15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Capture Screenshot

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Best Screenshot Chrome Extensions

Key Takeaways:

  1. Chrome screenshot extensions enhance productivity by enabling easy capture, annotation, editing, and sharing directly from the browser.
  2. Effectively communicate and convey your message by using annotated screenshots. Highlight key sections and add text, arrows, and shapes with these powerful tools.
  3. Customize your screenshot-taking experience with user-friendly interfaces and various options. Modify settings like image format, quality, and hotkeys to suit your individual preferences.
  4. Top screenshot Chrome extensions include Awesome Screenshot, Movavi Screen Recorder, Fireshot, and Ninja Capture.

Let’s admit it: Chrome is one of the best browsers. It is fast, well-designed, and, most importantly, comes packed with great features. It also has a huge library of add-ons that can provide you with a vast array of functionalities.

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When it comes to enhancing your browsing experience, especially in the realm of visual communication, Chrome’s collection of screenshot extensions stands out. These powerful tools seamlessly integrate into your browser, offering a suite of features for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots without breaking a sweat.

To help you sort out the best, we have compiled a list of the top 16 awesome screenshot Chrome extensions that you can consider using. So, let’s dive in.

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Taking screenshots is essential for efficient documentation and communication. Chrome extensions for screenshots provide a beneficial answer to businesses. Streamlining the snapshot process increases productivity, facilitates cooperation, and guarantees accurate visual representation with features like annotations and simple sharing. Improve your workflow today!

Best Screenshot Chrome Extensions in 2024

Using a proper extension for taking screenshots on Chrome can substantially increase productivity and make the process simple and quick. Many screenshot extensions for Chrome are available, each with special attributes and features. We’ll look at some of the top Chrome screenshot extensions to help you select the right one for your requirements.

Workspace Premium-$8/user/monthVersatile screenshot capture, Advanced editing tools
Annual subscription for $42.95/user/yearCustomizable recording options, Task scheduler
Starts at $39.95. It is a one-time paymentFull page screenshots, Annotation tools
$14.99/userImage editing, Full-page scrolling
Connect with the vendor for pricingQuick and easy capture, Annotation tools
Pro-$5/month/userCapture screenshots, Annotation tools
Connect with the vendor for pricingScroll delay control, Multiple browser support
Connect with the vendor for pricingCapture screenshots, Instant sharing
Connect with the vendor for pricingCross-browser compatibility, Multiple output formats
It is freeMultiple file formats, Browser extension
It is freeCapture modes, Annotation tools
It is freeEntire screen screenshots, Capture delay
Connect with the provider for pricingFull page capture, Annotation and markups
Pro (Personal)-$23/seat per monthTask management, Page templates
Startup- $69/monthScreenshot annotation, Backlog management
Unlimited- $5/member/monthTask management, Two-way calendar sync

1. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension does justice to its name by offering robust functionalities.

Using the awesome screenshot chrome extension, you can easily capture screenshots, annotate them, and even blur them. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a screen recorder that allows you to record screencasts, which you can directly upload to your project management tools like Jira, Trello, and more. 

No wonder it is trusted by 2,000,000 users worldwide. It enables you to share screenshots with your friends, family, clients, and keep it for personal use. 

Besides, it is quite easy to use.


  • Versatile screenshot capture
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Annotation capabilities
  • Full-page scrolling capture
  • Customizable hotkeys


The awesome screenshot pricing for teams includes:

  • Workspace Lite- $0/user/month
  • Workspace Premium-$8/user/month
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing

How to Use Awesome Screenshot?

Click on Extensions and then “Screenshot Tool.”

How to use Awesome Screenshot Extension: Step 1

You’ll then see three options. 

Capture Selected Area: Use this if you want to take a screenshot of a specific area. 

Capture Visible Area: Use this if you want to take a screenshot of the entire page that is visible. 

Capture Full Page: Use this if you want to capture the entire page. 

How to use Awesome Screenshot Extension: Step 2

2. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is user-friendly screen recording software that allows you to capture any screen activity with a few steps. With this handy tool, you can also capture screenshots and edit them with ease.

Moreover, you get more features like scheduling recordings in advance, drawing on the screen, highlighting mouse clicks and cursor, and removing background noise from the microphone. It’s a great option for creating tutorials, demos, and presentations, recording lectures and webinars, and more. 


  • Customizable recording options
  • Task scheduler
  • Annotation tools
  • Built-in video trimmer
  • Customizable hotkeys


Movavi Screen Recorder pricing includes annual subscription for $42.95/user/year.

How to Use Movavi Screen Recorder?

How to Use Movavi Screen Recorder?

Click on the Movavi extension. You’ll see the following options. 

  • Current Tab: Click on this if you want to capture the visible area. 
  • Entire Screen: Click on this if you want to capture the entire page. 
  • Record Tab Sound: Click on this if you want to record the sound on the page.
  • Record Voice: Click on this if you want to record your voice along with the content on the page. 

Embed Webcam: Click on this if you want to record yourself and the screen at the same time.

3. Fireshot


Another best snipping tool chrome extension is Fireshot. 

Fireshot is among the best chrome screenshot extensions with a few additional features. For beginners, it includes a built-in image editor that you can use to edit your screenshots immediately after taking them. 

In fact, it is also easy to add some quick text annotations. 

What’s more, it allows you to capture screenshots of the web pages entirely or selected areas. You can also choose to take screenshots of only the visible part of a web page. You just need one click, and you can capture all open tabs. 

Furthermore, you can save the screenshots in various file formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.


  • Full page screenshots
  • Annotation tools
  • Delayed capture 
  • One-click sharing 
  • Scroll delay


The price of Fireshot starts at $39.95. It is a one-time payment.

How to Use Fireshot?

Click on the Fireshot extension. You’ll see the following options.

How to Use Fireshot?

  • Capture the entire page: Click on this if you want to capture the entire page. 
  • Capture the visible part: Click on this if you want to capture the visible area on the screen. 
  • Capture selection: Click on this if you want to capture a specific part of the page. 
  • Capture all tabs: Click on this if you want to capture all the pages of your browser and save them as an image or PDF.  

4. Ninja Capture

Ninja Capture

NinjaCapture is an awesome screenshot chrome extension. It is software that does it all for you in one place. With NinjaCapture Software, you can easily share your screen video when you want to, right from any device. You can capture screenshots of full web pages or just a section of a page.

You can opt from diverse Screencast alternatives- Visible page, Full page, Select area. Grab all with just one click or in the count of 3. Available on the Google chrome screenshot extension, screen capture is readily downloadable on any device.

Ninjacapture empowers to record audio with the ease of one snick and builds a good rapport with audiences.

Ninjacapture acknowledges web camera recording to add a personal touch with the target audience. Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video recording or resume with both.


  • Annotation tools
  • Image editing
  • Full-page scrolling 
  • Delayed capture
  • Screen recording 


The pricing of NinjaCapture is $14.99/user.

How to use Ninja Capture:

5. Screen Capture

Screen Capture chrome extension aims to improve the workflow of organizations by enabling them to instantly take screenshots and share them with colleagues.

Screen Capture chrome extension increases productivity by allowing users to record a video instead of just a screenshot. 

In fact, you can also add your voice comments using a mic while capturing the video with the screen capture chrome extension. 

Besides, the Screen Capture chrome extension is quite easy to use. You need to follow three simple steps: 

Step 1: Start an online video recorder

Step 2: Adjust your settings & capture the screen

Step 3: Save the result

By sharing your screen image file’s URL with the screen capture chrome extension, your colleagues can instantly view it from any device.


  • Quick and easy capture
  • Annotation tools
  • Instant sharing
  • Hotkey support 
  • Delayed capture


Please connect with the vendor for pricing.

6. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot is one of the sophisticated screenshot extensions in chrome.

Using Nimbus Capture, you can record and annotate videos, capture web pages, and easily edit and share them. It allows you to record videos of your entire browser tabs or desktop. 

Besides, taking screenshots in the mobile layout is easy as well. 

What sets it apart is that you can screenshot a page with a slight delay. And if you want, instead of the entire page, you can just capture the part of a web page. 

It aims to save your time from writing by allowing you to create visual media instead.


  • Capture screenshots
  • Annotation tools
  • Image editing
  • Instant sharing
  • Recording capabilities


Nimbu Capture has two pricing options for the annual plan:

  • Pro-$5/month/user
  • Team-$5/month/user

How to use Nimbus Screenshot:

7. Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture chrome extension is among the awesome screenshot chrome extensions.

It is simple and quite easy to use. With just one click, it allows you to capture the entire web page. 

Full Page Screen Capture chrome extension offers an advanced capture technology that enables you to screenshot complex pages that have inner scrollable elements and embedded iframes. In case of any issue, you can report it via the customer support flag. They try to fix the problems immediately. 

Furthermore, you can save your results in various file formats, including PNG, JPEG, or different PDF paper sizes.


  • Scroll delay control
  • Multiple browser support
  • Customizable capture options
  • Page segmentation
  • Full HD resolution


Please connect with the vendor for pricing.

How to use Full Page Screen Capture:

8. LightShot


LightShot chrome extension is among the awesome screenshot chrome extensions that offer a quick and easy way to capture the screen. It is very light and takes screenshots really fast. 

It allows you to select any area and take a screenshot with just two button clicks. Besides, its intuitive and simplified interface can’t be ignored. 

What’s more, you can easily share the screenshots via the internet by simply uploading your screenshot to the server. It generates a short link right away.

And with its built-in editor, you can edit them instantly while taking or later as you want.


  • Capture screenshots
  • Instant sharing
  • Social media integration
  • Multiple language support 
  • Color picker


Please connect with the vendor for pricing.

How to use LightShot:

9. One-Click Full Page Screenshot

One-Click Full Page Screenshot 

One-Click Full Page screenshot extension chrome allows you to take a screenshot of the entire website by merely pressing Alt+Shift+S. It offers you one of the fastest ways to capture a screenshot, saving you time.

This robust yet straightforward screenshot extension in chrome saves you a screenshot in png format. 

The best part is that the google chrome screenshot extension is open source, and there is no bloat or any fancy post-processing.


  • Cross-browser compatibility 
  • Multiple output formats
  • Browser scroll synchronization
  • Multi-monitor support 
  • Time delay capture


Please connect with the vendor for pricing.

10. Blipshot


Another popular Chrome screenshot extension is Blipshot.

Using Blipshot, you can easily capture a screenshot in just a click. The file is created, and you can then drag and drop it wherever you want. One interesting thing about it is that when you save the screenshot, it automatically notes the page name, date, and time as well. Thus, you can easily find the file in your system. 

What’s more, in the latest Chrome version, you will be able to screenshot Flash content as well. 

Note that when you install the extension, don’t forget to reload a page before trying to screenshot it.


  • Multiple file formats
  • Browser extension
  • Delayed capture
  • Scrollable screenshots 
  • Annotation tools


It is free.

How to use Blipshot:

11. qSnap

Most importantly, qSnap is a light-weighted screenshot chrome extension that enables you to capture single as well as multiple web pages. 

It is a browser-based, cross-platform screen capture chrome extension tool that consolidates multiple captures into a single document. Furthermore, you can enhance your image by adding in-line note boxes and callouts with its built-in annotation tools. You can easily circle, highlight, or crop the snapshot. 

It allows you to save your screenshots locally. You can also get access to their hosting service for storing your snapshots for free.

Besides, you can either capture the entire page or just the visible part as per your requirement.


  • Capture modes
  • Annotation tools
  • Delayed capture
  • Multiple output formats
  • Hotkey customization


It is free.

How to use qSnap:

12. Clipular


Clipular is a camera and collection tool that lets you view all your favorites in an organized way without cluttering your folder. 

Besides, you can easily share and group any snapshots in Chrome. When you capture anything on the web, it automatically captures the page title, texts, and source links. 

From a flash game screenshot to IM chat, strings of comments on Facebook or blog, map or Google street view, and Youtube screen capture, you can take a snapshot of all. 

Moreover, the Clipular team rolls updates every week. So if you want to stay updated, you need to use the latest version of Chrome.


  • Entire screen screenshots
  • Capture delay
  • Image compression
  • Annotated screenshots
  • Image recognition


It is free.

How to use Clipular:

13. Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback

Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback

Working in teams on various projects, professionals often face the inconvenience of annotating screen captures. The main problem of standard applications is the inability to select and comment on the critical area of the image.

Just install the Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback screenshot google extension in your browser to solve the problem. You do not need special knowledge and skills – it is straightforward working with this Plerdy tool.


  • Full page capture
  • Annotation and markups
  • Image editing
  • Visual feedback and comments
  • Capture modes


Please connect with the provider for pricing.

How to use Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback:

14. Scribe

Scribe is a well-designed google chrome screenshot extension that allows users to generate detailed guides and manuals automatically. The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is click the “Record” button and go through the process you want to record and share with your team or individuals.

The Scribe screenshot google extension tracks your clicks, cursor movements, and keystrokes and creates a guide based on them in real time.

This automated and seamless recording process will ultimately save valuable time and effort. You will no longer need to document each step of the process or upload screenshots.

Not to mention that the awesome screenshot chrome extension is completely free to use and provides unlimited access.


  • Task management 
  • Page templates
  • Annotation tools
  • Image editing
  • Workflow configuration 


Scribe offers four pricing options:

  • Basic- free 
  • Pro (Personal)-$23/seat per month
  • Pro (Team)-$12/seat per month
  • Enterprise-custom pricing

How to use Scribe:

Scribe Product Demo 

15. Usersnap


Usersnap screenshot chrome extension is meant for users and customers to give clear visual feedback to SaaS companies and e-commerce sites whereas other tools in this list can be multi-purpose.

It allows us not only screenshots but screen recordings and necessary metadata to see issues and feedback to solve them.

The key features of Usersnap are Agent Scheduling, Call Me Option, Persistent Chat, Real-Time Monitoring, Personal Greetings, and Automatic Chat Translation. It also enables the user to chat with customers and allows for actionable advice from users.


  • Screenshot annotation 
  • Backlog management
  • Customizable branding 
  • Customer segmentation
  • Data visualization


Usersnap offers four pricing options: 

  • Startup- $69/month
  • Company- $129/month
  • Premium- $249/month
  • Enterprise- custom pricing

16. ClickUp


ClickUp is the complete task management software with an extensive list of customizable and advanced features, which includes a screenshot chrome extension to help keep anyone more productive and organized.

Install the ClickUp Chrome extension to improve your workflow, save time, and bring five of the most used features in task management into one app.

Features of ClickUp include time tracking, collaboration, Gantt Charts, task scheduling, task planning, task tracking, progress tracking, and recurring tasks.


  • Task management
  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Recurring checklist reminder
  • Custom status
  • Real time tracking


ClickUp offers four pricing options:

  • Free forever
  • Unlimited- $5/member/month
  • Business- $12/member/month
  • Enterprise- custom pricing


The Chrome extensions mentioned above exemplify the best options available for capturing screenshots. These extensions provide reliable and intuitive solutions, whether you demand advanced editing skills, simplicity, or specialized features like full-page screenshots. 

By leveraging these powerful tools, users can easily capture and enhance screenshots, effectively conveying information and ideas in a visually engaging manner.

These are some of the best screenshot chrome extensions available in the market today. Tell us which screenshot extension for chrome you use or like. Comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Screen Capture Extensions are plugins that allow users to capture screenshots of the visible portion of a page, a specified region, or the entire page. You can install these extensions in your Chrome browser to change the browser's functionality and take the screenshot whenever needed.

Installing the Google Chrome screenshot extension is a simple four-step process.

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Find and choose the desired extension.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. Some extensions will notify you if they require specific permissions or data. To approve, click the Add extension button.

The best screen capture extension should allow you to capture the entire page or just a portion of it. It should also allow you to edit and share screenshots. Moreover, it should allow you to record the screen as well as edit the recorded video.

Awesome Screenshot, Fireshot, Ninja Capture, Nimbus Screenshot, Full Page Screen Capture, and Lightshot are just some of the best Google screenshot capture plugins. However, make sure you select the one that best matches your needs.

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