10 Best iPad Restaurant POS System

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Best iPad Restaurant POS System

With new tech innovations rolling in every day, restaurants have many choices when it comes to software that promises to make your restaurant better. A mobile POS system is one of these innovations. They promote ease-of-use for both diners and servers.

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Maybe your hotel has been on the lookout for the perfect iPad restaurant POS system. Or you have a restaurant, bar, cafe, food truck or any other similar establishment, and are looking for a way to simply to make operations faster and smoother. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Narrowing down the choices might be a tedious task, so we’ve picked the best ones in the market right now.

Top 10 iPad POS systems for Restaurants

Here’s the low-down on the features and benefits of the best iPad POS systems for restaurants:

1. Square


Square is one of the best iPad restaurant POS systems in the market at present. Square’s simple and intuitive interface reduces the average time for each and every transaction. The contactless Square Stand allows your iPad to become a payment portal which customers can use to make contactless payments as well as payments with chip cards or NFC.

Here are some of the remarkable features of this restaurant POS iPad:

  • Employee management and Payroll functionalities
  • No extra hardware needed, simply turn your iPad into a POS
  • Highly customizable layout and modifiers
  • Get a plethora of reports, from revenue and employee sales to shift reports and labor costing
  • Turn alerts to track how long table has been seated
  • Automatically apply gratuity for large parties

2. Touchbistro


A hugely popular restaurant iPad restaurant POS system designed to deliver the best for restaurants of any and all sizes. Make table-side service more efficient and grow your business with its valuable insights. This POS app will be your go-to no matter what it is that needs to be done.

Some of its features are:

  • Customizable workflows, menu management, floor plan, payments
  • Split bills at the table-side
  • Flexible menu displays
  • Sales and accounting reports, inventory and staff management, all in one app
  • Partnered payments with PayPal, Square, Apple, and more
  • Cloud reporting and easy integrations with third-party apps

3. Lightspeed


It makes available all the features of the full-sized version of Lightspeed on a lightweight mobile platform. Get full mobility and portability on this interactive, intuitive iPad restaurant POS system equipped with secure payments. It is also available as a retail POS software. Take your business wherever you want it with Lightspeed HQ.

Take a look at some of its defining features:

  • End of day reports
  • Customer profiles to provide greater personalization of customer experiences
  • Flexible pricing, inventory management, and integrated payments
  • Multi-store capabilities that ensure uniformity and consistency across branches
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Integrated omnichannel payments with EMV compatibility
  • 24/7 phone and chat support, along with one on one sessions

4. Revel POS


This is an iPad restaurant POS system which is suitable for both quick and full-service restaurants, along with retail. Its powerful reporting tools will help improve your bottom line with real-time metrics and historical data analysis. Drive your business decisions on the road of profitability with the Revel System iPad based POS system for restaurants.

Here are some features which make it one of the best iPad based POS systems for restaurants that complement your hotel management software:

  • Hybrid architecture base with an offline mode which will keep it running even if the internet connection malfunctions
  • Ingredient-level inventory control: get real-time updates on inventory right at the ingredient level, so you’re never short on stock.
  • Accept and track every single order in real-time. Monitor drivers, get delivery time estimates on your iPad itself.
  • Easy to use reporting tools. Manage operations and employee scheduling from your iPad.
  • This iPad restaurant POS system features a Customer Display System for transparency and faster checkouts at quick-service chains

5. Lavu


Lavu’s restaurant POS iPad values mobility above all. The iPad based POS system for restaurants offers comprehensive reporting tools and solutions for full and quick service restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries, food trucks, etc. Improve customer experience with streamlined and simplified operations, courtesy of Lavu.

Check out some of its features:

  • Easy split checks: split even the most complicated checks in seconds
  • Total menu and layout customization
  • Quick selector: keep the most popular items and specials up front and center
  • Combo builder allows you to create combos from existing menu items and create deals/offers for the same
  • Dual cash drawer to maintain transparency and accountability
  • Customer Database / CRM function

6. ShopKeep

shopkeepA customizable and intuitive restaurant iPad restaurant POS system which provides an all-in-one reservation, inventory, staff, and marketing solution to restaurants.

Here are some of ShopKeep’s features:

  • Split, transfer or merge open checks
  • Employee management: hours worked, tips received, etc.
  • Check reports and sales data in real-time, without interruption
  • Complete access control of which employee can access which function
  • Specific sales and cost insights such as which of your products are earning the most and which ones should be scrapped

7. Breadcrumb


Upserve’s unique restaurant POS iPad, Breadcrumb, is easy to implement and deploy and has excellent support. The iPad restaurant POS system even has a training mode which allows your staff to get acquainted with the POS setup from day one.


This and many other neat functionalities make it a bestseller in the industry:

  • Servers can take orders instantaneously using the quick Menu Search function
  • Online orders flow right in through Upserve’s online ordering integration
  • Track every void, comp, and the discount is given by your server from the POS system
  • Monitor server performance by combining insights from your POS and the payments
  • Pre-authorized Tab feature for the bar

8. Loyverse POS


Loyverse is a better choice for smaller restaurants, coffee shops, salons, etc. Its minimal yet robust features are recommended for small businesses as the basic POS capabilities (including KDS and CDS) minus the advanced features are available for free.


Here’s what your smaller establishment can expect with Loyverse POS:

  • Essential tools for managing inventory, sales, analytics, and reporting are completely free
  • Multi-outlet management with cloud analytics capabilities
  • Real-time inventory alerts
  • Make things easier for your staff as well as your customers with KDS and CDS (Kitchen and Customer Display Systems respectively)
  • Run your customized loyalty programs and reward systems

9. Talech

iPad restaurant POS system

Powered with the cloud functionalities and popular since 2012, Talech is the solution to the need for a fully functional POS. Two features that make Talech the pick of the bunch among all the applications are its simple design and versatility. It is a POS system that emerges as the frontrunner for almost all kinds of operations that one associates with a feature-rich POS for a restaurant.

Have a look at some more of its features:

  • Highly compatible with IOS devices.
  • Talech has everything finely fit in its system starting from the order management to the arrangement of data for position and table or the floorplan.
  • Helps the user to manage KIOSK applications.
  • Have developed a relevant option for easy transactions without a digital signature.
  • The time to time backup of the app to the cloud server helps in the preservation of data for ages.

Thus, this application is a true all-rounder that meets all the expectations of a standard as well as advanced POS for restaurants of all sizes.

10. Cake

iPad restaurant POS system

Cake packs a bunch of features that may not be available with most POS that are commonplace in markets. For instance, its hardware integration is a useful feature that facilitates swift functionalities of various features during day-to-day use in guest management. It helps improve the customer dining experience by which it helps promote the revenue generation of restaurants.

Check out some of its excellent features:

  • Instant seating options to offer a fine dining experience for the customers.
  • Cloud-based operations
  • Smooth integration with other applications
  • Easy split checks and customization options.
  • Multiple offline functionalities to manage restaurant tasks without hassles.

Bottom Line

That’s the lowdown on some of the best iPad based restaurant POS systems available in the market at present. Most of the POS systems mentioned here are scalable and suitable for restaurants and eateries of all kinds. So, no matter what kind of establishment you’re running, you have a variety of options to choose the perfect iPad POS from!


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