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Optimize Your PPC Ad Spend with the Right Tools

PPC Management ad campaigns typically have a lot of moving parts that require frequent tweaking in order to maximize ROI (return on investment). Managing your campaigns manually is a mind-numbing task that could easily turn into a full-time job, and requires a thorough understanding of each ad platform you’re advertising on.

While it’s possible to run paid ad campaigns without the help of a good PPC management tool, going it alone will make it difficult to gain the edge needed to maximize your ROI. If you’re concerned with wringing maximum value from your paid advertising spend, you owe it to yourself to consider how the right PPC management tool(s) could help improve your bottom line.

Here (in no particular order) is a rundown of some of the most popular free and paid tools available. If you have questions or concerns about PPC management tools, visit to book a free consultation.

1. Google Adwords Editor (Free)

This desktop application is the perfect bulk editing and optimization tool for larger AdWords campaigns. Effortlessly copy, paste, and drag keywords, ads, and complete campaigns as needed. Import and export campaign data to an Excel file for sharing with your AdWords account team.

The Adwords Editor Version 12, released in the summer of 2017, features Google’s “Maximize Conversions” technology that automatically sets the ideal bid for ad auctions based on your ad budget.

2. Bing Ads Editor (Free)

Available for both Mac and Windows, this tool features bulk editing of your Bing ad campaigns. If you’re also running AdWords campaigns, you can easily import your Google data directly into the Bing Ads Editor. Access Bing’s Keyword Planner to uncover and evaluate new keywords for more efficient ad bidding.

3. Google AdWords Performance Grader (Free)

A high-value freebie courtesy of WordStream, the AdWords Performance Grader gives you an excellent evaluation of your AdWords account performance in about 60 seconds. Based on a comprehensive algorithm that considers over 60 performance factors, the Performance Grader provides an overall grade as well as a separate grade in each of 10 important areas of PPC management.

Get a quick and actionable report on your ad’s performance as measured by Landing Page Optimization, Wasted Spend, Quality Score, Ad Text Optimization, Impression Share, Account Activity, Click-through Rate, Long-tail Keyword Optimization, Mobile Advertising, and adherence to PPC Best Practices.

4. WordStream Advisor (Paid after a 7-day free trial period)

This robust tool is perfect for managing your AdWords, Bing, and Facebook ad campaigns. Specifically, you can manage bids, research new keywords as well as negative keywords, track calls and conversions, build optimized landing pages, and more.

Pricing is based on the size of your ad budget, with plans starting at around AUD$384 per month. A minimum 6-month commitment is required.

5. Google Analytics (Free, with a paid Premium option for big budget marketers)

Google Analytics is the workhorse of the PPC industry, and provides a one-stop source for just about everything needed to track the performance of your PPC campaigns. Dig deep into the makeup of your visitors and how they interact with your offers. Learn how visitors are arriving at your site, what products are being viewed, and which channels are driving conversions.

6. PPC BidMax (Paid after a 30-day free trial period)

Easily manage your Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo ad accounts from one easy to navigate platform. Create and import campaigns between all of your ad platforms, automate campaign and keyword bidding, hit your target position and reduce your cost per click, and create customized branded reports. Effortlessly add, edit, activate, and pause ad campaigns with a single click. Plans start at about AUD$60 per month for up to 500 keywords.

7. AdNabu (Paid after a 14-day free trial period)

AdNabu is the best PPC marketing software known for its auto-pause campaign feature. To ensure you save time and earn more profit, it offers powerful optimizations for Google AdWords accounts. If you are running the search, shopping, or display campaigns in Google Ads, AdNabu can help you increase sales.

With AdNabu, you can leverage the benefits of several features like Campaign Creation, Bid Optimization,Search Term Analysis, Ad Creation, Automated Reports, Audit Reports, and Auto-Pause Campaigns. Its robust algorithm enables you to monitor your account, gauge the mistakes, and find ways to improve performance.

8. Optmyzr (Paid after a 14-day free trial period)

  • Optmyzr is a complete PPC experts’ toolkit that helps you manage PPC campaigns more effectively. It offers various enterprise-grade search marketing tools, scripts, and workflows at a cost-effective price. You can build automatically right from your inventory and receive alerts and suggestions based on you goals. Moreover, its latest machine learning techniques instantly optimize your campaign. Optmyzr’s artificial intelligence works for accounts in any language, and it also provides reports in all languages. You can avail a free trial for 14 days and optimize your Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Shopping Ads.

9. PPC Samurai (Paid after a 45-day free trial period)

  • Built with next-generation flowchart technology, PPC Samurai quickly converts your methodology into practical tools and processes without any coding. All you require doing is define the method you want to automate with its visual flowchart, and it will automate your campaigns in just minutes. It allows you to automate your AdWords account with its easy-to-use software. If you are the one using AdWords scripts, PPC Samurai is the ultimate solution for you. You can also benefit from some of its other features like Ad Testing, Automated Reports, and Search Term Analysis.
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