BigSun NBFC ERP Software Review

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BigSun NBFC ERP Software Review

Navigating the complex operations of a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) can be quite challenging. Some of the main difficulties that most of the NBFCs face include doing tasks manually, having information scattered in different places, and the strict requirements to abide by rules and regulations.

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To overcome these challenges and make it easier to handle the money and assets they manage, NBFCs need smart, modern, and reliable technology solutions. Among these options, BigSun NBFC ERP stands out as a leading ERP solution for NBFCs.

In this detailed software review blog, we dive into the world of BigSun NBFC ERP, covering the topics outlined below. Our goal is to shed light on its key features and functions, showing how crucial it is for modern NBFCs.

  • Introduction to BigSun NBFC ERP
  • Key Features of the BigSun NBFC Solution
  • How BigSun NBFC ERP Benefits Finance Companies?
  • Our Closing Thoughts

Let’s get started!

BigSun NBFC ERP: An All-Encompassing Overview

BigSun NBFC ERP is a very well-engineered software solution that strategically addresses the core challenges faced by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

BigSun NBFC ERP: An All-Encompassing Overview

It is designed to assist NBFCs in streamlining processes, eliminating data bottlenecks, and ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements. In doing so, this software equips growing NBFCs with the essential tools and insights necessary for making informed business decisions.

One of the defining features of BigSun NBFC ERP is its robustness and reliability. The solution is capable of managing the complete spectrum of NBFC operations– from loan origination to accounting and compliance.

Also, over the past decade, this software has earned quite a reputation as a trusted partner, playing a critical role in fostering growth for some of the most respected companies in the NBFC industry.

Key Features of the BigSun NBFC Solution

What sets BigSun NBFC ERP apart from other NBFC ERP solutions is its excellently designed features, making it the top software in this category. Let’s delve deeper and take a closer look at some of its exceptional features in detail.

1. Seamless Integration

The standout feature that immediately caught our attention while exploring BigSun NBFC ERP is its effortless integration. This comprehensive software wipes out the common problems of scattered information and disconnected systems that often trouble Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

Seamless Integration

With BigSun, all the departments can effortlessly share information, which will eventually empower businesses with:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Through automation, the software streamlines workflows, eliminating manual tasks.
  • Error reduction: Automation minimizes mistakes, enhancing customer satisfaction and lowering costs.
  • Informed decision-making: By consolidating data from various areas, BigSun NBFC ERP provides a holistic view of your business, guiding strategic decisions.

For instance, integrating customer data from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with the loan management system creates unified customer profiles, enabling data-driven, personalized financial product offerings.

2. Automated Disbursements

Another standout feature of BigSun NBFC ERP is its ability to automate loan disbursements and payment collections. This means it can work seamlessly with banking systems to simplify payment instructions, making the whole process more efficient and accurate.

Automated Disbursements

Ultimately, this automation process speeds up the time it takes to disburse loans and collect payments, resulting in improved overall efficiency. Moreover, it reduces the chances of errors, which leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Let’s take an example to understand it better.

Imagine you run a finance company, and a customer’s loan receives approval. In this scenario, the BigSun ERP system will automatically initiate disbursement requests. Likewise, when a customer submits a payment, the bank automatically notifies the ERP suite. Subsequently, the system updates the customer’s loan account and generates receipts.

This streamlined and automated approach not only speeds up operations but also guarantees accuracy and timeliness– benefiting both the company and its customers.

3. Auto-Reconciliation

One more remarkable feature we encountered is the auto-reconciliation. This clever tool effectively cross-checks data from different areas, like general ledger account balances, loan management system account balances, and transaction details. This will eventually help identify discrepancies and generate in-depth reports for error pinpointing and correction.


Let’s put it in simpler terms. Imagine you have two sets of financial records, one from your general ledger and another from your loan management system, and they don’t quite match up. The auto-reconciliation feature will highlight these differences so you can fix them right away.

In a nutshell, by automating this reconciliation process, BigSun NBFC ERP helps you manage your finances better, ensuring that all your financial data lines up correctly. This not only keeps everything in order but also makes sure your data is accurate and compliant with regulations and reduces the chances of costly mistakes or fines.

4. Automated LOS Processing

Moving on to the next remarkable feature of BigSun NBFC ERP, we have the automated Loan Origination System (LOS) processing feature. What this means is that the software can handle the entire process of originating loans, which includes managing applications, handling documents, assessing creditworthiness, and granting approvals.

Automated LOS Processing

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. BigSun NBFC ERP uses workflow automation, which is like having a set of well-organized and automated steps for the loan origination process. This ensures tasks are completed efficiently and on time, offering several advantages, including smoother operations, heightened efficiency, and increased productivity.

This automation also translates to a better experience for loan applicants. They get a quicker and more efficient process for applying for loans. The good news for NBFCs is that this streamlined approach allows them to process more loans in less time, leading to higher loan volumes and increased revenue. To encapsulate, it’s a win-win for both the company and its customers.

5. Automated LMS Operations

The fifth feature of BigSun NBFC ERP that we found promising is– Automated Loan Management System (LMS) Operations. This feature significantly enhances loan management efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in a more seamless experience for both your business and your customers.

Automated LMS Operations

This feature encompasses several essential aspects, such as:

  • Credit Assessment: The system employs advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate the creditworthiness of loan applicants, ensuring more accurate lending decisions.
  • Statement of Account (SOA) Generation: Automated LMS operations can instantly create detailed SOAs for borrowers, offering a comprehensive view of their loan accounts, including balances, interest payments, and repayment schedules.
  • Customer Communication: Various types of customer communications, such as approval letters, disbursement notifications, and repayment reminders, are automatically generated and delivered to borrowers through email or SMS.

Imagine a scenario where a loan applicant applies for a personal loan. With automated LMS operations, the system uses machine learning to quickly assess the applicant’s creditworthiness, granting or denying the loan within minutes.

Once approved, the system generates an approval letter and sends it to the customer via email. Throughout the loan term, the system regularly sends statements of account and payment reminders, ensuring that the customer stays well-informed and satisfied.

6. Advanced Analytics

BigSun NBFC ERP doesn’t just manage data; it also offers a bunch of reports to help you track how things are going and make smart business choices. These reports encompass essential information like loan portfolio summaries, customer demographics, financial performance snapshots, and compliance assessments.

Advanced Analytics

By providing in-depth analysis and actionable insights, it becomes an invaluable tool for enhancing business performance. These insights can be used to identify profitable customer segments, develop new products and services, enhance risk management practices, and ensure seamless compliance with regulations.

In summary, this feature equips NBFCs with the power of data-driven decision-making, propelling their growth and success.

7. Third-Party Integrations

Last but not least, the ability to seamlessly integrate with banking systems and third-party APIs like CIBIL (for credit score verification) and KARZA (for GST verification) has proven to be a valuable asset in the BigSun NBFC ERP.

Third-Party Integrations

This feature brings several benefits for NBFCs:

  • Expedited underwriting: Automating the retrieval of credit score and GST data significantly speeds up the underwriting process.
  • Reduced errors: Automation minimizes the risk of human errors, ensuring that the data used for underwriting is accurate and up-to-date.

Imagine a potential borrower applies for a loan, and you need to assess their creditworthiness. Thanks to the integration of CIBIL and KARZA APIs, you can swiftly retrieve their credit score and GST data. This enables you to make a well-informed lending decision within minutes.

By cutting down on manual data entry and the potential for errors, this integration accelerates the underwriting process and guarantees the accuracy of your credit decisions. This, in turn, lowers the risk of bad loans and boosts customer satisfaction.

What Makes BigSun The Best NBFC ERP: Benefits for NBFCs

Based on the information and features outlined above, it’s clear that BigSun NBFC ERP is a robust and impactful solution. It not only enables NBFCs to streamline their operations but also significantly cuts down the time and effort needed to perform these tasks.

Let’s now explore the three key ways in which this solution brings substantial benefits to finance companies:

  1. Streamlined operations: BigSun NBFC ERP is a powerful tool for finance companies. It brings together various parts of your business, making sure they work seamlessly together. This saves time and effort by taking care of many manual tasks. It makes sure that every part of your business runs smoothly, from managing potential customers to giving out loans and collecting payments. This reduces mistakes and makes customers happier.
  2. Accurate finances: BigSun NBFC ERP also ensures your financial records are accurate. It does this by checking and matching the information from different parts of your business, like your main financial records and the details of loans and accounts. This accuracy is vital for finance companies because it helps you follow the rules and avoid fines.
  3. Happy customers: This software helps you take care of your customers. It quickly decides if someone can get a loan or not. It also instantly gives customers details about their loans, like how much they owe and when they need to pay. Plus, it sends out messages about loan approvals, money being paid out, and reminders for payments. This makes your customers happy and well-informed throughout their loan journey.

Our Closing Thoughts

After thoroughly examining BigSun NBFC ERP, it’s clear that this software is more than just a powerful tool; it’s a game-changer solution for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Its well-designed features simplify tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce mistakes in a sector known for its complexities.

Furthermore, the integrated system links different departments, ensuring smooth data flow. This not only saves time but also significantly boosts overall productivity. Also, BigSun NBFC ERP’s automation of disbursements, collections, and loan origination highlights its effectiveness in enhancing financial accuracy and operational excellence.

In simple terms, BigSun NBFC ERP encompasses all the necessary components that make it the top choice for NBFC ERP solutions that every financial company should consider investing in.

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