Choosing the right software for your company is as important as structuring the right marketing plan for your business. After all, the software that you select for your company will directly affect your employee’s efficiency as well as on your ability to deliver prompt solutions and services to your customers. We know it’s a daunting task to choose a software that is in line with all your requirements and which can be operated by your team. An expensive software that looks impressive, makes one feel that it’ll solve all the problems yet has many hidden glitches or crashes frequently can bring dire unanticipated consequences. Leaving aside the monetary loses there are many ways in which the wrong software can damage your business. In this article, we discuss in detail the cost of selecting the wrong software.

  • Buying complex software’s without technical support and paying for unused licenses: Before buying a software, consider your team’s background. There are loads of powerful packages available in the market, but if your team members are struggling to master it and end up messing the whole software, is a total disaster. Ultimately it leads to a situation where your staff won’t bother to use it. Moreover, these software’s have heavy licensing and license renewal fees that would ultimately sum up to a significant amount. Our say – it’s beneficial to buy simple and easy to use tools that your team would use.
  • Diverting employees from their core jobs: Choose the wrong software and it would create a havoc among your employees. They will be diverted from their primary jobs– i.e. To learn or manage the software’s implementation, thereby indirectly affecting your companies’ work output. Check the pro’s and cons’ of the existing software from all angles before opting for a new one because if it turns out to be unsuitable it is going to lead to high internal costs.
  • Paying for outsourcing expertise: If you buy a complicated new software that your staff cannot handle and you will need external experts to guide or operate it for you. It is a good idea to outsource expertise, but in case of wrong software you will end up in paying extra bills with no productivity. Outside consultants will take time to understand your business model to customize the solutions that fit into your needs. Often the time and cost invested exceeds the advantages that it offers.
  • Missing out the financial benefits of selecting the right software: When you choose the right business software, it sets your sales charts ablaze. In case of the opposite situation where the software does not perform the way it was meant to, it would lead to huge financial loss and affect your company’s reputation. Well-known companies like Nike and HP had to face severe financial losses due to wrong software choice.
  • Employee attitude: Imagine a case where you buy a new software that you’re sure will dispel your technical problems and it turns out to be a total failure! The extra efforts in terms of time that your staff had piped in to make it work will go waste. The morale will go down and it would have an indirect effect on the outcome.
  • Infamous software disaster’s lead to reputation damage: It is not only your staff who will face problems, there are all chances that your customers will face difficulties in operating the software and move on to your competitors. In this age of competition, make one mistake and your rivals will jump up to grab a considerable share from your client database. Years that you have invested in building your reputation will go down the road in a matter of some months. We recently had a client who took a wrong decision with his accounting software. This resulted in improper financial outstanding statements being emailed to his customers. Imagine the effort it would take him, to rebuild the reputation and gain the lost customers.
  • Cost of redoing it right again: Learning from your mistakes is an enriching experience. When you buy a wrong software, it will lead to all kinds of unnecessary expenses. And then to again make it right, you will have to invest further financial assets that would ultimately lead to increasing the final cost by many folds.

Our verdict: Choosing the wrong software can lead to a multitude of problems. Before buying a business software, check its pro’s and con’s from all angles to prevent problems further down the lane. You can go through the software buying guides before taking decision, also talk to software experts at for suggestion of the right software.


About the Author:

Priyanka Desai

Priyanka is a tech blogger who is forever on a quest to learn new things. She is keenly interested in software’s, IT services and following the latest technology trends.


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