$1.1 trillion of cash and cash equivalents of US corporations is estimated to be tied up in inventory. To make things worse, 46% of SMBs do not have a proper inventory stock control system. That told, a good inventory control system can raise business profitability to great heights. An automated inventory control system unburdens the need to maintain manual records for monitoring stock levels and allied operations.

Here are the top 10 retail inventory control system that can give your business a good boost in profitability.

1. Fishbowl


Firstbowl is a ready to market Inventory control system that suits the requirements of small and mid­size business alike. Fishbowl’s stock management system facilitates efficient inventory tracking from various points of sales as well as warehouses. With Quickbooks integration Fishbowl takes inventory stock control and swift decision-making capabilities to a whole new level.

2. Contalog


Contalog is one of the best inventory control system present in the market today. Its impressive array of inventory control features include centralized inventory tracking, bin management, real-time notifications of stock levels, stock status across multiple sales channels, warehouse inventory control, salesforce integration and much more. Additionally, contalog also connects order management to sales management to customer management for comprehensive cross­-channel inventory control for small business and towering corporations alike.

3. Wasp Barcode

Wasp barcode

Wasp barcode contrary to its name it’s not just about barcode scanning and printing. It is also an effective inventory control system which offers an array of alerts for re-order levels, expiry nearing stocks and much more. Inventory can be tracked right down to the pallet location using inventory serial number, receipt date, site, location, etc. The inventory stock control system’s barcode usage helps establish uniformity across all channels of inventory management in terms of recording receipts, issuing and physical stock taking.

4. Netsuit


Netsuit is a globally noted inventory control system that provides real-time detailed reports of inventory levels ­ right from distributor down to owned warehouses. The warehouse inventory control system helps predict how much demand will arise in the future, how it can be supplied on a timely basis within cost constraints without any operational hassles. Netsuit also provides the benefit of automatic generation of purchase and work order along with effective price management and Automated inventory replenishment when stock levels fall below the safety levels.

5. Stitchlabs


Stitchlabs has established impressive market leadership in the inventory management industry with its centralized inventory tracking, barcode printing & scanning feature enabled stock control system. Their inventory stock control also provides timely low stock alert for each kind of inventory based on lead time and real time consumption rates. Furthermore, Stitchlabs’ inventory control and management system also assists in sales forecasting even with multiple warehousing facilities.

6. Brightpearl


Brightpearl is an ideal warehouse Inventory control system for multi-channel retailers who manage multiple warehouses and sales location including point of sales. The system also provides automatic order updates which prevents common pitfalls like repeat order processing, erroneous delivery, missing order fulfillment, etc. Brightpearl also helps track stock levels on a real time basis in addition to providing alerts for low stock levels. Historical sales reports and other custom reports can also be generated for insightful business information using Brightpearl.

7. Tradegecko


Tradegecko is used by business worldwide for its efficient inventory control and management that is based on Real­time stock visibility. The inventory levels are linked to real-time orders and sales transactions. The automated inventory management is a great facility for SMB ( Sales and orders) who need an automated inventory management for efficient handling of sales and purchase orders.

8. Veeqo


Veeqo provides anytime-anywhere inventory control facility. Business users can monitor inventory on a real time basis and also edit the stock levels according to peak periods and changes in product lines. The effective inventory control system ensures that there is no over selling or possibility of stock­out situations which are otherwise rampant in small scale businesses.

9. Unleashed


Unleashed is crafted exclusively for small business inventory control, although big businesses can also gain from its faculties as a high­end inventory monitoring system. It irons out the difficulty in real time inventory management process by providing visibility of all inventory management processes and transactions across all sales channels, multiple warehouse locations. Unleashed also predicts precise inventory requirements thus helping businesses make sound working capital decisions.

10. SalesBinder


SalesBinder is an online inventory management system that permits barcode scanning for efficient and warehouse inventory control procedures. The system also allows import and export of inventory data to and fro from the system The reports can be used for further analysis using commonly used spreadsheet programs. SalesBinder also provides prompt low stock level alerts via email notifications.

To wrap it up

Businesses of all sizes and shapes require an efficient inventory control system to strengthen working capital structure. Proper use of inventory improves profitability and helps reduce dead stock pile up instances. These above described top 10 inventory stock control systems go out of the way to implement stringent controls over inventory recording, management and usage.