Best Free Alternatives of TeamViewer You Must Try


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Best Free Alternatives of Team Viewer You Must Try

TeamViewer enjoys a commendable market share in the remote desktop software solution industry. Over 4,00,000 people trust TeamViewer as it offers fast and secure device connections with its innovative technology and global network.

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However, many users do not prefer TeamViewer as a remote desktop software solution, as it falls short when the work task is in context with the proxy servers. Its major problem areas include its inability to share big files and limited features in the free version. Sometimes, the paid version also includes considerable charges which might burn a hole in your pocket. Well, there are free alternatives for TeamViewer with great features.

We have compiled a list of the best remote desktop software solutions that serve as excellent TeamViewer alternatives, along with their prices, pros, and cons. 

15 Best Free Alternatives of TeamViewer 

1. AnyDesk


AnyDesk is a remote desktop software that ensures a safe remote desktop connection experience and meets the most commonly preferred specifications. It boasts of over 100 million downloads, with around 130 million sessions per month. The remote desktop software performs very well on all devices and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, free BSD, Linux, and Raspberry PI.


The free version is available with basic features. Its paid version will cost you upwards of $10.99 per month.


  • Facilitates secure collaboration and communication
  • Uncomplicated file sharing 
  • It does not require any administrative privileges or installation
  • Record your session for more security and further training purposes


  • It doesn’t offer the file-sharing feature in the free version
  • Requires a fluid and good-speed internet connection
  • The copy-paste function does not work as expected

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

The Chrome Remote desktop software is powered by Google that works on its proprietary protocol called Chromoting. It is a chrome extension, and thus, it requires the Chrome browser to operate. With this software, users can stay connected with the host whenever they want to seek control of any other computer.


The remote desktop software is free to use with any Google account.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Updated time to time with new features
  • It works even if the host user logs off


  • Requires a Google chrome browser
  • Does not support chats

3. LogMeIn


LogMeIn ensures fantastic productivity with seamless, secure, and fast remote connections. It provides reliable remote access and support solutions to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. This remote desktop software lets you store and share files and collaborate on them with a single tap. Its virtual assistance feature will change the way you engage with customers.


LogMeIn provides a free trial. The pro version costs $30/month for individual usage, $70/month for power users, and $129/month for small businesses.


  • Reconnects to all computers after reboot
  • Fixes issues
  • Provides virtual chat services


  • Installation might harm your system
  • Complex user interface

4. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist offers cloud-based remote access and MSP support. It manages remote computers to ensure customer satisfaction. It is advantageous as it can provide unattended remote access. It can handle all PCs, laptops, and any other devices at a time.


It offers a free trial of 15 days, and its charges begin at $10/month once the free trial expires.


  • Connects in an instant
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Outstanding service


  • Delay in remote access
  • Unable to run on some devices

5. SupRemo


SupRemo is a straightforward and lightweight desktop remote control software. Its UAC compatibility enables you to connect to other devices and transfer your files in a secure manner. Its access feature also has the option of adding a dynamic password for more security.


There is a free version available with some features. Most features will cost you $33/month.


  • Provides consistent customer service
  • Flexible and cost-effective
  • Runs without any configuration and installation


  • Not available for macOS
  • Doesn’t provide any voice support

6. Splashtop


Splashtop provides an award-winning remote desktop software service that is trusted by 30 million customers worldwide. It is suitable for MSPs and other service providers. Also, Splashtop uses a 9-digit code to connect with PCs and other devices for better security.


A free trial is available, after which you’ll have to pay $5/month for remote access and $25/month for remote support.


  • Very transparent pricing policy
  • Consistent service on mobile devices
  • Remotely reboots your device in safe mode
  • Save and record sessions


  • Short free trial
  • Does not support French and Italian languages
  • The drag and drop feature crashes sometimes

7. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin’s flawless system administration features can help you accomplish remote desktop work. It also allows you to manage all your network servers remotely without any NAT settings and firewall problems. It provides you quick access to your remote desktop with a good internet connection to control devices from anywhere and at any time.


It provides a free version of the remote desktop software with limited features. The paid version comes with three one-time payment options- starting at $33.90. The premium plan will cost you $66.90, and the corporate plan will cost you $99.90.


  • It has a sophisticated process of authentication
  • Straightforward and speedy file retribution from paired devices
  • Doesn’t require any installation and download
  • Has an inbuilt voice chat feature
  • Facilitates online presentation and distance learning


  • No hassle of regular updates
  • Complicated user interface

8. RemotePC


RemotePC offers various specialized features and security protocols to enhance your remote communication efficiency with high security. This remote desktop software is beneficial for individuals, SMBs, mid-range companies, and even large organizations.

It enables you to access your remote services from any device, anytime and anywhere, and also helps you manage your files remotely from a mapped drive.


Remote PC provides a 30-day free trial for all its features. Its subscription rates start from $69.50 per year.


  • More affordable than TeamViewer
  • Suitable for small networks
  • Provides one-time access
  • Provides real-time chat and screen-sharing features


  • Features are complicated and require more time to understand
  • The software is slow as compared to the other remote desktop software in the market
  • Outdated WOL features

9. Lite Manager

Lite Manager

Lite Manager provides quick and easy real-time remote access services in local area networks for distance learning and employee surveillance. You will need your IP address and a unique ID to connect with employees. This remote desktop software works well to create network maps, collect data, and deploy it via remote installation services.


It includes a free version and a free trial. Subscription rates start at $10.


  • The free version allows you to connect a maximum of 30 computers
  • Provides text, audio, and video chat features
  • Reliable remote desktop service for unattended access
  • Remote support without installation


  • Complex solution for unskilled users
  • Lengthy setup process

10. NoMachine


NoMachine is the fastest remote desktop software service provider that functions at the speed of light because it uses NX technology. NoMachine is suitable for all forms of content, such as live videos, videos from paired PCs, DVDs, and YouTube videos.


It has a free version, and the subscription for the paid version starts at $5.45.


  • Flexible desktop access services
  • Hassle-free remote desktop control
  • Deploys thousands of servers and computers


  • Advance and complex plans
  • Primary implementation is difficult

11. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection works best as a remote desktop software when you are looking forward to connecting more than one computer using one network or via different networks. You only need to set up the windows remote desktop connection, and you are all set.


Since it comes in-built in every Microsoft OS system, it is available free of cost.


  • Easy to set up and free to use
  • Runs on the remote desktop protocol (RDP)
  • No additional investment in third-party apps is required


  • Only helpful for limited in-office remote support 
  • Functional with Windows Pro or Ultimate versions only 
  • No feature for rebooting the remote machine
  • No scope for handling multiple sessions 

12. ConnectWise Control


This fantastic remote desktop software solution is known for controlling remote devices using its updated interface. From exchanging files to offering comments, ConnectWise Control offers a great user experience. Along with accessing a remote computer, this tool can also be capable of other tasks like desktop or screen-sharing, an option to chat, share files, and emails. 


It has a free version, and the paid version starts at $19/month annually for a few end users and small groups accessing one connection. For more than one connection, the starting price is $35/month annually.


  • Team collaboration support
  • Supports remote team meetings along with screen-sharing 
  • Offers remarkable security options


  • Limited developer support
  • Sometimes clipboard sharing options are problematic
  • The iPhone version of the app tends to crash

13. WebEx

Cisco Webex

Cisco WebEx, formerly called Cisco Spark, is an excellent remote desktop software that can meet all your collaboration-related requirements. Based on the cloud, this tool works well on mobiles, desktops, and other video-based devices. 


It comes with a 30-day free trial, after which a starter pack of $13.50/ month is applicable.


  • Meets all business-related collaboration needs and comes with various subscription models to conduct meetings
  • No heavy installation required when using from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices
  • Flexible to collaborate with third-party apps


  • Premium version can be a little heavy on pocket
  • The audio-video quality drops in case of poor network connection
  • Tedious to join back if you drop off from an ongoing meeting  

14. Blizz


Preferred by many corporates and business teams, Blizz is a high-rated, best-in-class video conferencing and collaboration software. This easy-to-use tool is quite robust and can scale up to accommodate a meeting with over 300 participants without any hassles. It also supports an extensive array of languages from Danish, Polish, and English to Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. 


Five participants can connect for free. Their pricing starts at $6/month, which is billed annually and lets 10 participants connect over the remote desktop software.


  • Ample security options
  • Can record meetings
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers features like 4K screen sharing, mix VoIP, and HD video and superior audio quality


  • Always requires an updated browser or else it won’t run efficiently
  • Features like quick reminders and side notes are missing
  • Video flickers at times

15. Multiplicity


Multiplicity is a robust and productive tool that helps control all machines via one PC and allows seamless movement between multiple devices. The tool has an option to set a password for accessing secondary machines. 


Multiplicity has come up with a new version called Multiplicity 3.0, which starts from $19.99 for controlling two PCs at a time. This version supports Windows 10, 8, and 7. The prices may vary if you are looking to control more than two PCs.


  • Suitable for both tech-savvy users as well as novices
  • Very easy to operate and install
  • Works using internal LAN or Firewire networks
  • Operate multiple machines using just one mouse and keyboard


  • It is not a full-fledged remote desktop application
  • Not functional with legacy operating systems (Windows 98/ME or 95)

The Last Note

Thus, we conclude our list of the best remote desktop software alternatives to TeamViewer. All these solutions facilitate adequate remote access and support. Each tool has its own set of unique features, pros, and cons.

We’d love to know your thoughts on this list. Do let us know if you have used any of these solutions and share your experience with us in the comments section. Also, feel free to suggest any more alternatives to TeamViewer.

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