Perhaps the most important driving force of almost every business, be it a small enterprise or a giant industrial house, is revenue generation. While most business houses focus mostly on increasing sales in order to increase revenue, they tend to ignore one important aspect of business and that is improving efficiency and productivity.

Enter CRM like SoulCRM, SugarCRM and Vtiger. These CRM give the business house an incredibly powerful tool to improve organization and management, increase productivity and improve overall efficiency by streamlining all the activities of the business in one database.

Still not convinced?? Here, we give you ten different ways in which CRM makes the dual work of increasing revenue and cutting costs a breeze:

  1. Enhance customer satisfaction
    As most of the interactions with your customers can be carried out with CRM in an organized and systematic manner, your business house will be able to build better understanding and relations with the customers. This will in-turn enabling increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  2. Build up focused and better marketing strategy
    CRM helps you keep a centralized record of your existing customers, their requirements and purchases. This database is accessible is a gold mine for the marketing team, which can not only identify their potential buyers, but build up their marketing strategy accordingly. Also, this database can be used to offer, suggest and promote other products of the business house to their existing buyers based on their previous purchases.
  3. Better planning and scheduling of tasks
    CRM offers calendar and scheduling features. This facility can be used to pinpoint the desired target, plan for days ahead and allocate tasks to team members. This will help in improving efficiency, optimizing time and getting better results for profit maximization.
  4. Mobile applications
    With mobile CRM solutions your team will have instant access to information and leads even when on their field trips. Mobile CRM applications offer various functionalities like creating, viewing, updating and deleting records. Once can sending Emails through the CRM and can easily record communication made to leads and contacts.
  1. Alerts
    CRM allows sending emails alert to the top management on specific actions like lead generation, lead qualification etc. Such alerts can include recent communication made, new reminder created and such. This makes marketing organized and makes sure that all reminders and instructions are sent properly.
  2. Automated Marketing
    Automated Marketing is a strong feature of CRM through which you run marketing and email campaigns around time-sensitive promotions and opportunities. This feature helps you improve your marketing ROI by getting real time information of what strategy is working and what is not, thus making improvements there on.
  3. Online Customer service
    CRM solutions lets you bond with your customers via their channel of choice across web, social, chat, and mobile, with full multichannel service capabilities. Also with online customer support system, you can minimize service response time, improve case resolution, and increase customer self-service with a powerful Knowledge Base. Your customers can tap the functionality of Service Cloud to avail services anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  4. Identify leads and grow business
    With CRM solutions, you can do away with time consuming manual tracking of leads as these solutions extract all possible leads from various sources such as marketing communication, email campaigns, website visits or outbound . This will help you identify the promising sources of leads and ensure your marketing efforts are made around the same.
  5. Automated reports 
    CRM solutions generate a wide range of accurate and automated reports including those related to specific sales territories, per MR, geographical regions or demographics.

These are major benefits you can derive by deploying a CRM for your business. Rest assured, it is definitely high time to shun your old spreadsheet and use CRM to improve efficiency and maximize profits. We have an infographic for best CRM software for SMEs. You can check this article in pictorial form.

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