In any Business organization, those who have worked on multiple Projects simultaneously have realized that managing it without a proper Project Management Software is equivalent to a natural disaster. When it comes to working on multiple projects, a single bad step can ruin the work you’ve been doing for the past couple of months. Not to mention that trying to recover from project failures can be a dreadful and time-consuming task, particularly considering how much money you actually need to accomplish it. Fortunately today, both small and large businesses have a number of project management solutions available at their disposal, with most of them being absolutely free of charge!

Here are Top 8 Free and Open Source Project Management Software:

1) Asana


With 400,000 active users and over 140,000 satisfied customers, Asana has proved itself to be the project management solution of choice for many people. Asana is free and open source project management application. Every month, more than 10,000 companies start using it. Asana’s design is very intuitive and some of the outstanding features of this project management software include Goal Visualization, Time Tracking, Task Priority Assignment, Converting Tasks Into Conversations, Responsive Dashboard, Nifty Calendar Function and even Task Graphing. Asana has an Android app of its own. The best thing about the Asana app is that it is highly intuitive!

2) Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is free and open source project management solution which gives its users the option to choose whether they want to use it via the cloud or using their own hosting. It has a lot of features, such as Layered Task Options, Time Management, Time Tracking, Gantt Charts, etc. This software is known for immensely helping with the planning of employee workload. When it comes to user interaction, it offers Group Chat, Instant Messaging and even Video Conferencing. Another great feature is the option to create Task Templates, Checklists and Subtasks. Bitrix24 can even be used as a Dropbox alternative for document sharing. The software boasts of a 5 GB storage on their own cloud, with additional storage available in paid plans. Bitrix24 allows for up to 12 different users. That said, there’s an upgrade option, available for a monthly fee of $99. Bitrix24 is a great option for Startups.

3) Freedcamp


Freedcamp is perhaps the single most popular piece of free project management software. This is due to the fact that it has a breathtaking design and it offers Unlimited Projects, Users, Countless loaded features and the option of choosing between tasks or Kanban. Although the best parts of the software are completely free, the integration add-on for Google Drive costs just $2.99 and the Customer Relationship Management module is available at $12.99. You can also upgrade the available storage, for $2.49 per gigabyte. What makes this project management software so popular are its collaboration features. Falling behind the schedule is virtually impossible, as it notifies the user every time a project has been updated. The notifications are non-intrusive and they sure won’t get in the way of your work. Freedcamp doesn’t have a mobile version of its program, but its website is optimized for use on mobile devices and the company plans on releasing an iOS app very soon.

4) GanttProject


Another popular, free and open source project management software and scheduling tool, GanttProject is often compared to Microsoft Project, as far as Complexity and Features are concerned. It allows for quick and easy creation of structured schedules, no matter what the project might be. GanttProject can also be used for generating PERT and Gantt charts, producing reports both in HTML and in PDF formats. The software offers milestone implementation as well as task assignment features. The only downside to using this project management software is the somewhat steep learning curve for beginners and the fact that most of the support is done using its Forums.

5) Harvest


Harvest is a brilliant solution when it comes to time tracking as well as reporting and management of resource-based projects. Its invoicing system is one of the best in business, as it allows for client billing to be done with a single click of a button. The integration options are out of this world with options such as Google Drive, Atlassian Jira, Zapier, Zendesk and even QuickBooks, to which you can quickly export all your tracked time and send the bill directly to your clients. Two of the best features Harvest currently offers are its simple On-platform Solution which completely replaces timesheets and its outstanding Analytics System. Harvest allows unlimited clients and projects for only $12 per month. Harvest offers a Mobile App which is known for its brilliant integration with its desktop counterpart.

6) MeisterTask


MeisterTask offers all the features you might expect from a free project management software. It can be used for Issue Tracking, Time Tracking and Collaboration between Users, both internal and external ones. There are no limits on storage, which is good news for businesses who depend on heavy file exchanges. The layout looks amazing, and the project boards can be completely customized to allow users to create anything ranging from Scrum to Kanban and other, mixed forms. It boasts of Unlimited Projects and Users, and has native iPhone and iPad apps. The free option offers two integrations with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub, Zendesk, etc.

7) Trello

Trello is heavily influenced by the Kanban system, where users move task representative cards to make a graphic representation of the development stages of the project. The card front is designed to be a label for the task, while the back features information regarding those working on the task, the deadline and the status of a a project. It offers Unlimited Projects and Users. This free Project Management Software allows for 10 MB of storage. The paid version of the software, Trello Gold, offers more storage for just $5 per month, or $45 per year1

8) 2-Plan


2-Plan is another popular free and open source Project Management Software. 2-Plan is an enterprise-type management solution which offers three different programs: 2-Plan Desktop – the default program; 2-Plan Team – a web-based tool with several hosting options; and Work 2-gether – a Scrum-type management board for single-team projects. What sets 2-Plan apart from other free project management solutions are its outstanding features. With 2-Plan, users can create Project Milestones, make Custom Control Systems for projects, Time Tracking, Off-campus Team Coordination and even create Animated WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). The Pro version of the software is available at only $15 per month.

Bottom Line

All of the above Project Management Software solutions are completely free and open source. But, small businesses should eventually consider upgrading to the paid versions, because the paid version allows more projects, users, added functionalities, and enhanced customer support. The best thing is that the above 8 software offer reasonably priced upgrades, and choosing the best one for your business won’t burn your pockets. Last but not the least, the important factors that you as a business owner should focus while selecting a project management software are: Type of your business, the structure of Teams inside your business organization, and the overall work-style you prefer.