50 E-commerce Sales Leaders You Should Be Following

Chirantan Patel

Senior Writer

Sales Leaders in eCommerce Software Companies
50 E-commerce Sales Leaders You Should Be Following

Since people are starting to stay indoors more often, consumers are now opting for buying things online. 

The COVID-19 crisis is redefining people’s buying style. It will provide a long term boost for online retailers. That means more and more businesses will try to jump into taking their business online. 

In this article, we will discuss the top E-commerce software sales leaders who are making the most of this situation. Let’s look a little deep into these opportunists. 


50 E-commerce Sales Leaders You Should Be Following

1. Jacquelyn Goldberg, Button

Jacquelyn Goldberg

Jacquelyn Goldberg is the Vice-President (Brand) at StarLeaf. She has an experience of over ten years in the field of extensive customer service and sales. Over these years, she had worked with various progressive organizations.

About Button
Button is a New York-based startup that offers a mobile commerce platform to help businesses drive more revenue from commerce in their mobile apps. It enriches your users’ experience by allowing them to access your trade on a single platform. The company has raised over $64 million in venture capital since its inception. It is growing its strategic partnership with organizations like Groupon, Foursquare, and more.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 100
Company’s Annual Revenue: $2M

2. Nic Fleming, OrderMyGear

Nic Fleming

Nic Fleming is the National Sales Manager at OrderMyGear, an industry-leading sales tool. He started his career as a sports editor for the local newspaper. Since then, he has come a long way to become a sales leader today. Before OMG, he was working as a Senior Sales Manager at Active Network. 

About OrderMyGear
OrderMyGear is revolutionizing the way the industry sells products. It creates custom online pop-up stores to sell branded products and apparel. Till now, the platform has empowered more than 250 brands with a total of 3000 clients. It processes more than 3.6 million transactions in online sales. The company is setting a benchmark for quality and customer service in the ever-expanding sports gear industry.

Connect with Nic on LinkedIn, and stay updated.
Number of Employees: 100
Company’s Annual Revenue: $17.8M

3. Agop Diulgerian, PayMotion

Agop Diulgerian

Agop Diulgerian, a strong marketing professional with a BA, is the Sales Specialist at PayMotion. He specializes in negotiation, mobile communication, and International Business. 

About PayMotion

PayMotion is one of the top-leading payment platforms, aimed at growing its clients’ businesses. It provides a platform to carry out quick and easy digital payment transactions. Established in 2007, it can now support 33 currencies, 24 global languages, and 15 payment methods. The solution enables businesses to track their success with real-time sales data. 

You can find Agop on LinkedIn. Connect now.
Number of Employees: 17
Company’s Annual Revenue: $10.2M

4. Patrick Büngener, Shopware

Patrick Büngene

Patrick Büngener is the Sales Manager at Shopware AG, an e-commerce sector in Germany. He comes with more than ten years of experience in the sales industry, well-versed with BeNeLux and German markets. He is responsible for the BeNeLux market, which grows 50 until 100% in the BeNeLux market every year. 

About Shopware

Shopware is a leading e-commerce platform in German that has served over 100,000 customers worldwide. Some of the largest European and UK brands, retailers, and manufacturers use the Shopware platform to sell their products. It gives its customers access to over 3,500 extensions and offers professional customer support.

Find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 130
Company’s Annual Revenue: $8.1M

5. Steven Fockema Andreae, commercetools

Steven Fockema Andreae

Steven Fockema Andreae heads the Western European Sales and Pre-Sales teams for commercetools in the UK, France, Benelux, and Nordics. He believes in the mantra that it isn’t about how fresh or shiny your cloud product is, but rather about how you deliver it to your customers or partner. 

About commercetools

commercetools is a next-generation software technology company that empowers large businesses with ecommerce sales and related functions. It mainly focuses on companies with revenues of over $100 million annually. It provides a set of API that enables commerce teams to design unique and digital engaging digital commerce experiences. 

You can connect with Steven here.
Number of Employees: 190
Company’s Annual Revenue: $3.8M

6. Michael Schwartz, Scalefast

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is the Vice President of Sales at Scalefast, a digital commerce solution. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Southern California. His role involves working with other eCommerce Directors and CMOS on the growing pains of the e-commerce industries. 

About Scalefast

Scalefast is the digital commerce solution that enables you to launch an online store in just 15 days. It helps create exceptional shopping experiences for your customer with their online storefront. Some big companies like Sega, Puori, and Square Enix are using Scalefast. Since 2014, they have sold over 25 million digital and physical products.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 117
Company’s Annual Revenue: $28M

7. Michael Schrader, Miva Inc

Michael Schrader

Michael Schrader is the SVP of Sales and Marketing at Miva Inc, a flexible eCommerce platform. He has been in the sales industry for 15 years now. His areas of expertise include Omni-channel, eCommerce, Retail, Post Purchase, SaaS, Supply Chain, and more. 

About Miva Inc

Miva is an online eCommerce solution that aims to help online merchants earn more revenue by reducing their operating costs. It enables them to quickly make changes and adapt to the emerging trends to drive more conversion. Miva brings 21 years of eCommerce experience on the table.

You can find Michael here.
Number of Employees: 150
Company’s Annual Revenue: $15M

8. Mike Scott, CoreCommerce 

Mike Scott

Mike Scott is the Sales Channel Manager at CoreCommerce, an eCommerce store builder. He is a professional in managing clients’ portfolios and building relationships with them. His responsibility is to manage and grow the customer database and implement new sales initiatives and account acquisition. 

About CoreCommerce 

As the name suggests, CoreCommerce offers a reliable, customizable SaaS platform to help build your online business. Founded in 2001, it now hosts thousands of online websites worldwide. CoreCommerce is well-known for its personalized service and support and keeps enhancing its products.

You can connect with Mike Scott on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 17
Company’s Annual Revenue: $4.4M

9. David Naccache, Oxatis


David Naccache is the Sales Development Manager at Oxatis. He has been in the commercial field for over a decade now. Before Oxatis, he has worked as a key account manager in indirect sales for almost five years. He likes to face the challenges that the commercial field has to throw at him. 

About Oxatis

Oxatis is an efficient and scalable SaaS platform that has served the development of hundreds of French and international companies. It aims to help other businesses accelerate their growth. Oxatis keep adding third-party solutions to the platform to increase its power. 

You can find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 150
Company’s Annual Revenue: $7.8M

10. Jay Motwani, Volusion

Jay Motwani

Jay Motwani is the Vice President (Sales) at Volusion, helping SMBs with their eCommerce goals. His roles involve educating his clients on eCommerce, search engine optimization, pay per click, comparison shopping engines, and more to help them thrive.

About Volusion 

Volusion offers an eCommerce solution for small and medium businesses. It provides a fully-hosted website and a complete shopping cart. Volusion includes other smart marketing tools in the package. More than 40,000 merchants are already using Volusion solutions.

Connect with Jay on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 245
Company’s Annual Revenue: $40M

11. Sean Isner, Webgility, Inc.

Sean Isner

Sean Isner is the Sales Manager at Webgility, Inc., offering solutions to automate eCommerce accounting and inventory processes. His deep interest lies in sales and marketing tactics, web designing, and CRM. Other than that, he is a sportsperson who enjoys watching hockey and baseball. 

About Webgility, Inc.

Founded in 2007, Webgility, Inc. is empowering businesses to thrive in the eCommerce world. Its automation tools easily integrate with other systems and deliver powerful insights to make informed and smart decisions. Since its inception, it has helped over 10,000 companies with eCommerce automation. 

You can find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 125
Company’s Annual Revenue: $10.4M

12. Josh Buller, Paddle

Josh Buller

Josh Buller is the Sales Manager at Paddle, an all-in-one Saas commerce platform. Before Paddle, he was working as Head of Sales at Conversocial, North America. He has done his graduation in Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and Sociology from Aston University.

About Paddle

Paddle is trying to build a platform that every software company can use to operate efficiently. Till now, it has raised over $18m in funding from Notion, BGF, and Kindred. It was listed in the Future Fifty list of most promising British scale-ups and fastest growing UK software company in Deloitte’s Fast50.

You can connect with him here.
Number of Employees: 130
Company’s Annual Revenue: $10M 

13. Margo Makarova, X-Cart

Margo Makarova

Margo Makarova first joined X-Cart, a customizable eCommerce solution as a Solution Advisor. After four years of constant dedication, she now heads the sales team. She has worked as a freelance translator at the beginning of her career. 

About X-Cart

Founded in 2001, X-Cart was the first downloadable PHP/MySQL shopping cart platform in the world. It uses modern technologies to enable customers to create high-performing and convenient online stores. The company’s GMV of merchants rose to $3+ billion in 2018.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 68
Company’s Annual Revenue: $21M

14. Jason Irgang, Shopping Cart Elite

Jason Irgang

Jason Irgang is the VP of Sales for Shopping Cart Elite, an eCommerce automation platform. He helps sellers on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces to optimize their listings, keep inventory in sync with other channels, and manage their feed and customer service. 

About Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite is an automation platform that is used by big manufacturers like Sylvania and Advanced Clutch work. It offers an all-in-one solution that can help scale your company’s growth. It has built-in marketing automation tools for B2B, B2C, and dropshippers. 

Connect with him on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 45
Company’s Annual Revenue: $65M

15. Nimisha Diwan, GetMeAShop

Nimisha Diwan

Nimisha Diwan is the Regional Sales Head at GetMeAShop.com, who carries four years of experience in sales and marketing. She is an expert in maintaining relations with clients. Some of her other skills include team management, dynamic/strategic planning, and channel and distribution management. 

About GetMeAShop

GetMeAShop, a Times Group initiative, offers an omnichannel solution to help small and medium businesses come online and generate more revenue. It simplifies your business processes and provides user-friendly technology to those who want to establish and manage their store online. 

Find her on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 10
Company’s Annual Revenue: $960,000

16. Paul Donlan, Wix.com

Paul Donlan

Paul Donlan is the Senior Vice President at Wix.com, a leading cloud-based development platform. He is capable of managing high impact sales and business development functions in fast-growing organizations. His 25 years of track record is spread over a range of companies with a deep understanding of technology and software development. 

About Wix.com

Wix.com offers a cloud-based development platform that enables businesses to create a beautiful website. It has millions of users worldwide. The Wix web builder lets companies build a fully personalized, free website. Set up an online store, create a logo, optimize it for mobile, or just test out new ideas.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 3k
Company’s Annual Revenue: $603.7M

17. Sarah H., Shopify Plus

Sarah H.

Sarah H. is the Sales Concierge at Shopify Plus, a flexible platform for building websites. While working at Aesop, she even built two full teams by recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training candidates. Previously, she had worked in big companies like Apple, Body Shop, and others. 

About Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cost-effective development platform that has helped over one million businesses to create their presence online. It has made over $155 billion in sales so far. Using Shopify Plus, companies can replicate retail experiences online with augmented reality, video, and 3D on product pages.

Connect with Sarah now.
Number of Employees: 547
Company’s Annual Revenue: $1 Billion

18. Jonathan Koh, BigCommerce

Jonathan koh

Jonathan Koh is the Regional Sales Manager at BigCommerce, Asia. BigCommerce is the world’s leading SaaS eCommerce platform, and Jonathan helps brands improve their eCommerce sales and presence. He has six years of experience in building marketing and technology strategies for CRM and eCommerce software. 

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce enables businesses to build, manage, and grow their online store with 80 percent less time and cost. Till now, it has served 50,000+ SMBs, 2,000+ mid-market businesses, 30+ Fortune 1000 companies, 25 merchants in the Internet Retailer 1000, and leading brands in almost every B2C and B2B category. It gives limitless possibilities to explore.

You can connect with Jonathan here.
Number of Employees: 800
Company’s Annual Revenue: $100M

19. Senthil Kumar, Unilog

Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar was the Sales Manager at Unilog until this May. He displays strong professionalism in sales and eCommerce management. His other areas of expertise include mobile applications, market research, RFP, and more. He has done his Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on Marketing from Priyadarshini Engineering College. 

About Unilog

Unilog is globally-based technology and service company that helps businesses with eCommerce solutions. It offers enriched product catalogs for the B2B marketplace, whose sole aim is to drive more traffic and increase conversions. The company is well-versed in content management, product data management, and eCommerce.

You can find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 300
Company’s Annual Revenue: $500M

20. JB Smith, ChannelAdvisor

JB Smith

JB Smith is the Sales Manager at ChannelAdvisor that offers a robust online platform for eCommerce solutions. He has proven records of national and regional business development experience with broad-based business acumen, driving companies towards profitability. He is passionate about building and developing teams to exceed sales and revenue targets.

About ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor provides a single platform for designing a multi-channel marketplace, carrying out digital marketing, and developing fulfillment strategies. It integrates with the Facebook marketplace to help businesses increase their visibility and drive more conversions. It supports over 100 global eCommerce channels. 

Find JB Smith on LinkedIn, and stay connected.
Number of Employees: 700
Company’s Annual Revenue: $130M

21. Haitham Ghadiry, TrueCommerce

Haitham Ghadiry

Haitham Ghadiry is the SVP, Sales & Marketing at TrueCommerce, with a 15-year track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the technology industry. He carries great expertise in the sales and marketing domain of enterprise software, SaaS, and advanced devices. 

About TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce provides a platform to connect businesses across the supply chain. It easily integrates with inventory management, fulfillment, digital storefronts, marketplaces, and more. Besides, TrueCommerce is well-known for its continuous innovations that strive to keep their clients’ businesses at the forefront of industry trends.

You can find Haitham on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 560
Company’s Annual Revenue:  $106M

22. James Bartlett, Bold Commerce

James Bartlett

James Bartlett is the VP of Sales & Partnerships at Bold Commerce, modular eCommerce solutions. He joined the company as the VP of Professional Services before moving on to the sales department. He claims to be highly skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Requirements Analysis, Microsoft Word, and Sales. 

About Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce is an eCommerce development platform that offers a suite of industry-leading apps to help increase conversion. It enables businesses to create customized products, makes recurring revenue with subscriptions, and develop promotional apps.  

Find him on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 560
Company’s Annual Revenue: $106M

23. John Tolhurst, Celigo

John Tolhurst

John Tolhurst is the UK Regional Sales Manager at Celigo, a complete integration platform for growing organizations. His area of specialization includes cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud technology, among others. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Guildford College of Technology. 

About Celigo

Celigo is designed for businesses and IT professionals to easily connect with limitless applications to automate various business processes. It offers all the necessary tools required for FTP integration or a complex orchestration between multiple applications with data transformations. Celigo is the pioneer of the concept of a fully-managed Integration App.

You can connect with John here.
Number of Employees: 286
Company’s Annual Revenue: $30M

24. Carl Boeing, Elastic Path

Carl Boeing

Carl Boeing is the Sales Director at Elastic Path Software that offers eCommerce microservice solutions. Before joining Elastic Path, he had worked with SAP and Telco Americas. He has done a BA in Economics and Computer Science from Bowdoin College. 

About Elastic Path

Elastic Path is the headless commerce microservices solution for high-velocity brands. It offers the flexibility to create and deliver unique eCommerce solutions tailored to one’s exact business needs. It is ideal for B2C, B2B, complex business logic, new business models, as well as omnichannel initiatives. Elastic Path is the key to opening new revenue opportunities. 

Connect with Carl on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 208
Company’s Annual Revenue: $25M

25. Mike Pych, Kibo

Mike Pych

Mike Pych is the Vice President of Sales at Kibo providing personalized cloud commerce. He has a track record of success in scaling companies and startups through multi-billion (Unicorn) company valuations — more than $1B in career sales. He has previously worked with Dell Technologies, Altiris, Softricity, Microsoft Cloud, and Medallia.

About Kibo

Kibo offers personalized cloud commerce solutions designed to empower businesses. It enables digital commerce teams to manage their multiple digital sales channels. Besides, it streamlines store operations and supports and provides real-time visibility and control over inventory. 

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 332
Company’s Annual Revenue: $65.58M

26. Daniela Jurado Jabba, VTEX

Daniela Jurado Jabba

Daniela Jurado Jabba is the Head of Sales at VTEX in the Western Europe region. She holds a degree in Masters of Business Administration and Ecommerce Management. Previously, she had worked in Paragon Decision Science as a Commercial Business Analyst. 

About VTEX

VTEX is a fully integrated, marketplace-commerce-oms solution that aims to grow businesses with collaborative commerce. Many top companies like Motorola, Levis, Vans, Loreal, and more rely on VTEX to power digital commerce in 30+ countries. With VTEX, businesses can tap into new markets and attract new customers and suppliers. 

You can follow Daniela on LinkedIn, and stay connected.
Number of Employees: 700
Company’s Annual Revenue: $69M

27. Rayan Cherri, Profitero

Rayan Cherri

Rayan Cherri is the Sales Manager at Profitero, an eCommerce performance analytics platform. With a degree in MBA from the University of West London, she carries extensive experience in global markets with a keen interest in cross-cultural management. Her expertise includes professional selling to C-SUite clients, global business development, strategy development, contractual and commercial negotiation, and project management. 

About Profitero

Profitero offers an analytical solution to businesses to measure their digital shelf performance across 11,000+ global retailer sites and mobile apps in 50+ countries. It provides actionable sights to improvise search placement and product content. Businesses can identify the factors influencing sales with the help of Profitero tools. 

Find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 271
Company’s Annual Revenue: $15M

28. Giuseppe Ianni, Sana Commerce

Giuseppe Ianni

Giuseppe Ianni is the VP of Sales at Sana Commerce, leading double-digit record growth numbers in the North America region. With over 14 years of experience in sales, he is currently responsible for team development and revenue growth at Sara Commerce. He specializes in expanding market penetration across key verticals inside the Microsoft Dynamics and SAP channels.

About Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is an integrated e-commerce software that enables users to create beautiful, user-friendly web stores. Till now, Sana Commerce has helped over 1600 web stores worldwide with the eCommerce solution. It is a certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

Find him on LinkedIn, and stay connected.
Number of Employees: 262
Company’s Annual Revenue: ‎$8M

29. Jonathan J., Squarespace

Jonathan J.

Jonathan J. is the Director of Sales at Squarespace that enables businesses to create a professional-looking website. He has proven sales experience in diverse monetization backgrounds, ranging from consumer technology, mobile, AR, and programmatic (DaaS). He grew top-line revenue by over 60% from 2016 to 2017. 

About Squarespace

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for all businesses online needs. It offers website templates, which can be easily customized as per one’s requirement. It can be quite useful while trying to build a portfolio, blog, or online store. This powerful platform aims to help grow a company’s website. 

Find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 1176
Company’s Annual Revenue: $300M

30. Logan O’Dell, PaySimple

Logan O'Dell

Logan O’Dell is the Vice President of Sales at PaySimple with more than ten years of experience in sales. He is a SaaS sales leader who knows well how to build an inside sales team around a culture of improvement and fun. He has done his graduation in Bachelor of Science from the University of Oregon. 

About PaySimple

PaySimple is a one-stop solution for all payment-related activities. It offers businesses the flexibility to offer many payment methods to their customers. Users can automate the billing process and streamline the payment collection process with a recurring billing system. 

Find him on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 105
Company’s Annual Revenue: $50M

31. Shlomi Lifshitz, Pepperi

Shlomi Lifshitz

Shlomi Lifshitz is the Vice President of International Sales at Pepperi. He has done B.SC. in Technology of Management from the Holon Institute of Technology. Before joining Pepperi, he had worked with Cyren, TradAir, and Dome9 Security in their sales department. 

About Pepperi

Pepperi is a B2B sales platform connecting brands and wholesalers distributors. It empowers companies to take fast action by connecting field sales and self-service online B2B sales. Businesses can easily manage catalogs, trade promotions, and accounts from a single platform. It results in reduced overhead and accelerated growth. 

Connect with Shlomi on LinkedIn to know more.
Number of Employees: 82
Company’s Annual Revenue: $10M

32. Sanjeeb Kumar Padhee, Unicommerce

Sanjeeb Kumar Padhee

Sanjeeb Kumar Padhee is the Head Of Sales at Unicommerce, one of India’s leading technology platforms. He believes in consultative selling as it keeps him close with his contact, resulting in securing repeat business. He likes to lead from the front always. 

About Unicommerce

Unicommerce simplifies the eCommerce selling across multiple B2C & B2B channels. It offers tools and solutions for managing inventory, orders, drop shipment management, warehouse management, and more. Some of their big clients are Milton, Netmeds, and more. 

Connect with him now.
Number of Employees: 210
Company’s Annual Revenue: $33.4M

33. James Tovey, Kentico Software

James Tovey

James Tovey is a Sales Professional at Kentico Software for more than a year now. He has done a BA in History and Business from the University of New Hampshire. Before Kentico, he was working with ThriveHive where he was recognized as the #1 sales rep 

for both sales and revenue for the year 2018. 

About Kentico Software

Established in 2004, Kentico Software is designed to help companies connect with their customers. It offers a single platform for creating engaging digital experiences, including content management, digital marketing, and eCommerce solutions across channels. More than 1,000 digital agencies and thousands of clients use Kentico Software. 

You can find James on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 240
Company’s Annual Revenue: $48M

34. Vinay “Vincent” Soni, Cloud Commerce Pro

Vinay Soni

Vinay “Vincent” Soni is the Sales & Marketing at Cloud Commerce Pro aimed at providing commerce solutions to different groups. He started his career with the Odeon & UCI group and was a part of their marketing team. He has a bachelor’s degree from Staffordshire University. 

About Cloud Commerce Pro

Cloud Commerce Pro is a multi-channel eCommerce and order management software. It helps multi-channel retailers sell products across eCommerce platforms and multiple marketplaces. Cloud Commerce Pro offers a unique onboarding approach whereby they give advice and training designed to help businesses grow.

You can find Vincent on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 13
Company’s Annual Revenue: $20M

35. Abraham Lincoln, Uniform Market by Sellers Commerce

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at the Uniform Market by Sellers Commerce with a firm grasp in strategic planning and conducting operational activities. He has driven growth for large solutions-driven business units within the blue-chip and SME environments.

About Uniform Market by Sellers Commerce

Uniform Market by Sellers Commerce is a powerful and flexible B2B eCommerce solution for retailers, manufacturers, as well as distributors. It connects businesses with powerful tools to help them scale uniformly. Till now, Uniform Market has served over 1000 customers across different sectors. 

Connect with Abraham on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 18
Company’s Annual Revenue: N/A

36. Andreas Minich, OroCommerce

Andreas Minich

Andreas Minich is the Sales Director DACH at Oro Inc., an innovative B2B-focused e-commerce platform. He is responsible for sales and customer and partner support in the German-speaking countries. Previously, he was also the co-founder of considering James, a service provider in the segment of temporary employment.

About OroCommerce

OroCommerce largely serves the need for medium and large enterprises with its eCommerce solutions. It offers ready-to-use B2B functionalities that are designed to distinguish itself from the rest of the market. OroCommerce can help manage multiple sales channels and solve the most sophisticated CRM use cases.

Follow him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 92
Company’s Annual Revenue: $24M

37. Garren Parkins, Virto Commerce

Garren Parkins

Garren Parkins is the National Sales Director at Virto Commerce with a strong multi-cultural business development acumen. He has gained sales experience in digital advertising, solution development, enterprise software, and retail. He leads by cultivating a lasting culture of brand advocacy. 

About Virto Commerce 

Virto Commerce is a full-featured .NET framework that enables robust and effortless integration required to run a successful web store effectively. It utilizes modern best practices to help build complex and customized eCommerce solutions—few big companies like Bosch, Heineken, Volvo, and more use Virto Commerce. 

Find him on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 36
Company’s Annual Revenue: $44.60M

38. Iryna Prokop, API2Cart

Iryna Prokop

Iryna Prokop is a creative and enthusiastic B2B Sales Manager at API2Cart with a Master’s degree in International Economics. She has experience in lead generation, IT sales, and client service.


About API2Cart

API2Cart provides a unified API to integrate multiple e-commerce platforms with 40+ e-commerce platforms and marketplaces in one go. It enables businesses to connect with their customer’s stores and retrieve and manage all stored data. Till now, API2Cart has connected over 45000 stores. 

You can find Iryna on LinkedIn, and stay connected.
Number of Employees: 11
Company’s Annual Revenue: N/A

39. Martin Broughton, Course Merchant

Martin Broughton

Martin Broughton is the Sales Director at Course Merchant that offers a fully-featured e-commerce application solution. Previously, he had worked with Galahad and CNet training. 


About Course Merchant

Course Merchant is a purpose-built e-commerce shopping cart and catalog solution designed to help businesses sell their e-learning courses online. Their flagship product — Course Merchant, a shopping cart is capable of integrating with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Totara, Moodle, Brightspace™ by D2L, and Kallidus.

Find Martin on LinkedIn, and stay connected.
Number of Employees: 13
Company’s Annual Revenue: N/A

40. Tarek Ammar, ExpandCart

Tarek Ammar

Tarek Ammar is the Senior Sales E-commerce leader at ExpandCart, with over 11 years of experience. He specializes in the Sales & Customer Care department for international logistic companies, whereby he can implement strategies at both local and global levels. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. 

About ExpandCart

ExpandCart offers an eCommerce development platform that comes loaded with great online marketing and SEO tools. It can support any language and up to 20 payment methods in the Middle East to help grow sales. It’s an all-in-one solution for marketing, sales, store management, website design, and much more. 

Connect with Tarek on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 62
Company’s Annual Revenue: $11M

41. Wayne Robertson, Cloudfy

Wayne Robertson

Wayne Robertson, the Vice President of Sales at Cloudfy, is an experienced information technology manager and a smart risk-taker. He specializes in IT strategy development, project and portfolio management, and IT infrastructure and service management. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. 

About Cloudfy

As the name suggests, Cloudfy is the cloud B2B ecommerce platform designed to help companies grow their online presence. It aims to help retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses trade online. 

Find him on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 7
Company’s Annual Revenue: $22M

42. Karl Hermann, di support GmbH

Karl Hermann

Karl Hermann is the Inside Sales Manager at di support GmbH, a leading platform provider for product personalization. He joined the company as a sales assistant and moved up the ladder gradually. He has done his graduation from Central Michigan University. 

About di support GmbH

di support GmbH is an all-in-one platform that provides product personalization. Retailers, developers, ecommerce companies, and brands can create and offer an unlimited variety of personalized photo or printed products under their own brand name. 

You can connect with Karl here on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 6
Company’s Annual Revenue: N/A

43. Andrea Davidson, Speartek

Andrea Davidson

Andrea Davidson is the Sales Representative with Speartek, Inc with a proven track record of career growth. She claims to have strong organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Her specialties include sales professionals, print & internet advertising, marketing, and branding. 

About Speartek

Speartek is an excellent platform for companies looking to create a functioning website and grow their business online. It offers tools for content management, product management, and shopping cart solutions to help deliver custom online shopping experiences. An order of 3,664 orders per client automatically feeds into their accounting systems each year.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 8
Company’s Annual Revenue: $29M

44. Sameer Bhardwaj, Twirll

Sameer Bhardwaj

Sameer Bhardwaj is the Regional Sales Manager at Twirll. His responsibility is to help grow businesses rapidly with partner acquisition. He has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results in highly competitive markets in the Asia Pacific. He can build a trusted network of customers, partners, alliances, and industry relationships across regions and cultures. 

About Twirll

Twirll offers automated tools that are designed to revolutionize the retail and hospitality industry. Its list of solutions includes web & m-commerce, point of sale, self-service kiosk, email marketing, short URL, crm, Twirll form and analytics, QR code commerce, order and inventory management, and more. 

Find Sameer on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 14
Company’s Annual Revenue: $44.5M

45. Saumil Chheda, Iksula

Saumil Chheda

Saumil Chheda is the President, Sales & Solutions at Iksula. He successfully reduced Shoes.com time-to-market from 4 weeks to 3 days, increasing their throughput by 40% and 55% savings in operating costs. He helps e-retailers, brand, and online marketplaces with cycle time reduction, cataloging and taxonomy solutions, and more. 

About Iksula

Iksula offers merchandising solutions that provide businesses with full control of their end-to-end merchandising operations. It provides highly experienced Six-sigma-trained executives, data analytics systems, and proprietary AI-based tools aimed at improving user experience and helping businesses stand out from the crowd. 

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 700
Company’s Annual Revenue: $228M

46. Mason Davis, ShopHero Inc

Mason Davis

 Mason Davis is the VP of Sales at ShopHero Inc that offers a seamless way of quickly launching an eCommerce store. Previously, he was working as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones. He has done his graduation from Western Governors University. 

About ShopHero Inc

ShopHero Inc offers eCommerce solutions to grocery retailers at affordable prices. It is an industry-leading platform that makes launching and operating e-commerce easy, seamless, and cost-effective. It helps build a white-label, modern, responsive, and visually-appealing online grocery shopping experience that compliments the brand feel. 

You can connect with Mason on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 11
Company’s Annual Revenue: $97M

47. Nitin Sridharan, Zoho Corporation 

Nitin Sridharan

Nitin Sridharan is the Regional Sales Manager at Zoho Corporation. He calls himself a techie with a strong passion for sales and business development. He is responsible for the sales of Zoho Finance products in the Middle East and Africa region. 

About Zoho Corporation 

Zoho Corporation is a unique and powerful suite of software that aims to transform the way a business works. It integrates with 40+ applications. More than 50 million users trust Zoho software globally. With the Zoho Corporation software suite, organizations can streamline and automate their entire processes. 

Connect with him here.
Number of Employees: 8k
Company’s Annual Revenue: $497.2M

48. George Luxton, monday.com

George Luxton

George Luxton is the Vice President of Sales at monday.com with a knack for negotiations and solution selling. He specializes in sales leadership and business management in early-stage SaaS companies. His other expertise includes lead generation, recruitment & retention, and project management. 

About monday.com

Monday.com is the Work OS that empowers remote teamwork to stay aligned. It enables businesses to keep their remote teams close and smoothly carry out their operation. More than 100,000 organizations worldwide rely on monday.com, including Uber, PayPal, eBay, Adobe, Walmart, and more. 

Find George on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 26
Company’s Annual Revenue: $130M

49. Matt McVaney, ShippingEasy

Matthew McVaney

Matt McVaney is the Senior Director of Sales at ShippingEasy. Previously, he had worked with companies like Yodle and AT&T Advertising Solutions. He has done BBA in Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing from the University of Mississippi.  

About ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is the eCommerce shipping software that helps process orders and automates shipping processes. It enables businesses to immediately access the best shipping rates and print labels in no time. It provides shipping solutions to approximately 650,000 customers. 

Find him on LinkedIn.
Number of Employees: 94
Company’s Annual Revenue: $47M

50. Olga Sacharko, ZeyOS, Inc.

Olga Sacharko

Olga Sacharko is the Sales Manager at ZeyOS, Inc., a platform for your digital business model. He has a Master’s degree and was a Faculty of Foreign Languages in the Ivan Franko National University of Law. 


About ZeyOS, Inc.

ZeyOS, Inc. is a platform that unifies all essential elements, including CRM, ERP, AND Groupware, into a single system and helps create a highly-functional eCommerce store. The platform is hosted on cloud-server, thus eliminating the need to spend on expensive infrastructure. 

You can find Olga on LinkedIn here.
Number of Employees: 6
Company’s Annual Revenue: N/A

Wrapping it up

These sales leaders find ways to effectively engage with their prospects and existing customers even during this pandemic attack. 

Start following them (if you don’t already) and learn the best sales tactics from the top leaders in the industry. 

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