On an ongoing basis, the platform has been growing with the updated contemporary functionalities making working with LoyaltyXpert more and more rewarding for businesses.


  • CRM integration
  • Customer management
  • Marketing automation
  • Referral management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Catalog management
  • Lead management
  • Contact management


  • Trial version: Free for 30 days.
  • Price: Custom Quote

USP: This customer loyalty program software seamlessly integrates with existing business processes and systems. This can help improve customer retention, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

6. Loyalty Plus


Loyalty Plus is a revolutionary omnichannel loyalty management system. It is a SaaS Lifetime Value Platform. It helps to reward your customers in real-time. Build customized loyalty programs which include points, vouchers, and rewards. It provides a holistic view of every customer across different channels and touchpoints.


  • Omnichannel
  • Online/ Offline
  • Tier-based loyalty programs
  • Adds expiry date
  • Mobile-loyalty programs
  • Reports generation
  • Insights on KPIs
  • Event-based programs
  • C-SAT & NPS solutions


  • On Demand

USP: Using this customer loyalty program software you can use the same loyalty program for your sister or partner brands. This way, you can promote cross-selling and increase your turnover.

7. Annex Cloud

annex cloud

Annex Cloud is a leading loyalty management system. It has pre-built POS integrations which makes it easy to float offers immediately. It helps in offering online, in-store and app-based loyalty programs. It has programs for the entire life cycle of the customers which get activated automatically once they join in.


  • Omnichannel
  • E-commerce website integration
  • Digital marketing strategy integration
  • Store management support
  • RFM analysis Integration
  • Integrated coupon system
  • Prebuilt POS integrations
  • Supports B2B
  • CPG compatible
  • Native ESP integration
  • Third-Party Plugins/ Add-Ons


  • Custom quotes

USP: This is a customer loyalty management system which integrates RFM data into the loyalty segment, which helps in better reporting, understanding and segmenting of customers.

8. Loyera


Loyera is an intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based customer loyalty program. It comes with an easy and quick registration process. It helps to run different loyalty programs at different locations. It can be used for in-store and online sales. Whether you are a small scale business or an enterprise, Loyera will help you enhance your loyalty strategies. It manages sales as well as loyalty programs.

Using this software you can add loose change added to the customer’s account. And once it reaches a considerable amount you can get it deducted. Make the most of the little things with Loyera.


  • Multi-currency
  • Loose change addition
  • Social media integration
  • Multiple Outlet
  • Reward sharing between Branches
  • Adding visuals
  • Offline Compatibility
  • Location-based plans
  • Real-time analytical support


  • Basic: Free
  • Core: $9/month
  • Complete: $99/month

USP: It is a loyalty solution that is hardware-independent. It will not be a burden on your business as you do not need to purchase and install additional devices to use it.

9. Collect


Collect is a revolutionary customer loyalty solution and also a superb customer engagement software. It works in-store with your POS and online with your e-commerce sites. It is highly customizable and you can use your store branding using this software. This software is helping businesses in 15+ countries.


  • In-store & Online
  • Customizable rewards
  • Built-in referral programs
  • Automated Emails
  • Build-in Apple wallet
  • Multi-sites
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • No hardware or apps required
  • Shopify & Vend integration


  • 1 store: $29/month
  • 2 stores: $58/month
  • 3 stores: $87/month
  • ……….49 stores: $1048/month
  • 49+ stores: Contact vendor

USP: The best feature of this customer loyalty program software is the built-in Apple wallet. It helps you and your customers to avoid any loss of time, energy and money to install it.

It is also the only loyalty system which integrates seamlessly with Shopify & Vend.

10. Loyalty Prime


Loyalty Prime is an outstanding award-winning loyalty management system. It is power-packed with all the features which help you make the best out of your loyalty programs. It has partnership and integration with a wide range of apps such as Zendesk, Sabre, Oracle and more.


  • SaaS-based
  • API integration
  • Multiple incentive currencies( base points, miles, seasonal currency,etc.)
  • Tier-based program
  • Vouchers & Coupons generation and management
  • Gamification engine
  • Targeting functionality
  • Coalition plans with other vendors
  • Built-in CRM
  • Define limit of promotional activities
  • ROI calculator
  • Communication functionalities


  • Stand-alone edition: starts $3300/ month
  • Status level edition: starts $4500/month
  • Coalition edition: starts $5600/month
  • Enterprise edition: Custom Quote

USP: It is a customer loyalty program software which has an added gamify attribute attached to it. This helps you reward customers on activities other than purchases. It can be social-media engagement, participation in surveys, positive review of the product, and so on. You can really differentiate your loyalty program using this aspect of Loyalty Prime.

11. Belly


Belly is an intuitive and user-friendly customer loyalty software owned by Mobivity. It understands that for any business to prosper, the main element is the customer. It can create loyalty plans which focus on gaining customer goodwill and support. It is being used by businesses in a number of sectors such as Restaurant, Salon & Spa, and Health & Fitness.


  • Cloud, SaaS & Web-based
  • Builds customer list
  • Creates custom rewards
  • Customer activity Tracking
  • Integrates into social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp)
  • Easy tap joining of customers
  • CRM tools integrated
  • Coalition program with other vendors


  • Lite: $159/mo
  • Elite: $229/mo
  • Enterprise: On demand

USP: Using this customer loyalty program software, the rewards are automatically credited to the customer’s account. It saves you from the added burden of managing and adding the amount.

12. Yotpo


Yotpo is an impeccable customer loyalty solution from Swell. Using this you can prepare and run an unlimited number of campaigns for your customers. Target better customer experience, customer retention, increase in conversion rate, and much more with Yotpo. It integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, as well as custom, builds.


  • Online and Offline programs
  • Prebuilt campaigns
  • Tier-Based Programs
  • CRM integrated
  • Measures ROI
  • Program analytics
  • Referral programs
  • Multi-channel support
  • Multi sharing Options
  • Integration with social networks


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Premium customizable plan: Price on demand

USP: It is a customer loyalty solution which can use customer photos, by sending requests and asking permission, as a marketing and promotion tool for your business.

13. Social Spiral


Social Spiral is a comprehensive loyalty management system and CRM software. It does not require any hardware and is easy to install. It can be installed and be up-and-running in minutes. It helps you to search customers by name and phone numbers. It is getting better every day with new updates. Make Social Spiral your companion during the big sale season.


  • Cloud, SaaS Based
  • Single click review link sending
  • CRM
  • Customer activity tracking
  • Referral tracking
  • Rewards management
  • No-card loyalty system
  • Discount management
  • Gift card system


  • Annual super saver plan: $149/mo
  • Other plans: Custom Quotes

USP: Social Spiral can send review links to customers with just a click, making it easy for you to collect reviews for your product.

14. iVend Loyalty


iVend Loyalty comes as a part of iVend retail. It is being used in 46+ countries around the globe. It manages retail customers in a way that guarantees that they will become repeat customers. It has the ability to track shoppers’ habits and anticipate their next purchases.


  • Online/ Offline POS
  • Omnichannel
  • Inventory visibility
  • Auto-detect operation modes
  • Multiple registration modes
  • Level based redemption points
  • Rewards management
  • Flexible card number management and allocation


  • Starts: $160/month

USP: iVend Loyalty has seamless integration with SAP Retail, SAP Business One, and SAP ECC.

15. Upserve


Upserve is a superb loyalty program that is power-packed with awesome features. It serves the restaurant industry the best. In this software, the customer’s credit card serves as your loyalty card. This is what makes it really unique, it not only lessens the customer’s expenditure but does the same for the restaurant. It’s credit card and cash back driven credits program is easy to implement, and easy for the customer to understand and keep track of.  


  • Online/offline
  • Cloud-based
  • Payment processing
  • POS
  • No Punch Card System
  • No hardware/ apps needed
  • Easy text joining for customers
  • Insights on marketing
  • Customer success manager available


  • On Demand

USP: This customer loyalty solution can help the customer connect multiple cards to it. Whenever a guest pays by any of these cards the loyalty points multiply.

You do not want to lose your customers just because your competitors have a better loyalty program than yours. There’s no question about it: you should get a loyalty software ASAP! And if you already have a loyalty software but it isn’t giving you the desired results, upgrade to any one of the highly recommended software listed above. Reward, engage and retain your customers with the right customer loyalty management software. Turn all your customers into repeat customers with a loyalty program software that fits the needs of your business!

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