BigSun Services ERP System Review

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BigSun Services ERP System Review

One of the many factors that today’s customers consider when purchasing products or subscribing to services is customer support or after-sales support. No matter how excellent your products are, if you have a bad reputation for your customer support, you might face challenges in retaining customers and building loyalty.

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So, how will you address this challenge? How do you ensure you provide top-notch customer support? The answer is– by investing in the right technology solutions, such as BigSun Services ERP.

In today’s detailed software review blog, we will examine one of the leading ERP solutions – BigSun Services ERP, evaluating each of its technical and non-technical aspects, ranging from features and functions to usability and UI.

In this review, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to BigSun Services ERP
  • Key Features of the BigSun Services Solution
  • How Does BigSun Services ERP Benefit Businesses?
  • Our Closing Thoughts

Let’s get started!

BigSun Services ERP: An Overview

Designed specifically for service companies, BigSun Services ERP is a futuristic solution with the potential to significantly optimize and organize various aspects of business operations. This ERP system empowers businesses to centralize their processes, automate workflows, and gain invaluable insights across various facets.

BigSun Services ERP: An Overview

Similar to other BigSun ERP solutions, Services ERP is also equipped with a range of innovative features and functionalities. Some of the notable features or modules that this solution offers include CRM, Sales Order Management, Digital Signature Integration, Vendor Management, Cost Center Reports, Auto-Provisioning, Drilldown Financial Reports, and Audit Trail.

In essence, BigSun Services ERP provides all the necessary features for SMBs to run their businesses smoothly. Additionally, this all-in-one solution also saves them from investing in different ERPs and solutions, saving a large chunk of their budget.

BigSun Services ERP: Key Features & Functionalities

As mentioned in the previous section, the BigSun Services ERP solution offers a robust suite of features designed specifically to enhance the complex operations of the services industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of its most notable features/modules.

1. Integrated CRM with FAS

The Integrated CRM with FAS (Financial Authorization System) is one of the most notable features of BigSun Services ERP, which has the potential to transform lead management significantly.

Integrated CRM with FAS

It’s a powerful tool that ensures no lead slips through the cracks by capturing leads from various sources like website forms, emails, or calls. However, it doesn’t stop at capturing; it goes the extra mile and smartly qualifies them as well.

What makes it really special is its ability to keep track of every time we interact with these potential customers, whether it’s through emails, phone calls, or meetings. This holistic view helps you understand how your relationships are developing. More importantly, it makes it easier for you to turn promising potential customers into actual sales opportunities, making the sales process smoother.

All in all, with this feature, businesses can expect to close deals faster and manage how they interact with customers in a more organized and effective way.

2. Sales Module

The next major module of the BigSun Services ERP is the Sales module, which redefines the sales process, eventually enhancing customer experiences while improving operational efficiency.

Sales Module

This module enables quick creation, editing, and approval of orders, ensuring seamless inventory tracking and efficient invoice generation. This will eventually streamline processes by eliminating paperwork and eradicating manual data entry errors.

Moreover, the addition of digital signature integration ensures a secure and compliant process for collecting e-signatures on orders and contracts, adhering to the IT Act of India. Additionally, the E-Invoicing Integration feature simplifies invoice generation, ensuring GST compliance and faster payments.

Overall, this module significantly enhances the customer experience, minimizes operational complexities, and ensures a more efficient sales workflow for businesses.

3. Vendor Management

Another remarkable feature of BigSun Services ERP is Vendor Management– a comprehensive tool designed for businesses dealing with suppliers. With the effortless digital onboarding, it enables vendors to register electronically and gain immediate access to a dedicated portal.

Vendor Management

It also has a feature called Expense and Project Mapping, which makes sure that expenses are accurately recorded and linked to specific projects. This helps businesses control their budgets better. Also, the vendor invoice dashboard provides vendors with real-time insights into invoice progress and payment status.

This tool doesn’t just improve processes; it also gives a clearer view of what’s happening. This helps businesses make smarter choices, spend money wisely, and spot problems early. And the best part is that it automates a lot of tasks, which cuts down on mistakes, making sure everything follows the rules and stays financially safe.

Vendor Management

In summary, from signing up vendors to linking expenses to projects, this tool helps businesses better organize their operations, strengthen their financial health, and foster strong relationships with suppliers.

4. Cost Center Reports

The next major feature of the BigSun Services ERP that we found promising is the Cost Center Reports. This robust feature doesn’t just provide insights into financial clarity and profitability; rather, it goes the extra mile.

Cost Center Reports

It tracks costs very precisely, assigning expenses to specific departments, teams, or projects. This helps identify hidden expenses and accurately pinpoint what’s driving costs. Moreover, it thoroughly analyzes expenses, revealing hidden spending habits and areas where costs could be trimmed.

Understanding these details is crucial for understanding how they impact profits. It also supports making well-informed decisions by using data to allocate resources, adjust budgets, and cut unnecessary expenses.

However, it’s not just about managing expenses. This feature also encourages team responsibility by showing how spending directly affects the business. Overall, by using this tool, businesses can achieve a clearer financial picture and ensure profitability.

5. Auto Provisioning

The BigSun ERP also takes care of efficient provisioning of critical financial tasks with the Auto-Provisioning feature. This feature reduces the challenges often faced at the end of each financial period and ensures accuracy in your financial operations. It makes complicated tasks easier, bringing greater efficiency to your service business.

Auto Provisioning

Furthermore, the Auto-Provisioning tool manages unbilled or deferred revenue automatically. This ensures that your financial statements are accurate and gives you a clear view of future cash flows. It also takes care of prepaid or accrued expenses without needing manual calculations. The result? Reporting accuracy that relieves you from the pressure of making last-minute corrections.

Furthermore, this feature simplifies the closing processes at the end of each month, saving you from the hassle of reconciling accounts manually. In summary, by automating these crucial steps, it saves you valuable time and resources that can be used to grow your business.

6. Drilldown Financial Reports

BigSun Services ERP also ensures that you gain rich insights into your operations with the Drilldown Financial Reports. These reports offer in-depth information such as Profit and Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. They go beyond basic numbers to uncover hidden trends and opportunities.

Drilldown Financial Reports

This feature allows users to investigate specific accounts, transactions, and departments, helping to identify cost drivers accurately, track performance metrics, and gain a comprehensive understanding of financial well-being. Additionally, you can easily export these reports to Excel for further analysis.

Furthermore, users can compare current performance with past data and industry benchmarks. This comparison helps identify areas for improvement, track progress, and stay competitive.

In summary, the Drilldown Financial Reports feature equips businesses with detailed insights and analysis tools that are essential for making well-informed decisions and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

7. Reporting Dashboard

BigSun Services ERP provides advanced Reporting Dashboards designed to help users easily understand complex data. These dynamic dashboards allow businesses to see important performance metrics like sales, profits, customer satisfaction, and project progress in real-time.

Reporting Dashboard

Moreover, by using these dashboards, companies can track trends, identify unusual occurrences, and quickly react to new developments, making decisions based on solid data. This capability helps optimize resource allocation, improve marketing efforts, and adjust services based on immediate data insights.

In summary, BigSun Services ERP’s Reporting Dashboards help turn raw data into useful information, providing clarity and valuable insights to ensure maximum success.

8. Audit Trail

Keeping an audit trail is a critical financial operation for businesses because it helps them monitor and track transactions as needed. Recognizing this, BigSun equipped its Services ERP with a tool for businesses concerned about keeping their data safe and complying with regulations.

Audit Trail

This tool carefully tracks every transaction, user action, and system change, creating a comprehensive history that can be referenced when necessary. It functions like a detailed record book, documenting every single activity within the system. This ensures there’s no uncertainty about who did what and when– making the record secure and unchangeable.

Having a complete history helps during checks to make sure the business is following all the rules. It provides all the necessary data easily, meeting all the rules and standards that apply. This makes sure that the business is accountable and everything is clear for everyone.

In simple terms, BigSun Services ERP’s Audit Trail feature acts like a shield. It helps businesses follow the rules, lower risks, and build trust within their teams by being accountable and clear about what happens in the system.

9. Unified Financial Insight

Bigsun Services ERP’s Consolidation Module significantly improves financial management for service businesses with multiple entities or subsidiaries.

It effortlessly brings together financial information from different entities into a single source, eliminating the confusion of manual data entry and the burden of using multiple spreadsheets.

Unified Financial Insight

Also note that this module not only creates detailed reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow but also provides a clear overview of the overall financial performance. Furthermore, it also helps navigate through intricate regulations by streamlining reporting processes and ensuring auditable data.

To sum up, this module empowers service businesses to transform their financial landscape, providing them with unparalleled control and insights.

10. Real-Time Budget Control

Service businesses often face the ongoing challenge of dealing with financial uncertainties, especially when it comes to managing budgets. BigSun Services ERP tackles this challenge with its Corporate Budgeting Module.

Real-Time Budget Control

This tool is equipped with a crucial feature: Granular budget creation, which significantly simplifies budget control. It also lets businesses allocate funds carefully to departments, projects, and the whole organization. Additionally, with real-time variance tracking, the module helps spot deviations and cost overruns early, avoiding potential financial issues.

Moreover, it improves resource allocation based on actual data. All these benefits combined empower businesses to make smart decisions, improve departmental performance, and confidently navigate the complexities of budgeting with clear and precise insights.

How Does BigSun Services ERP Benefit Businesses?

Based on the features listed above, it must have become clear to you that BigSun Services ERP is a powerful tool that assists businesses in the services industry by offering innovative tools and features.

Three of the main advantages of this ERP are making operations smoother, improving financial management, and strengthening relationships with suppliers.

  1. Streamlined Operations: This ERP makes complicated tasks easier, such as managing vendors and tracking costs. It helps use resources better and makes decision-making simpler. By reducing mistakes, automating jobs, and increasing overall efficiency, it improves how the business operates.
  2. Enhanced Financial Control: Through detailed financial reports and active budget management, the BigSun Services ERP provides accurate information about expenses and income. Tracking things in real-time not only reduces risks but also makes financial decisions more reliable and efficient.
  3. Fortified Supplier Relationships: This system makes communication and interactions with suppliers clear and efficient. It enhances visibility into vendor activities, ensuring better collaboration, improved cash flow, and strengthened long-term partnerships.

Overall, BigSun Services ERP empowers businesses in the service industry, offering streamlined operations, efficient sales processes, and lasting relationships. This, in turn, ensures regulatory compliance, efficiency, and growth opportunities.

Our Closing Thoughts

After thoroughly studying BigSun Services ERP, it’s clear that this solution can significantly improve how service industries operate. Its wide range of features helps make operations smoother, improves financial control, and strengthens relationships with suppliers.

The system is especially good at making complicated tasks, like managing vendors and tracking costs accurately, much simpler. It also ensures efficient resource utilization, making operations run better.

Additionally, it enables transparent communication with suppliers, enabling better teamwork and long-term partnerships. However, while the system is excellent in many ways, getting used to it might take a little time, and making personalized changes could be a bit complex.

To encapsulate, BigSun Services ERP is a powerful solution for service businesses when used correctly. It brings efficiency, helps with compliance, and opens doors for new growth opportunities despite some initial difficulties that users might face.

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