9 Best Free/Open Source Customer Loyalty Software

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Open Source Customer Loyalty Software

Open-source customer loyalty software is a raging trend amongst organizations in the modern corporate arena – managers have realized their immense potential in enhancing long-term business profitability. Invest in a free loyalty software program to witness a dramatic transformation in customer satisfaction and keep your loyal base of clients hooked on to your company!

What is Customer Loyalty Software?

Customer loyalty software is a set of tools designed to help you create and develop effective loyalty programs. It can be used to track and strengthen customer value after the point of purchase. 

The most popular and common loyalty program is the point-based system. 

Customers who purchase from you gain points, and they can then redeem those points for a wide variety of rewards, such as services or discounts. 

Well, the customer loyalty program is changing, both in function and form. 

Customer loyalty applications give you the ability to customize different aspects of your program. You can design your own loyalty program, create rules around it, and keep track of its effectiveness. 

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One of its core features is its reporting and analytics capabilities that enable you to identify trends in the program. 

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to create lifelong customers. That’s why you will notice how almost every restaurant, hotel, and airline offers rewards for shopping to retain their consumers.

Some of the core functionalities of a customer loyalty software include reward customization, ability to integrate with third-party applications, analytics, and omni-channel accessibility. 

There is no doubt that getting top-notch free customer loyalty software should be the prime agenda for any organization. In fact, open source customer loyalty software is a great way to gain a strong competitive advantage over business rivals in the market space and creating a positive market image for your firm.

So keep all your valuable customer data accessible at a central location through your free loyalty program software. 

9 Free/Open Source Customer Loyalty Software to watch out

1. Giftbit

Giftbit offers a comprehensive set of tools to smoothly carry out your campaigns and grow your customer loyalty base. It makes it easy for B2B customers to recognize and reward their audiences by sending them digital gift cards. 

It allows you to customize your reward template to give the feel and look of your brand. In fact, you can send thousands of rewards within one order and simplify your reward process. 

Besides, it makes it easy to work with a team as it promotes easy collaboration without sharing your account logins. That means you can quickly examine your department’s reward progress success. 

giftbit dashboard

It includes:

  • Monitors the success of your campaign and identify areas of growth
  • Offers hundreds of pre-designed gift cards to choose from
  • Giftbit API enables you to easily integrate it with your existing systems
  • Restricts access to admin-based control

Upgrade for

  • Quote on request

2. Vyper

Vyper is a robust marketing tool that enables you to easily organize contests and giveaways to engage and drive more customers. 

This free customer loyalty software is one of the best tools that you can use to create your customer fan base. It offers enough flexibility for you to create personalized campaigns for your customers. You can choose to display your campaigns in three different display modes — website chat widget, landing page, or embed forms. The best part is that you don’t need any coding knowledge for that. 

You can use upgraded content, sweepstakes, and interactive pop-ups, among others, to harness your campaign’s full power and make it go viral. 

vyper dashboard

It includes:

  • Seamlessly integrates with all popular social media channels
  • Enables your consumers to perform your desired actions — subscribe to a service, promote your brand, or make a purchase 
  • Can help you incentivize downloads, reviews, and more to grow your app
  • Have a variety of contest options to choose from

Upgrade for

  • Basic: Free
  • Enterprise: $149 per month
  • Agency: $299 per month

3. Tango Card

Tango Card is one of the most effective loyalty program solutions that helps you reward and engage your customers. 

It aims to help you further grow your customer base by allowing you to create and offer various digital incentives. You can easily make gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations, to name a few. 

This application enables you to create as many numbers of digital gift cards on demand. 

You can either choose to have rewards delivered in bulk or integrate the e-gift cards in the user’s app or platform using Tango Card’s API. Tango card lets you create an e-gift card for various purposes, including customer loyalty, customer advocacy, research participant, wellness participant, and more. 

tango card dashboard

It includes:

  • Allows you to print out rewards and coupons to give it your recipients
  • Gives the freedom to choose your preferred delivery method for desired program experience
  • Easily integrates with your existing system
  • Supports multiple languages, including French, English, German, and more

Upgrade for

  • Quote on request

4. Loyera

This intuitive and simplistic open source loyalty management system can help your organization retain a huge following of customers. Loyera facilitates inviting new customers, connecting with them on social media, updating their reward loyalty points, and thereby leads to the overall growth of your profitability.

This cloud-based software is the best way to manage your customers and has a range of flexible pricing plans to suit any organization’s budget. Loyera is indeed a perfect solution to develop a trustworthy bond with your customers, and is sure to help your organization develop into a local champion!

loyera software screenshots

It includes:

  • Gives you access to an unlimited number of customers in your area. They offer irresistible deals to help acquire new customers
  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which helps attract more customers
  • Offers insightful reports on customer purchase records to help you make a smart decision
  • Allows you to easily set up rewards, manage staff contributions, and offer reward redemption experience for your loyal customers

Upgrade for

  • Basic: FREE
  • Core: $9 per month
  • Complete: $99 per month

5. Loyverse

An innovative free loyalty program software – Loyverse is a point of sale(POS) system that gives immediate access to your organization’s analytics and customer loyalty program. It also has an advanced inventory management portal and can manage multiple stores effectively by integrating important business data in a unified manner.

Loyverse is indeed a transformational system that can augment desirable customer behaviors and provide your business with useful insights that will help in long-term retention.

loyverse software dashboard

It includes:

  • Has an intuitive interface which offers quick registration and easy setup
  • Offers bonus points to customers to encourage them to purchase more
  • Records and analyze customer’s buying behavior to provide the best service
  • Helps you identify your most loyal customers by analyzing the number of visits and the customer purchases amount

Upgrade for

  • It’s a free app, which comes with paid add-on service

6. Whisqr

This novel open source customer loyalty software can prove to be a real business asset as it helps organizations build a long-lasting relationship with customers. It helps to automate and customize communication with clients, thereby increasing customer acquisition, frequency, and retention.

The creative use of the modern technology of Whisqr helps in enhancing profitable customer behavior that will surely lead to a rise in your firm’s bottom line results!

whisqr dashboard

It includes:

  • Offers customizable mobile experience for your business to provide the best experience
  • Sends out an automatic email notification to the customers about the deals and offers
  • Generates insightful reports to give you a clear picture of your customers’ buying behavior
  • Automates and customizes your communication with your customers for fast response

Upgrade for

  • Starting: Free
  • Growing: Starting from $ 63.01 /QRT
  • Established: Starting from $ 85.00 /MON

7. Walmoo

Walmoo is a customer loyalty business portal that serves as a unique engagement and customer identification platform. It delivers seamless management of loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, outdoor advertising, and IoT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

Its simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make it a popular choice amongst organizations and it can be easily integrated with existing business software systems. There are no setup fees or hidden charges, so it definitely tops the chart of free loyalty program software!

walmoo software dashboard

It includes:

  • Offers different customer identification option — either choose NFC card or tag or printed or digitally stored QR code
  • Gives you access to 100% self-service, that means you are in full control of your customer loyalty program
  • Consists of web-based administration panel for business, and also offer an Android and/or Web-based terminal apps
  • The program is easy to use, and can be customized as per your business needs

Upgrade for

  • Free up to first 50 visitors every month
  • Starts at €0.10 as the visitors grow

8. Yotpo

This technologically savvy free customer loyalty software is the smartest way for businesses to collect user-generated customer content to provide a more holistic experience. It manages customer reviews, social media engagement, and automates content management to help your organization build a strong rapport with valuable clients.

Yotpo is the best tool to increase your lead conversion rates, boost organic brand traffic, and curate personalized customer experiences!

yotpo software dashboard

It includes:

  • The app keeps an eye on every customer who has ever entered your database or expressed an interest in your product/service
  • Makes it easy to generate product reviews from clients, and use the same as their sales-boosting incentives
  • Its plug-and-play social reviews and e-commerce app helps collects verified reviews and offers a simple and smart mobile-first reviewing experience
  • Offers numerous retention tools that will keep the customers coming back

Upgrade for

  • Free plan
  • Premium: Quote by request

9. Open Loyalty

Open Loyalty is another leading, open source customer loyalty software that helps you deliver a smooth experience for all digital touchpoints. 

Their open architecture makes it easy to customize the solution to your unique needs quickly. Besides, with Open Loyalty, you get full control over your source code. Thus, you have full ownership of all the data stored in your loyalty program. 

One unique thing about it is that it enables you to segment your customer based on different approaches and deliver personalized campaigns to various groups. 

Some of the top companies using this solution are Aldo, Prudential, ScanTrust, and more.

openloyalty software dashboard

It includes:

  • Gives you full access to easily customize as per your needs when required
  • The software gives you a good developer experience with its easy and intuitive interface
  • Lets you manage your customers based on their purchase history and behavior
  • Can track all kinds of transactions — online, offline, from one or multiple merchants

In today’s highly competitive business era, investing in great free loyalty program software is a necessity for any organization. Your customers need to feel valued, respected and engaged to your brand so that they can maintain a lifetime relationship with your company. Harness the immense potential of open source customer management systems to usher in a revolution of productivity and efficient customer management.

The market is flooded with a number of free loyalty program software suites – it is important for companies to conduct careful research and choose the best package that suits their organizational requirements. Most of these software systems are completely customizable, hence you can decide on specific modules according to your business model.

Wrapping up

Customer loyalty software can help you manage all your customer needs – attraction, relationship building, reward and loyalty program management, analytics, and report generation. It is a dynamic tool that reduces paperwork and administration, saves time and pumps up overall organizational productivity.

Therefore, do not waste time thinking, and get an excellent open source customer loyalty program for your company – it will be a profitable decision that will carry your organization to the pinnacle of success instantly!

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