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BigSun Media ERP Software Review

Running an advertising agency is anything but easy. It involves a complex web of interconnected operations, where a failure in one activity can disrupt the entire workflow– impacting the end results. This not only tarnishes the agency’s image but also significantly impacts the brand value of its clients– ultimately affecting their business and revenue.

This is precisely why advertising agencies and media companies need smart technology solutions to better manage every aspect of their operations, from budget allocation and campaign planning to performance monitoring and client and vendor relationship management.

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Fortunately, there’s a holistic ERP solution that addresses all these needs, known as BigSun Media ERP.

In this in-depth software review blog, we will thoroughly examine this solution, shedding light on the key features that make BigSun Media ERP a standout solution within its category.

Our review will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to BigSun Media ERP
  • Key Features of the BigSun ERP Solution
  • How BigSun Media ERP Benefits Ad Agencies?
  • Our Closing Thoughts

Let’s get started!

BigSun Media ERP: An Overview

BigSun Media ERP is a next-gen software tailored to meet the diverse needs of advertising agencies worldwide. This all-in-one media management solution covers a wide range of platforms, from Print and Radio to Digital, Outdoor, PR, and Magazine.

The ultimate goal of BigSun Media ERP is to centralize control, boost accountability, and enhance transparency– making daily agency operations smoother. It has proven itself as a trusted partner for renowned brands in the industry, serving as the backbone of their media operations for over a decade.

BigSun Media ERP: An Overview

With the assistance of this versatile system, ad agencies can efficiently manage all crucial aspects of agency management, such as handling leads, nurturing customer relationships, capturing client requirements, planning campaign execution, generating purchase orders, monitoring performance, and seamlessly managing invoices.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with accounting systems and offers comprehensive reporting.

To encapsulate, BigSun Media ERP simplifies complex agency workflows, ensuring precision, fostering growth, and meeting all client needs effectively and efficiently.

BigSun Media ERP: Key Features & Functionalities

As mentioned above, the BigSun Media ERP solution is packed with a rich set of features and functionalities designed to streamline and fine-tune the daily operations of advertising agencies. Let’s take a closer look at some of its most promising features.

1. Client Brief Management

The first BigSun Media ERP feature that immediately caught our attention was its ability to seamlessly capture client briefs. With the help of this feature, media agencies effortlessly gather client briefs from various sources with a simple click.

All these briefs are stored centrally and accessible to every team member. Moreover, it empowers agencies to develop comprehensive campaign plans, complete with budgets, timelines, and resource allocation, all within the ERP system.

Client Brief Management

This streamlined approach saves valuable time, reduces errors, and fosters improved communication– ultimately leading to better outcomes for the agency as well as its clients.

For example, a client provides a brief for a digital marketing campaign. As a media agency, you can not only capture this brief but also create a detailed plan within the ERP system. This plan includes a well-defined budget, ad placements, and a campaign timeline.

By doing so, the ad agency ensures that everyone on the team works with a unified vision on the same page– ensuring that the campaign aligns with the client’s goals.

2. Automated Invoice Handling

The next remarkable feature of BigSun ERP that stands out during our review is its ingenious automated bill inwarding process, which streamlines invoicing for media agencies.

This feature eliminates the tedious manual processing of vendor invoices and the risk of errors when matching vendor invoices with client orders. Moreover, with the help of this feature, media agencies can simply receive a vendor invoice and, with a click, generate a precise client invoice, enhancing accuracy.

Automated Invoice Handling

Eventually, this feature not only lightens the administrative load but also leads to faster and more accurate invoicing, greatly enhancing client satisfaction.

Some of the key advantages of this feature include:

  • Eliminates manual invoice processing.
  • Streamlined and precise vendor invoice matching.
  • Improved client satisfaction with prompt invoices.
  • Automatic matching of vendor invoices with client orders.

Let’s take an example to understand this feature better. 

Consider a scenario in which your media agency receives a vendor invoice for a radio ad campaign. In this situation, you can leverage this feature to automate the process, effortlessly matching the invoice with the corresponding client order, applying necessary markups, and swiftly generating an accurate client invoice.

This streamlined approach not only accelerates the invoicing procedure but also contributes to heightened client satisfaction.

3. Centralized Budget Management

The next standout feature of BigSun ERP that greatly impressed us is its robust budgetary control system. As we know, media agencies often grapple with the complexities of budget management, especially when they run campaigns on multiple platforms such as TV, radio, print, and digital.

Centralized Budget Management

Fortunately, this feature simplifies the process by centralizing budget creation and management, offering real-time spending tracking, and issuing alerts for potential budget overages. This proactive approach empowers agencies to make informed decisions, prevent overspending, and optimize their media spending.

For instance, imagine a media agency with a budget of $2 million for a multi-channel campaign. However, they are uncertain about the most effective way to allocate this budget across different channels. In such a scenario, this feature can come to the rescue. It enables them to create individual budgets for each medium and monitor spending in real time.

4. Real-time Spending Insights

The BigSun Media ERP team has also taken care of the performance aspect very efficiently with an auto-monitoring feature. This meticulously designed feature simplifies the tracking of spending across various channels, such as digital, TV, and print.

With the help of this feature, media agencies, regardless of their size, can easily monitor their spending in real-time. This will allow them to detect and resolve potential issues at an early stage, make data-driven decisions, and ensure that their budgets are used appropriately.

Real-time Spending Insights

Key benefits of this feature include:

  • Real-time insights into spending patterns.
  • Identification of potential issues early on.
  • Enhanced efficiency and optimal budget usage.

In a nutshell, this feature of BigSun Media ERP not only reduces the risk of financial losses but also ensures that their budgets are being used efficiently.

5. Simplified Billing Process

Another invaluable feature within BigSun Media ERP is the unbilled report.

Designed to simplify billing processes for media agencies, this comprehensive report provides an overview of all pending invoices, including client information, campaign details, medium, and spending. This consolidated view enhances billing accuracy, increases efficiency, and reduces the risk of financial loss by identifying potential billing issues early on.

Simplified Billing Process

For instance, you are a media agency that simultaneously manages multiple advertising campaigns for various clients. In this scenario, there is a high possibility of missing out on invoices.

However, with the help of the unbilled report, you can efficiently consolidate all pending invoices, ensuring accurate and timely billing across multiple projects– ultimately streamlining their financial operations.

6. Automated Commission Calculations

The 6th impressive feature within BigSun ERP is the auto-commission calculation. This feature simplifies the often complex and time-consuming task of commission calculation for media agencies, particularly those managing multiple media channels, vendors, and client agreements.

Additionally, the BigSun Media ERP system also automates the entire commission calculation process, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Some of the major benefits of this feature include:

  • Increased accuracy in commission calculations.
  • Enhanced efficiency by automating the process.
  • Compliance with client agreements and terms.

To better understand the effectiveness of this feature, let’s take an example.

Automated Commission Calculations

Imagine you are a media agency responsible for managing advertising campaigns for different clients, each with unique commission structures. With this feature, you can automatically calculate commissions based on selected media channels, vendors, and client agreements.

This not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of costly errors. It ensures that all commission calculations align with client agreements, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.

What Advantages Does BigSun Media ERP Bring to Advertising Agencies?

BigSun Media ERP is a transformative tool for advertising firms, offering a range of benefits that enhance their efficiency and profitability.

To begin, it offers real-time performance monitoring, enabling media agencies to stay at the forefront by tracking campaign engagement and ad performance across various platforms. Moreover, its seamless integration with BARC and social media platforms provides agencies with data-driven insights, enabling swift adjustments and informed decision-making.

What Advantages Does BigSun Media ERP Bring to Advertising Agencies?

Furthermore, this software also expedites the client and vendor invoicing process, resulting in elevated client satisfaction and improved cash flow. Moving forward, the well-designed budgetary controls offer agencies a comprehensive view of spending trends, ultimately helping them in effective resource allocation and campaign optimization.

In a nutshell, BigSun Media ERP serves as a strategic ally, empowering advertising firms to unlock their full potential and consistently deliver outstanding results.

Our Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, BigSun Media ERP is undeniably a futuristic ERP solution for advertising agencies worldwide. It simplifies complex tasks like capturing client briefs, managing budgets, handling invoices, and calculating commissions. This level of simplification can make the daily work of an agency more efficient and precise.

Additionally, the centralized control and real-time monitoring features are like a guiding hand, helping agencies manage their operations with greater ease and accuracy. Moreover, the auto-commission calculation tool saves significant time and ensures financial transactions are error-free.

However, there is room for improvement in the user interface’s design. It’s functional but could be made more user-friendly. Despite this minor gap, BigSun Media ERP remains an excellent solution that has the potential to revolutionize how media agencies function today.

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