10 Best Password Manager for Chrome


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Best Password Manager for Chrome

In all honesty, Chrome does provide a solution where you don’t have to really make a conscious effort into saving your password. Chrome by default asks you to save your password for you. And many a time, you have done so. It’s probably one of the most ignored factors of web-browsing and normally, whenever Chrome asks for saving the password, you might do it with you being aware of it.

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However, Chrome extensions, too, are rated and come in different feature sets. They had better be fulfilling these important aspects. Let us have a quick look at the 10 best password manager for chrome; the features and the pricing.

Best Password Manager for Chrome

1. LastPass


We are aware of how passwords are the easiest targetable asset of any person or employee in an organization. Data and banking information is all dependent upon how the passwords are hacked into. Productivity is impacted and in case you want to share them, it is a pain. Not to mention the poor protection habits that people have.

Considered to be the best password manager for chrome, Lastpass has the following features,


  • The best part is that employees get their own private vault for password storage
  • Keeping the corporate data safe, it allows convenient password sharing
  • Without disrupting employee workflow, logins are preserved
  • There are a centralized control point and dashboard to view employee actionable behavior from the admin dashboard
  • Adding and removing users is not a problem at all
  • No matter where you are, access can be obtained


Business packages

  • Teams: $4 for 5 – 50 users/month
  • Enterprise: $6 for 5 plus users
  • MFA: $3 for 5 plus users
  • Identity: $8 for 5 plus users

Personal packages

  • Free for 1 user
  • Premium $3 / month / 1 user
  • Families $4 / month for 6 users

2. Dashlane


One of the best parts of password saving mechanisms is that you can avoid filling in obnoxiously large online forms. You don’t have to undergo the cumbersome activity of having to fill in the same details all the time. Saving time along with protection is one of the finest parts of any password protector. Dashlane makes the top 10 best password manager for chrome for these reasons


  • Not only allows to generate passwords but also quickly save the information and data and auto-fills based on the information need
  • Secures important notes and documents
  • There is an active monitoring system in which breaches are alerted
  • Instant online protection to the data
  • Easily sync around multiple platforms
  • Easy sharing of important accounts


  • There is a FREE plan where up to 50 accounts can be stored but across only one device and password sharing up to 5 accounts
  • The PREMIUM plan consists of unlimited password storage and sync across multiple devices and password sharing too, is unlimited

3. Roboform


Roboform secures and stores all the information, passwords and logs in a single tab. Auto-filling for huge forms is also easily managed. For all good reasons, Roboform makes the best password manager for Chrome. As Roboform strongly believes, you’ll never need to remember your password again.


  • Since the passwords are secure, you are saved a whole lot of login process
  • Passwords can be easily captured while you are browsing or surfing online
  • Access can be taken from any time and anywhere
  • Passwords can be kept in sync across all accounts in all devices
  • There are desktop and mobile apps that allow accessing RoboForm data while you are offline
  • In a nutshell, Roboform is an essential password organizer.
  • A quick search for stored passwords.


  • 3-year subscription:
    ⇒ 1-10 users: $33.95/year/user
    ⇒ 11-25 users: $30.95/year/user
    ⇒ 26-100 users: $29.95/year/user
    ⇒ 101-1000 users: $25.95/year/user
  • 5-year subscription:
    ⇒ 1-10 user: $29.95/year/user
    ⇒ 11-25 users: $26.95/year/user
    ⇒ 26-100 users: $25.95/year/user
    ⇒ 101-1000 users: $22.95/year/user
  • 1-year subscription:
    ⇒ 1-10 users: $39.95/year/user
    ⇒ 11-25 users: $35.95/year/user
    ⇒ 26-100 users: $34.95/year/user
    ⇒ 101-1000 users: $29.95/year/user

4. Keepersecurity


Keeper is the best password manager for Chrome and a top-rated password protector for your business and family. Cyber-threats and cyber-bullying is a common thing these days and Keeper keeps your cyber life absolutely safe and secure.



  • Keeper ensures a propriety zero-knowledge security architecture that is audited and certified as per market standards
  • It is easy to use with a variety of interface and no upfront installation or equipment costing is needed
  • Role-based permission and admin privileges for ultimate flexibility
  • Business customer support is available 24*7 for your assistance


  • There are 5 Pricing plans: Enterprise, Business, Personal, Family, and Student
  • Business plan starts with $2.50 per user/month ($30 billed annually)
  • Enterprise plan is for $3.75 per user/month ($45 billed annually)

5. Stickypassword


Stickypassword does everything that you expect the best password manager for Chrome is expected to do. It allows you to log in securely and autofill forms in no time and you can use your password wherever you go.



  • Remembers all your passwords, logins
  • Auto-fills forms and logs you in, directly
  • Generates strong passwords whenever required
  • Keeps your credit card information safe and ready for checkout
  • Provides security for private notes and text data
  • Lets you share your passwords and logins securely
  • Syncs encrypted data across all devices
  • Provides support in 16 browsers
  • Works even on USB and memory cards


  • There are a free package and a premium package that charges for $29.99 for 1 year. You can also get one for a lifetime with $199.99

6. Abine


Abine also gets to the list of the best password manager for Chrome with efficient and fast tools like DeleteMe and Blur. These tools ensure that you remain anonymous and who gets your information and who doesn’t.



  • You can really create genuine strong passwords
  • You can mask your email and the content
  • You can mask even your credit cards and information related to it
  • Syncs securely across all your devices
  • Blocks hidden trackers, data-collection and blocks ads
  • Auto-fills tiresome forms in a jiffy


  • You can upgrade to premium with $39 yearly, $14.99 monthly unlimited and $99 yearly unlimited

7. Bitwarden


You can solve your password management problem as a team, for individuals and organizations with the help of Bitwarden. For its best features, Bitwarden can be considered as the best password manager for Chrome.



  • Sync all your data across multiple platforms
  • Secure data and password storage
  • Sync data across multiple devices too
  • Auto-fills online forms easily
  • Can access Bitwarden wallet from anywhere


  • There are personal plans that are free and the upgraded at $10/year
  • For Families, the price is $1/month for 5 users
  • For Teams, the price is $5/ month for 5 users and an addition of $2 users/month
  • Enterprise consists of $3 user/month

8. Myki


Myki keeps all your data safe and secure and securely stores your data across all platforms and devices. There are some really big names that have collaborated with Myki for their data security.



  • Gives cloudless storage for passwords and essential data
  • Login access across all devices
  • You can use fingerprint or faceID for password
  • Auto-fill 2FA tokens provide security
  • Grant login from different devices


  • There is a yearly plan of $3.99 /user/month paid yearly for minimum 5 users
  • Monthly plan for $4.99 /user/month paid monthly for a minimum 5 users

9. Keepassxc


One of the best things for computers is storing information and data; especially passwords. KeePassXC stores your password and keeps them synced across all devices and on websites and applications.



  • Based on the AES-256 Encryption protocol, your entire data, information, card, passwords are all safe and secure
  • It works across platforms and on multiple systems
  • Under the General Public License, source code is published as open-source
  • CSV import from other managers
  • SSH Agent integration
  • There is a password strength meter
  • Has a database merge facility
  • Reloads automatically when the database is changed externally


  • Since its open-source, it can be downloaded from the site. There is no clarity regarding their pricing.

10. Remembear


The easiest way to remember and autosave all your passwords is with Remembear. With a friendly app and your passwords saved in a secure environment, you can rest assured that your online work is safe.



  • Has an easy, friendly and approachable design
  • Less login time due to easy password recovering
  • The same way you can have quick checkouts
  • Don’t worry about forgetting passwords
  • Stores sensitive notes and data
  • You can access your data from anywhere
  • Apps for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Browser extensions for Firefox and Safari apart from Chrome
  • Support for face and fingerprint ID


  • There is a free package for one device
  • There is a premium package for $3/ month with priority customer service 

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