There’s no denying to the fact that there are lacs of Small & Medium Businesses in India. Unlike the large corporations, these small and medium scale enterprises restrict themselves from using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Before we start with the benefits of CRM, we must understand that times have changed. Gone are the days when using CRM meant expensive infrastructure, complex technicalities adding to the expense of the CRM software’s huge price tag. There was a time when designated technicians or CRM consultancy firms used to manage CRM for companies leading it to be very expensive and a major discouraging factor for SMBs.

Now, CRM software have become pretty affordable or to be frank, CHEAP. There are many developers out there providing CRM software for free! Adding to that, no need to upgrade your infrastructure as most of them are web based software.

SMBs must understand that CRM software can help them in more than one way. Most of the SMBs believe that CRM software are not for them but that not at all true. The manner in which CRM software can help you can impress you beyond imagination.

Features of CRM Software

  • Sales Management: Integrating your CRM with accounting software can be one of the biggest game changers. It provides you with automatically generated sales forecasts based on the past data. Adding to that, it has 42%* better sales forecast accuracy when compared to other non-CRM applications. Along with that, an increase in sales productivity as it saves a lot of time by providing you all the sales data at one place.
  • Customer Interaction: Irrespective of the industry, business model and size of your business, the most important aspect is customers. Getting new ones and retaining the old ones. With CRM customer database feature, get all the customer related data compiled at one place. Forms, e-mails and past interactions, get it all at one place. This improves your consumer relations and helps you establish long term relationships.
  • Leads Management: Lead management helps you manage your leads and classify them into various categories. Just not that, you can track them on social media channels to know more about their choices and preferences making it more easier to convince them by coping up with their likes and dislikes.
  • Task Management: When you synchronise all your tasks with your CRM, it helps you further organize those tasks according to priorities. Adding more tasks, editing that current ones or deleting them is a cake. You also get a progress report which helps you assess the task completion. Sorting out tasks according to hierarchy gives added advantage while delegating the tasks.
  • Performance: You can track the business performance by comparing the sales data with the predicted sales. This gives you a basic idea what needs to be done depending upon the sales. It also updates client data depending on the business they provide you. This helps in deciding which clients are more important for the business.
  • Contacts Management: Compile all customer related data from multiple platforms at one place. It also tracks customers across the platforms for any changes in their contact details and updates the same. This helps you saving a lot of time as well as keeps you updated.
  • Social Media Management: Social Media is a very powerful tool if used wisely. With social media management, your CRM software track your exiting as well as potential customers on various social networking platforms giving you an enhances customer database regarding the consumer trends, likes, choices and preferences. And stay back and relax these complex tasks are automated by the software!

Along with these, one can also look out for features like access from mobile which gives you the power to access your CRM from virtually anywhere given you have internet connectivity.

Given these power tools CRM provides to any business, it’s not rocket science to come to the conclusion that CRM softwares are not only helpful for SMBs, rather they are a must. CRM helps your business achieve its pre-stated ambitions and targets and gives a further scope of efficient and effective sales and customer relations. Here is an infographic for Best CRM Software for SMEs.

It helps you save time and hence you can divert your resources to other aspects such as product and process innovation to assist your business grow and develop. One can transform a small business into a sales powerhouse over a period of time and the distant goals could be seen as realistic in near future. We had tremendous feedback on this article : Enhance Customer Service with Call Center & CRM Integration Browse The List Of Best CRM Software