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Guide to Remote Working: Empower Your Employees to Efficiently Work From Home

September 25 2020

While the popularity of remote working was already on the rise, the onslaught of the pandemic has made it almost compulsory for businesses to adopt a model. Remote working saves a great deal of time, improves the morale and productivity of employees, and is also cost-effective for employers. However, there are several challenges to remote working which need to be addressed before the work commences.

Remote Working: A Guide to Navigating the New World of Work

September 23 2020

Remote working, if managed well, can help significantly in improving employee productivity, reducing turnover rates and employee satisfaction. Hence a lot of companies worldwide have adapted to this work model in the wake of the pandemic. However, an organization must have the right tools to make the transition smoother and overcome the many challenges of remote work. CakeHR is one such application that helps employers make the most from a remote working environment and manage their workforce effectively.

How to Implement an Engaging Learning Management System(LMS)

August 18 2020

Organizations need to adapt to changing trends to maintain an inclusive learning environment continuously. Our ebook is a smart tool that can help companies use a learning management system to its full potential. It is the perfect resource for businesses looking out to implement an engaging LMS to increase employee performance parameters.

Guide To Creating The Ultimate Follow-Up Process To Close More Deals

August 14 2020

Businesses need to contact customers at various stages of the sales journey. Smart followups can help you close deals, engage better, and create a positive rapport with customers. Our comprehensive ebook will guide you through the sales process stages and help you develop perfect followups to close deals quickly.

Business Continuity Checklist for B2B Commerce in the Post Pandemic Environment

July 17 2020

As B2B businesses surge forward in the post-pandemic era, they must adapt to the new world order and reinvent long-term strategies. Our expert ebook includes research conducted by Gartner, Deloitte, McKinsey, and Bain, amongst others, to provide insights on better decision making and leadership tactics. It is an extensive resource that can guide organizations to manage teams, marketing, finances, and operations smoothly in the post-COVID world.

How will eCommerce Change in the Era of IoT?

July 10 2020

The future of eCommerce - re-imagined with IoT. This eBook demonstrates how you can elevate your customer’s shopping experience by harnessing the real potential of IoT. Download the eBook to unlock the full potential of your digital commerce business.

K-12 Private School Student Information System Buying Guide

July 3 2020

With the digital revolution, companies, communities, and schools have changed the way they operate. While schools tend to be one of the last to embrace this digital revolution, there are hundreds of tools out there to automate different operational activities of schools. School Information System is one of them. So, if you are searching for the best SIS, here’s what you need to look for and what you must avoid.

How to Optimize the Efficiency of your Call Center

May 6 2020

One of the most crucial elements of any business is its call center. Whether they use it for sales, cold calls, or inbound customer service, the struggle with contact center efficiency is a prominent challenge. Download this ebook to know how you can optimize the efficiency of your call center and increase productivity and revenue through that.

True Identity: Finding Long-Term Solutions to Digital ID Fraud

Mar 5 2020

For digital businesses, online frauds and crimes are becoming a major obstacle that are not only negatively impacting the customers but also putting the company’s reputation at stake. To secure the business from fraudsters online proper identity verification services are a must. Download this ebook to know how IDV services help in establishing a trusted identity online.

Increase Efficiency and Profitability With Automated Data Capture

Jan 28 2020

To succeed, your business relies on precise, timely document data capture. You can now access an AI-powered alternative that is more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective than traditional manual or OCR-based data entry methods. Download this exclusive ebook to learn how automated document data extraction can transform your business and increase profitability.

How To Improve Restaurant Business Operations

Jan 28 2020

A restaurant comes with a bunch of complex and dynamic business operations. And, if you want to keep pace with the market trends, you'll have to keep renewing your ways to operate a restaurant. Download this informative ebook to know- how to improve restaurant business operations, and why it is crucial in today's scenario?

How To Improve Your Deal Win Rates?

Oct 10 2019

For B2B solution providers there's only one way to improve revenues - win more deals! Winnability determines growth and market share. Apart from cutting costs and giving more discounts, what can B2B sellers do which can improve their deal win rates. Download this ebook to know 5 ways to improve your deal win rates.

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Marketing

Oct 10 2019

Today, Social Media is among the most powerful marketing tools businesses have ever seen. Having a social media presence is no longer an option for brands. It’s universally used by brands to engage with buyers across the customer lifecycle. Right from the types of social media posts and their sizes to the latest trends, this eBook has got everything covered.

ERP: 2019 & BEYOND

Sep 05 2019

All the major industries, despite domain, entails ERP for comprehensive coverage of various aspects of the organization and streamlined workflow. The primary reason for ERP implementation is to proffer excellent customer service, hike growth positioning, and ensure smoother connectivity across multiple departments.

Why Security Testing is important for SaaS Companies?

Sep 27 2019

Security is a paramount concern for SaaS companies. Loopholes and bugs might pose a significant threat to data leak. To retain customer confidence, it is essential to maintain a maximum level of security and prevent any possible breach. Security testing ensures that all the vulnerabilities get eliminated and the system becomes enterprise-grade secure.