In the modern competitive world every business organization is doing their best to attract more and more new customers to purchase their product. The other important aspect of the business is to retain your old customers. If your old customers are leaking, it’s not a good sign for your business. Nowadays, there is a stiff competition among the organizations of all sizes and types. To get an upper edge they need to strive hard and show how they are better than their competitors. Here comes the need of Customer Loyalty Software.

A Customer Loyalty Management Software is a set of functions which helps you retain your existing customers, make new customers and many other things to make the business a successful one. It is an integrated system which takes care of all your customers and how much they are spending on what type of products. These statistics helps you make the most out of your business.

Some commonly used customer loyalty software available in the market includes Arvato, Preferred Patron, Loyalzoo, Loyalty Box, Private Crowd, SailPlay Loyalty, LevelUp, Gigya, Yotpo, GaggleAmp, InviteBox, Belly, Walmoo, WiseMirror, Zuberance, Ambassador, Higher Logic, Bungee, LoyaltyTrac etc.

Free and Open Source CLM Software

Here is the listing of all major free and open source customer loyalty softwares:

1) Ambassador

Ambassador empowers marketers to increase customers, referrals, and revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth. Its marketer-friendly software simplifies referral marketing, automating the process of enrolling, tracking, rewarding and managing your customers, affiliates, influencers, and partners.  It comes in the following three editions – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

2) Bungee 

Bungee provides you a powerful, turnkey loyalty program that can be set up, branded, and launched within days while still fitting into your budget. It can easily be integrated with your existing business systems.

3) Higher Logic

Higher Logic is the industry’s premiere community solution which works for your organization to retain your best customers, extend customer support, empower your customer advocates, and deliver consistent customer experience. The communities build by Higher Logic helps people constantly learn and collaborate. They focus on engagement more than other customer loyalty softwares.

4) InviteBox

InviteBox provides four types of referral programs – referral programs with instant reward, referral programs with goal-based reward, referral contest, sweepstakes and giveaways which lets you reach new customers for your business. You can design and launch a referral program for your online business in minutes.

5) Preferred Patron

Preferred Patron has been providing customer loyalty services to businesses of all sizes, across many diverse industries. They offer four editions – bronze, silver, gold, platinum according to the different budget and size of businesses. It also provides easy incentive promotions, monetary based solutions, tablet and visit based solutions, and 360 degree branding. It is mobile-friendly and works on a safe and secure cloud based technology.

6) Loyalty Box 

Loyalty Box is a multichannel loyalty and analytics solution which works with cards; cell phone numbers; coupons; vouchers; Mobile apps; Facebook pages and more. It is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. It lets you reward your customers to bring them back again and again.

7) LoyaltyTrac

LoyaltyTrac is a rewards-based loyalty and retention platform that may be points-based, activity-based, incentive-based, or based upon online rewards. It will seamlessly integrate with most retail and restaurant POS (point of sale systems) or DMS (dealership management systems). Its flexible design, affordability, and direct accountable results make it the preferred loyalty and customer retention solution.

8) SailPlay Loyalty 

SailPlay offers flexible bonus points scheme, build-in CRM system, single loyalty program for offline and online stores, built-in mass and triggered SMS and Email campaigns, and detailed loyalty program analytics. It works as a tool for grouping your customers and provides rewards to the customers for additional actions like writing a review, evaluating its services and inviting friends.

9) Yotpo

Yotpo is the smartest way to get more ratings and reviews, boost traffic, and increased sales. It leverages data science to get you more reviews. It distributes these reviews over social platforms so you can share the love and acquire more traffic. It helps you increase on-site conversations and retain your customers. It enhances your organic traffic and the performance of your paid search ads with Google Seller Ratings, Google Product Listing Ads and organic SEO tools.

10) Walmoo 

Walmoo is an on-demand custom loyalty program for small businesses. It offers flexible, simple to use customer loyalty solution at less expenses in short implementation period. It provides you a self-service environment. You can use it either as an android mobile application or web application according to your need.

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Nowadays, customer loyalty software is a must for any size or type of business. It creates all the customer related useful data analytics and lets you provide the rewards to your best customers. This retains your existing customers. Additionally, they use social media platforms to share the best reviews which help you find new customers. Customer loyalty software is the need of the hour for any business to generate more revenue.