Managing a school is definitely no simple task – there are a million aspects to be taken care of on a daily basis. School Management Software is the best way to streamline your school’s efficiency and productivity levels – this revolutionary tool can completely change the way your educational institution functions.

So, what exactly is school management system and how will it help you? It is a software system specifically designed to propel the paperless administration of schools and educational organizations. It consists of a number of modules that greatly help the teachers and staff of the school maintain student records, track their academic history and optimize all important school processes.

School management systems are indeed a transformational system – a roadmap that facilitates school administrators to effortlessly run the institution and do so in a way that determines efficiency, cost-savings, and ingenuity. So, let’s check out a list of the 10 best open source and free school management software:

Looking for a school management system? Check out the List of Best School Management system

List of 10 Best Open Source and Free School Management Software:

1. Fedena

This highly useful school management system focuses mainly on handling records and is a great platform that completely manages the holistic administration of your educational system. Students can log in to the system and get complete access to their academic records at any time. Fedena has a number of innovative features which includes human resources portal, an academic calendar, financial management, examination management, and student/parent logins. So, if you want to accrue a host of major benefits for your school and keep it on the track of efficiency – Fedena is the best open source school management system for you!

2. School Time

The free version of School Time is the perfect platform for smaller educational institutions such as elementary schools. It covers all the features required for comprehensive school management – some of its novel features include board management, grading modules, library databases, exam management, attendance automation, and even dormitory management. School Time, a user-friendly school software, is the apt choice for primary schools as it is better suits a smaller student base and is not enterprise ready. So make sure to harness the power of this free school management software and keep your school running smoothly in the dynamic academic environment.

3. OpenEduCat

A great open source school management software for your school – OpenEduCat is an open source school management solution provider that focuses on providing users with a seamless experience. The cornerstone of OpenEduCat lays in the fact that it is an all-inclusive school management platform that handles every single aspect of operational functioning. It has the ability to look after student’s enrollment and also maintains a complete database of student’s academic history that can be viewed by them. It also has modules for managing courses, examination, finance and faculty records – OpenEduCat truly can transform your school into an efficiently automated ecosystem that runs in the most productive manner.

4. OpenSis Community

A widely popular free school management software open source – OpenSis community is a boon for school administrators as it can bring about a dramatic positive change in the functioning of educational institutions. OpenSis Community is designed to operate at the K-12 level which makes it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized schools. The free version of this software can be used for a multitude of activities such as recording student attendance, transcriptions, work scheduling and customized reports amongst others. If you have a well-trained and proactive IT team, OpenSis Community’s free version should be the school management system that you opt for – it can bring about progressive changes in your efficacy levels.

5. SchoolTool

This is definitely one of the best contenders for the most effective school information management system in the market and is a handy resource for the teachers as it eases out their administrative workload. SchoolTool is a cloud-based platform that can undertake nearly all the operational functions of small-medium sized educational organizations. Some of its cutting-edge features include classroom management, organization tools, academic calendar management, and a customized report generation module. SchoolTool assists educators manage student grade books, skill assessment files, class attendance spreadsheets, and daily participation journals. If you want to escalate your school’s overall performance, SchoolTool should be the school management system you choose!

6. FeKara

This is a dynamic school administration powerhouse and is free for smaller educational institutions running with 50 students or lesser. It has a clean, intuitive interface and offers some advanced features that can manage everything in your school – right from examinations to attendance, administration, and finance. FeKara’s free version makes sure staff and student members can access databases anywhere at a time if their convenience through devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and personal computers. Its mobile application makes sure that you can manage your school even if you are on the move – thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity to unprecedented heights!

7. Gibbon

Gibbon is an all-inclusive school management software that is truly an “all-in-one”. This open source software is a boon for teachers and school administrators as it simplifies their daily functional tasks and streamlines work processes. It offers a diverse array of features including school administration tools related to accounts, payroll, scheduling, faculty management and invoicing. Gibbon’s teaching tools also serve as great facilitators of teachers – it has some innovative resources such as rubrics, assessment sheets, planning tools, and library catalogues that keep teachers on the top of their academic game! So make sure to invest in Gibbon and witness a sea of positive change in your school management!

8. TS School

This classic powerful tool is a must-have for school management and is designed to manage the operations of all sized schools. One of its strongest features is its human resource module, and it can prove to be a great asset in managing your school’s workforce. TS School also has a robust student management structure, report generating capabilities, a powerful academic calendar organizer, and a comprehensive exam module for teachers. A user-friendly minimalistic software – it is definitely a must to invest in TS School to enhance your output levels and optimize academic work procedures in the best possible manner!

9. AscendSMS

This is a refreshingly novel student management system that is available to Catholic schools at no cost. A connector between parents and students – AscendSMS is hugely popular as it restructures daily school functions and channelizes communication in the right direction. Some of its advantageous features include accounting modules, timetable management, attendance tracking and transportation/fleet management. AscendSMS is fully customizable software that can be moulded to suit your school’s functional requirements. The mobile app and support features make it the best choice for your school, so invest in this multi-dimensional school management system to reap colossal benefits!

10. FenixEdu

A great modular software solution provider for academic and administrative management of higher education institutions- FenixEdu can handle all your requirements through the click of a button! This open-source integrated platform manages all academic tasks and structures communication channels between school authorities and parents. FenixEdu has some cutting-edge features such as admissions management, event calendar, curriculum management and reporting tools. So make sure you get FenixEdu for your school – it will make it a success story!

These transformational open source school management systems or free school management software are sure to power your academic institution into an efficient vehicle. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in the best and watch your school gain a competitive edge in the highly fast-paced educational environment.