17 Best Document Scanning Software For PC 2023

Paras Kela

Senior Writer

Document Scanning Software For PC

Key Takeaways:

  1. Document scanning software for PC offers automated solutions that significantly lower costs and save time by eliminating the need for physical document scanning and storage.
  2. Adopting document scanning software promotes a paperless office environment, reducing dependency on paper and benefiting the environment by conserving trees and reducing carbon footprint.
  3. The best PC document scanner software enables easy access to stored documents with simple search functions, making retrieval quick and efficient.

Gone are the days of physically scanning heaps of papers in the office and then having to forward them across to the concerned parties. Enter the era of automated document scanning software solutions that are helping tremendously in cutting down costs and boost time management and ROI of the business operations.

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In this blog, we bring you the 17 best document scanning software we found in the market to help you save time, money, and efforts while running your organization. But, before we get to the best document scanner software for PC, let’s learn some fundamentals around this subject.

What is Document Scanning Software?

Document scanning software is a user interface that allows computer users to convert text images into machine-readable text formats. This document recognition software eliminates the need for large image scanning devices. Instead, you can use this software to extract text, images, and other details from scanned files and convert them to an editable format of your choice.

Document scanner software for PC converts images into text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. OCR software utilizes pattern-matching algorithms to recognise characters, words, or images. These algorithms compare text images to an internal database.

protip image

When selecting document scanning software, prioritize features like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), batch scanning, and file format compatibility. Consider your volume of scanning and the software's ease of use. A free trial can help you gauge its performance. Don't forget to check user reviews and after-sales support. Make sure to prioritize data privacy and security.

What Are the Features of a Document Scanner for PC?

Understandably, all document scanning software has its own set of features and is designed to serve a specific purpose. However, several features or functions are common across all document scanner software for PC, as listed below:

  • Allows PDF creation from a smartphone camera, MS Office, HTML pages, spreadsheets, documents, and emails.
  • Batch processing, indexing, and image pre-processing
  • TWAIN and WIA compatibility.
  • Support PFD, JPEG, TIFF, and RAW file formats.
  • Supports various output formats, including PPT, PDF, and Word.
  • Automatic separation of image and text files.
  • Automatically recognizes whether a page is crooked or upside down.
  • Powered by powerful indexing algorithms that improve scan accuracy.
  • Allows multiple integrations with third-party apps such as OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • Supports multi-language recognition.

These are just some of the most common features of document scanning software. However, when you choose premium document recognition apps, you get more advanced features and functions.

What Are the Benefits of Document Scanner Software For Windows 10?

It is essential that you have a proper understanding of how doc scanner software for PC can benefit you before making a purchase. Some of the major benefits of the best document scanning software for Windows 10 are as follows:

1. Enhanced document storage

Physically storing a large number of data files is a time consuming and laborious task that takes up many working hours. Furthermore, extra space is required to store such a large amount of data, which must also be maintained.

However, with the help of doc scanner software for PC, you can eliminate all of these troubles. Cloud-based document scan software allows you to store as much data as you want on a cloud storage service, which requires no physical space or maintenance.

2. Easy access to information

Another advantage of doc scanner for PC is that by scanning and storing all documents digitally, you can easily access the required document as and when required. All you have to do is search for the file name or the keyword. However, this is certainly not possible in the case of physical storage. To access the necessary documents in physical data storage, you will have to move and check multiple files manually.

3. Environmentally friendly

Storing data in digital form using document scanning software is also an environmentally friendly practice because it eliminates the use of paper– making the operations paperless. Reduced reliance on paper also brings down your company’s carbon footprint and saves paper, trees, and the environment. And this is how, by going paperless in the office, you are indirectly helping the environment.

4. Long life span

Storing data digitally also allows you to extend its preservation time or lifespan. Understandably, physical data storage is not long-lasting or has a short lifespan because of various factors, such as the environment. In comparison, scanned or digital data has a long life of centuries and retains the same shape as the original. Additionally, electronic data can be easily and quickly backed up and restored.

5. Quick file sharing

The fifth advantage of document scanning storage is storing and sharing data with a single click. When it comes to physical data storage, sharing it with other teams and keeping track of it can be a challenging task.

The difficulties multiply further when you have to transfer files between cities. In contrast, document scanning software allows you to quickly scan and share it with the appropriate parties, as well as edit or sign it with a single tap.

Apart from these major advantages, doc scanner for PC also assists you in maintaining information flow, improving collaboration, and increasing cost efficiency.

How Do I Choose the Best PC Document Scanner Software?

The following are some critical factors to consider when selecting the best document scanner software for PC:

  • Built-in optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Multi-language support
  • Data capture and transfer
  • All types of document scanning (receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards)
  • Compatible with third-party apps
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Intelligent search
  • Multiple file-saving formats (PDF, JPEG)
  • Electronic signature
  • Cloud storage

These are some of the most fundamental functions and features that any document scanning software must provide.

Best Document Scanning Software for PC

So if buying Document Management Software is the next big thing on your mind then you should definitely choose one amongst the following 17 Best Document Scanning Software.

Software NamePricingFeatures
Acrobat Pro DC – $108 annually and $25 monthly (subscription-based)Create, compress, split, merge, convert, Edit, Share and Sign PDFs
Readiris PDF 17: $ 49All formats supported the scan of the document in – PNG, TXT, RTF, BMP, TIFF, ODT, ePub, GIF, JPEG, and HTML
Standard Version: $ 199 (perpetual license)Documents can be scheduled for automated scanning using the Hot Folder tool
Standard: $49.95OCR feature to scan all documents – document, film, film negative, slides, and flatbed
Premium: $ 4.99/month or $49.99/yearDocument sharing and syncing, Auto-enhancement of images
Standard Edition: $29.95/yearAuto fix of images, Add text to photos
Express: $1000/year/up to 5 usersData capture can detect data types – date, number, currency, etc
Home Edition: $ 79 (Single License)Single page scan format, File formats supported – JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, etc
On requestInteractive control panel to make sharing easy, Up to 25000 pages can be scanned per day
NAPS2 is free to download onlineAll File formats supported, Integrated with WIA and TWAIN
Subscription-based: $20 annuallyWorks with TWAIN-compatible printers, Document-sharing with shared networks
Workstation: $ 500Automated check to identify any documents missing from the batch before release
It prices near to $600 with no usage fees or limitationsThe tool offers multi-stream access to the latest hardware, Clear images
Starting from $595 for its basic premium features bundleOCR for PDF format, Barcode reader
on requestHigh-quality scanned images, OCR-enabled data capture
Charges $100 for every 1000 scansOCR-enabled character recognition, Can detect handwriting
Standard: $149.99 (one-time payment)Equipped with TWAIN, WIA, and even ISIS driver

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC logo

Adobe Acrobat DC

4.5 out of 5 stars

4 Reviews

With the Adobe document scanner for PC, users can view, print, edit, and comment on any pdf format, whether it is forms or multimedia. It has been integrated with the Adobe Document Cloud, which means that now you can avail of this functionality across any computer or mobile device. With the new Adobe Acrobat DC, you can collaborate with your team much better and work on a single document simultaneously.


  • Create, compress, split, merge, convert, Edit, Share and Sign PDFs
  • Sharing with multiple users, collaborate real-time
  • The signature collection made easy
  • Set security levels for individual users
  • Conform to PDF standards
  • Archiving and storage
  • Email Management
  • Workflow Management


Adobe document scanning software offers different pricing options for individuals and businesses.

  • For individuals:
    • Acrobat Pro DC – $108 annually and $25 monthly (subscription-based)
    • Acrobat Standard DC – $156 annually and $23 monthly (subscription-based)
  • For Enterprise:
    • Acrobat Pro DC – $450 (perpetual with $200 upgrade)
    • Acrobat Standard DC – $300 (perpetual with $140 upgrade)
  • One single tool for everything related to PDFs – create, share, edit, or sign
  • Can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, hence easy to collaborate with your team
  • Cloud-based sharing enabled
  • Easy to review over an email
  • Better tracking and control
  • Re-engineered for mobile phones, all features available
  • Signature collection easier
  • Application is too large which might sometimes hinder PC’s performance
  • Could do with better OCR proofreading features
  • Customizing the interface is too complicated
  • It doesn’t have an ePub format
  • Crashes and freezes a lot

2. Readiris

Readiris logo


5 out of 5 stars

1 Reviews

If you are looking for an easy-to-learn comprehensive document scanning software, Readiris should definitely be on your list. Readiris makes it easy to scan and convert your physical documents into a pdf format of your choice.

The tool has a friendly and intuitive GUI and can support all file types – Word, PowerPoint, indexed PDF, or Excel. All you need to do is to tell the tool which files to scan, and the system does the rest for you. Once it’s done scanning, you’ll automatically be prompted with edit options.


  • All formats supported the scan of the document in – PNG, TXT, RTF, BMP, TIFF, ODT, ePub, GIF, JPEG, and HTML
  • Option to compress the sizes of saved documents
  • Easily compatible with Windows (7,8, 10)


  • Readiris PDF 17: $ 49
  • Readiris Pro 17: $ 69
  • Readiris Corporate 17: $ 99
  • Easy to convert documents into editable PDF formats
  • Scanned text can be shared with multiple users for signs and reviews
  • Enhanced security with digital signatures
  • Possible to convert into audio file formats making them easy to listen to while at work
  • Recognition engine
  • Intuitive GUI
  • No keyboard shortcuts
  • Difficult to toggle between functions
  • Many options to align, insert clipboard, etc., are missing
  • Tiered pricing makes it impossible to work with its lowest-priced model

3. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader logo

ABBYY FineReader

One of the top choices for leading publishing houses across the globe, ABBYY FineReader, makes for one robust document scanning tool with its new edition – FineReader14.

Scanning and editing the documents is made easy courtesy of its power-packed tools. In addition, the compare feature of this document scanning software adds to the list of great features of this tool and allows users to keep track of the changes made by the user(s).


  • Documents can be scheduled for automated scanning using the Hot Folder tool
  • Accurate scanning and saving into formats of user’s choice
  • Formats like Excel, Word, etc. can be converted into PDF format


It has a trial version of 30 days during which you can check out all its features. 

  • Standard Version: $ 199 (perpetual license)
  • Corporate License: $ 299 (for small to medium businesses) (perpetual license)
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive GUI
  • OCR feature makes for a smooth search feature
  • Automatic indexing and classification of documents
  • Documents quickly scanned and converted into the desired format
  • Prohibitive pricing model
  • Absence of version control
  • Doesn’t have full-text indexing feature

4. VueScan

Built for the people and an entirely free-to-use tool, VueScan document scanning software outdid regular scanning software technology by reverse engineering over 6000 scanners to help people be ready to scan their documents whenever they want. It enabled people to retain their existing scanners and scan documents, films, photos, and even negatives on their computer OS – Windows, Linux, or iOS.

The tool offers the users a variety of customized scanning options to choose from and has a Professional and Standard suite option as per the type of document to be scanned.

vuescan dashboard


  • OCR feature to scan all documents – document, film, film negative, slides, and flatbed
  • Can scan pdf in a single and multi-page format
  • Automatic color recognition
  • Highly useful for documents of small sizes


VueScan comes in two editions,

  • Standard: $49.95
  • Professional Edition: $99.95
  • Better quality scanned images with the VueScan drivers
  • Capable of removing dust and scratches with the help of hardware
  • Color calibration and good image quality
  • One program supports all scanners
  • Settings take time to master
  • Unfriendly user interface
  • The watermark of the software remains on pages
  • Feels outdated

5. CamScanner

Who wouldn’t want to scan documents on the go? With CamScanner, you can do this and much more. The tool comes armed with many amazing features like a super-quick OCR, document sharing and syncing, and the ability to convert documents into JPG and PDF. 

It comes highly recommended for its portability. The document scanning software can auto-detect and scan the image on its own, and you can then choose from its variety of edit modes to get the final scan of the document.

cam scanner


  • Document sharing and syncing
  • Auto-enhancement of images
  • Cloud storage of scanned images
  • Wireless printing enabled
  • Fax functionality to more than 30 country codes


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $ 4.99/month or $49.99/year
  • Business: $ 6.99/month per user or $69.99/year
  • Highly portable
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • All necessary features
  • Scanned images can be combined
  • Background elements can be eliminated
  • Has too many in-app purchases
  • Files might take up too much space

6. ScanSpeeder

Imagine scanning with the click of a few buttons. Sounds easy, right? ScanSpeeder is loaded with some really exceptional features, like allowing multiple documents to be scanned together on a flatbed scanner, which is then stored as different images. 

Moreover, using this free document scanning software for windows, you can scan the slides and negatives, as well as can fix the tint in images. What’s more, you can even scan the comments on the back of photos, so they are never lost from memory.

scanspeeder dashboard


  • Intuitive GUI
  • Auto fix of images
  • Add text to photos
  • Scan comments on the back of the photo
  • Multiple-image scanning
  • Share scanned image to Facebook or via email
  • Automatic as well as manual adjustment possible


The ScanSpeeder document scanning software pricing options are as follows:

  • Standard Edition: $29.95/year
  • Pro-Edition: $39.95/year, also includes email + Facebook support
  • Capable of fixing glare and tint in images
  • Images can be manually adjusted
  • Separate images scanned together can be saved as different image files
  • Photos can be customized with text
  • Affordable
  • Best features at a price offered
  • Cannot scan negatives
  • The grayscale scan shows errors at times
  • Can’t find the edges of the photos precisely

7. FileHold

FileHold logo


5 out of 5 stars

3 Reviews

Organized and secure ways of electronic storage and archiving are what FileHold is all about. This document scanner for PC has superior document scanning as well as an efficient text capture feature. Users can search and control the scanned documents from anywhere.

It is ideal for large corporate organizations that have a continuous document workflow. Companies especially those that are hi-tech in fields like manufacturing, healthcare, and IT can benefit immensely from this doc scanner for PC.


  • Data capture can detect data types – date, number, currency, etc
  • Supports WIA and TWAIN
  • Form recognition
  • Scanned images can be shared with ERP and accounting platforms


It offers a free trial to check out all its features and it doesn’t publicly release its pricing as it is based on how many users will utilize the software. But here is a ballpark figure:

  • Express: $1000/year/up to 5 users
  • Enterprise: $18/month/user for more than 20 users
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Robust features
  • Color customization
  • Excellent in-house customer support
  • Brings regularly updated versions
  • No transparent pricing
  • Data storage controlled by third-party, hence vulnerable to high risks
  • Complicated demo videos

8. PaperScan Software

PaperScan Software logo

PaperScan Software

Another power-packed, easy-to-use document scanning software tool, PaperScan Software, comes equipped with interfaces like WIA and TWAIN. This essentially means that you can scan your images from legacy scanners, video-capture cards, and old digital cameras.

The auto-optimization of images is handy, and the Auto Deskew option helps automatically rotate pictures.


  • WIA and TWAIN interface integration
  • Single page scan format
  • File formats supported – JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, etc
  • Automatic image correction – color adjustment, image rotation, filters, etc
  • Duplex scanning
  • PDF encryption


  • Free Edition: $ 0 (Single License)
  • Home Edition: $ 79 (Single License)
  • Professional Edition: $ 149 (Single License)
  • Professional Edition: $ 599 (Site License)
  • Professional Edition: Quote on request (Volume License)
  • Free trial version
  • PDF encryption
  • Multi-lingual support – up to 30+ supported
  • Works across devices
  • OCR, PDF compression feature
  • No transparent pricing
  • Data storage controlled by third-party, hence vulnerable to high risks
  • Complicated demo videos

9. Alaris Capture Pro

Alaris Capture Pro logo

Alaris Capture Pro

Comes with a smart GUI and ability to auto-scale the image; that’s Alaris Capture Pro for you! The tool has some great features, like data capture, document indexing, and sophisticated scanning.

This document scanning software can very efficiently handle high volumes and can scan multiple documents simultaneously. It can also share information with Microsoft SharePoint and other ECM platforms.


  • Interactive control panel to make sharing easy 
  • Up to 25000 pages can be scanned per day 
  • Multiple document scanning possible at high-speed
  • Barcode reader
  • Intuitive document protection 
  • Integrated with WIA and TWAIN


  • Price: on request (30-day trial available)
  • Smart Touch Technology Price: on request
  • High volume scanning
  • High-quality images courtesy Perfect Page technology
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and other ECM platforms
  • Its basic version can hardly handle two-three feature functions
  • Doesn’t have a single document scanning option
  • One-touch, push-button scanning not available
  • Doesn’t have a basic image processing feature (rotate, crop, blank)

10. NAPS2

NAPS2 logo


Short for “not another PDF scanner 2”, this tool is a PDF scanner, in fact, but one that’s loaded with features. Simple-to-use and humble features are what this tool is all about. You can scan with a quick single click, or if you are happy with simple technology that’s easy to learn, then NAPS2 is made for you! The document scanning software enables custom ordering of pages and custom image-processing features.


  • One-click scan
  • All File formats supported 
  • Integrated with WIA and TWAIN
  • Auto-rotation of images
  • OCR tool supports over 1000 languages


NAPS2 is free to download online

  • Intuitive GUI
  • Simple and easy-to-understand functionality
  • Open source and free
  • No ads
  • Over 1000 languages supported with the OCR
  • It doesn’t have an image straightening feature
  • The interface is too simple for corporate companies
  • Only available in Windows
  • Program crashes occasionally

11. CloudScan

CloudScan logo


ScanWorks’ CloudScan is a great document scanning software to take the load off scanning multiple format documents and pictures. Its CloudScan can be easily used on one computer through a simple interface. You would need a shared scanner connected to your device to easily use ScanWorks’ CloudScan. It is perfect for printing documents from web pages.


  • Quick and straightforward scan technology
  • Works with TWAIN-compatible printers
  • Document-sharing with shared networks
  • Easy color configuration
  • One-click scan available
  • Redact scanned images


ScanWork’s CloudScan is a free tool but it also has premium versions:

  • Subscription-based: $20 annually
  • Site license: $990
  • Organizational license: $1990
  • User-friendly GUI
  • No set up is required
  • Can read any invoice layout
  • Easy settings
  • Features are too basic
  • Tough to find the settings tab
  • Too expensive and pricing tier not modeled right

12. SimpleIndex

SimpleIndex logo


As the name suggests, SimpleIndex is another simple document scanning software tool at your service. If you consider all aspects like the training cost, pricing, scanning time, and other essential ones, this tool ticks all the boxes.


  • Integrated with ISIS and TWAIN
  • OCR
  • Barcode reader
  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) 
  • Automated check to identify any documents missing from the batch before release
  • JPEG supported


It has a free trial before you decide to check out the price options.

  • Workstation: $ 500
  • Concurrent: $ 1,250
  • Simple tool to use
  • OMR to mark checkboxes
  • Electronic Imprinting
  • Highly functional and reliable
  • It May seem expensive to small businesses
  • Lacks mobile integration
  • Works only on Windows platform

13. Digitech PaperVision Capture

Digitech PaperVision Capture logo

Digitech PaperVision Capture

Easy scanning and even easier distribution to other sites and platforms, that’s Digitech PaperVision Capture! The tool can scan the document in one location, OCR in another, and index it in another one. 

Furthermore, this free document scanning software for windows can help improve productivity if used at an organizational level as it integrates seamlessly with existing applications.


  • No scanning limit
  • The tool offers multi-stream access to the latest hardware
  • Clear images
  • Barcode reader/OCR
  • Handwriting detection
  • ISIS and TWAIN drivers


PaperVision Capture has a free trial to check out all its features. It prices near to $600 with no usage fees or limitations.

  • Can support up to 300 scanners at a given point of time
  • Bulk scanning possible
  • Can even read data from handwritten documents
  • Only available for Windows platform

14. Kofax Express

Kofax Express logo

Kofax Express

Another simple-to-use, no-fuss document scanning software tool, Kofax express, is perfect for high volume scanning jobs and a distributed image capture. It is perfect scanning software for beginners and equally powerful for professionals.

The tool has all the features you need for your basic scanning options and offers myriad pricing options. It is bundled with VRS and feature-rich to process all editing capabilities.


  • Simple ‘point-n-click’ scan
  • OCR for PDF format
  • Barcode reader
  • PortScan processing
  • Document indexing
  • Digitize documents faster
  • 24×7 customer support


Kofax Express has prices starting from $595 for its basic premium features bundle.

  • Flexible and easy document separation
  • No-fuss scanning and easy batch scanning
  • Supports Cloud, SaaS, and Web platforms
  • Good-quality after-scan image correction
  • Easy recognition of any documents like checks, bank slips, etc.
  • The tool can be enhanced to include more features
  • The interface seems outdated and could use a fresh design
  • Bugs haven’t been fixed which are prevalent for years

15. enVision

enVision logo


Essential yet complete – enVision by InfoFort is an easy-to-use document scanning software tool that does the job of scanning and editing, all too well. It can be used for all industries, and documents of all types, this tool enables speedy recovery of stored documents and can be integrated with other platforms.


  • Made for all document types, be it newspaper, school notes, photos, scrapbooks, legal documents, or even maps
  • High-quality scanned images
  • OCR-enabled data capture
  • Supports all file formats
  • File-type conversion


InfoFort has pricing options for enVision based on your request.

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive GUI
  • Secure access to stored files
  • File encryption
  • Can scan practically any document on earth
  • Workflow Automation
  • Does not provide any live training
  • Support mostly all devices except Mac

16. CapturePoint

CapturePoint logo


An intuitive document scanning software that classifies documents on-the-go, CapturePoint can also group, sort, and route documents accordingly. It helps you completely automate your documenting process while providing a searchable and indexing content right on your computer screen.


  • OCR-enabled character recognition
  • Can detect handwriting
  • Auto-rotate feature
  • Robust indexing
  • Capable of reading all document types


CapturePoint document scanner for PC has a price per device subscription-based model which charges $100 for every 1000 scans. Free trial is also available for scanning 30-document pages.

  • Intelligent and intuitive Document indexing
  • High-quality scanned images
  • High-accuracy image indexing
  • Only supports Windows, Cloud, SaaS, and web platforms
  • Does not have document extraction
  • Too expensive for a simple interface

17. OmniPage Standard

Another popular document scanning choice, OmniPage Standard, is one of the most versatile document scanning software out there. Besides neat scanning, the tool allows users to draw or to scan the image to a folder. It also enables documents to be digitally signed.

With myriad export options (basically all types), users can send the scanned image to their Kindle device. Isn’t that great?



  • Equipped with TWAIN, WIA, and even ISIS driver
  • Emailing to Microsoft Outlook email account once done
  • Multi-lingual support, up to 120 languages supported to store the documents in
  • All file formats supported


Standard: $149.99 (one-time payment)

  • Highly-efficient OCR
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Can very seamlessly recreate complex docs
  • Supports table, image, cloud computing
  • 3D correction feature
  • Auto-detection of text alignment and language
  • Confusing and inconsistent interface

Document scanning software for PCs is indeed an important tool that helps individuals and businesses in multiple ways. However, when it comes to choosing the best one, you have to consider several factors listed in this blog. We also recommend that you prioritize one of the 17 best document-scanning software options outlined in this blog, as all of them are feature-rich and capable of meeting your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Adobe Acrobat DC, ABBYY FineReader, CamScanner, VueScan, ScanSpeeder, PaperScan software, and NAPS2 are the top free document scanning software for windows.

According to our research, the 10 best document scanning software are:

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. ABBYY
  3. Readiris
  4. CamScanner
  5. ScanSpeeder
  6. FileHolding
  7. PaperScanner Software
  8. NAPS2
  9. Alaris Capture Pro
  10. FineReader

To scan a document in Windows 10, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Launch the Start menu.
  • Step 2: Search for Windows Scan and select the top result to launch the app.
  • Step 3: Select the scanning device from the "Scanner" dropdown menu.
  • Step 4: Select the location of the document you want to scan from the "Source" dropdown menu.
  • Step 5: Next, choose the suitable option from the dropdown menus, such as file type, resolution, color mode, etc.
  • Step 6: Press the Scan button.
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