12 Email List Building Tools To Improve Your Revenue


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Powerful Email List Building Tools To Skyrocket Your Signup Rate

Did you know that 95% of first-time visitors to your website are not ready to purchase right away? In fact, before making a purchase, it takes 3-4 visits to your website for your potential customers to actually think about buying from you.

If you’re selling a Product or a Service on your website, building an Email List is an essential task because it helps you to create a relationship with your potential customers. You can nurture this relationship to “encourage” them to purchase your product.

No matter what you’re selling, persuading your visitors to subscribe to your list is one of the key aspects of your business.

The below post talks about some powerful tools to grow your Email List exponentially. The tools can be categorized in the following way:

  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Opt-in Form Creation Tools
  • A/B Testing Tools
  • Landing Page Builders

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List of Best Email List Building Tools

1. AWeber


AWeber is one of the leading email marketing software to invest out there. It lets you capture the leads and send auto-responders or Newsletters to your leads. With its responsive Signup Form templates, you can create beautiful signup forms, integrate them on your website, and start building the list in a matter of minutes.

Below are a few features of AWeber:

  • Segmentation: Segment your leads into a distinct group, so that you can send customized and targeted emails to them.
  • Automation: Personalize the email experience by generating leads marketing you send to your leads.
  • Analytics: Track important metrics like Open Rates, CTRs, etc. and analyze the performance of each campaign.

Price: $19/month

Link: AWeber

2. MailChimp


Are you looking for a free but professional ecommerce email marketing solution for sending newsletters on a regular basis to your leads? Then MailChimp could be the right choice for you. MailChimp is a free tool if you’re having a small list with less than 2000 subscribers.

Having said that, the free plan misses some important features like auto-responder. You can even start growing your Email newsletter list by integrating the form and collecting the leads from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you need extra features, you can upgrade your account for as little as $10/month and get features like ‘Automation’ and ‘Delivery by Time Zone’.

Price: Free up to 2000 subscribers

Link: MailChimp

Opt-in Form

3. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is the most popular opt-in form builder for bloggers and small businesses. It helps you build beautiful opt-in forms with just a few clicks without the need of editing any code. Since it is a SaaS tool, all you need to do is to create an account on OptinMonster, create beautiful Lead Generation Forms using its drag and drop builder, grab the code and add it to your website. Once done, you can make any changes to the form, which will automatically reflect on the form you integrated to your website.

Best of all, it’s cool A/B split testing feature allows you to test different designs, headlines, content and lets you pick the best performing form for high conversion rate.

 Price: Starts from $49/year

Link: OptinMonster

4. Optin Forms


If you’re looking for a free alternative to OptinMonster, Optin Forms might be the right choice. Optin Forms is a free WordPress plugin that helps you to create stunning opt-in forms for your WordPress website right from your WordPress dashboard. It even allows you to pick a form design, customize its appearance and add it to your Posts and Pages.

Moreover, the plugin works seamlessly with popular email marketing solutions like AWeber, iContact, Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc.

Price: Free

Link: Download Optin Forms

A/B Testing

5. AB Press Optimizer


AB Press Optimizer is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you A/B test everything on your WordPress website like HTML content, variation of texts, images, landing pages, forms, etc. Although there are lots of highly priced A/B testing tools in the market, what makes AB Press Optimizer distinct is that it is a medium priced tool and you’re not tied-in to a recurring subscription fee. With this plugin, all the data is locally stored on your website, so you have full control on it.

They also offer a 30-days money back guarantee, which might be helpful in case you want to try it before opting for the Pro Version.

Price: $49 for a single website

Link: Download AB Press Optimizer

6. Simple Page Tester


Simple Page Tester is a free WordPress plugin that lets you split test various elements of your WordPress website. Although this plugin is one of the easiest ways to conduct a split test on your WordPress website, the main downside is that you can’t conduct a split test with more than two pages together.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can set up the test, edit your variation and finally declare the “Winner”.

Price: Free

Link: Download Simple Page Tester

Landing Page Plugins

7. OptimizePress


Undoubtedly, OptimizePress is the most popular landing page plugin that lets you easily create beautiful landing pages even if you’re not a Designer. With its built-in Live Editor, you can either pick a stunning design and customize it or design a landing page from the ground up.

The best thing is, OptimizePress is available in both plugin and WordPress theme formats. If you’re looking to build a membership site or a website with many landing pages, you may choose the OptimizePress theme to create landing pages. On the other hand, if you don’t prefer changing your existing theme for OptimizePress, you can use its plugin version which works seamlessly with almost every WordPress theme.

Best of all, all landing pages you create using the Live Editor will be responsive.

As OptimizePress is one of the highly priced landing page builder plugins, it is always better to analyze its review before jumping in to buy it. Alternatively, you can find other landing page plugins as well.

Price: $97 for up to 3 websites

Link: Download OptimizePress

8. WordPress Landing Pages


WordPress Landing Pages is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create landing pages with ease. Aside from allowing you to create beautiful landing pages, its built-in A/B testing tool lets you test different variations and calculates the conversion rate.

As there are lots of ready-made templates to choose from, you do not necessarily need to create a page from scratch. However, almost every template is built for creating small pages, so if you need a long page like a Sales Page, you’ll need to create it from scratch.

Price: Free

Link: Download WordPress Landing Pages

List Builders for Cold Emailing

9. Prospect.io


This tool will let you build your own B2B lists of people you want to find and contact with cold emails to empower your sales and free the time that would be otherwise spent on boring research and data entry.

Prospect.io features a handy browser extension you can take to any website or LinkedIn profile to find the email address and put it in automatic, multi-step campaign, all without a need to move any data between two or more tools.

All emails are verified on the go, so you always have the most accurate information about the people you would like to contact and close the deal with.

On top of that, Prospect.io is integrated with most CRM tools such as Pipedrive, HubSpot or Salesforce and many more thanks to Zapier & PieSync.

Price: Starts with $99 for 1000 credits/month

10. Clearout Email Verification and Email Finder

Clearout Email Verification

Clearout Email Verification and Email Finder tool expands your reach, lowers hard bounces, and improves email deliverability rates effortlessly. It enhances sales and marketing efforts by providing highly accurate customer data through email extraction of ideal prospects and email verification of all existing and future customers.

Many companies buy preset profiled lists from a third party or rely on old, decayed data to send identical mass emails. This puts the business in a vulnerable position ascribed to the low quality of the email lists. To save your business and reputation from irreparable damage, Clearout can be the ideal tool. Email Finder provides assured results backed with a confidence score, and the email verifier provides the highest level of accuracy.

With more than 15 million email addresses verified each day, Clearout facilitates all businesses by capturing legitimate prospects only by removing abuse, spam traps, typos, temporary, and other invalid email addresses.

Price: Starts from $21 for 3000 credits

11. ContactOut


ContactOut allows you to find and manage candidates in a single dashboard based on their name, industry, and professional and academic backgrounds. Its most valuable asset is its vast contact information database, including triple-verified email addresses.

The tool enables a smooth transition of recruitment data from acquisition and enrichment to management by integrating with a growing number of CRMs, including major ones like Zapier and Salesforce, as well as recruitment platforms like Greenhouse and Lever.

Price: Starts from $29 for 1800 credits/year

12. SendPulse

Send Pulse

SendPulse is basically a multichannel marketing automation conglomerate that brings together email, chatbot, and SMS marketing. With email marketing at its core, SendPulse offers a variety of list-building features. Users can integrate good old subscription forms or create a chatbot for a preferred messenger and have it request potential customers’ contact details.

One of the latest features among SendPulse’s tools for lead generation is smart pop-ups that allow users to assign specific triggers for pop-ups to appear. This allows for a more seamless experience for the customers browsing your business website. 


  • Multiple pop-up types – overlay pop-ups, floating and video pop-ups
  • Free predesigned templates 
  • Online chat or chatbot subscription widgets 

Price: Free plan with up to 10,000 unique visitors. Paid plans start at $5/month.

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