In a team or an organization, collaboration has always been an issue. In the past two decades a lot has been done to aid the process and now it has left us with a myriad of project management collaboration tools. First came the fax machine then the portable fax machine followed by paging. Later BlackBerry revolutionised communication with a small QWERTY device which allowed users to reply messages on the move. Since the advent of push emails, all of us have had an on and off relation with emails and have finally realized that emails are inevitable but not always necessary.
Future of Collaboration toolsIt has been a while since most of us dumped BlackBerry and shifted to iOS and android devices which offered not just emails but multiple applications to cater multiple needs. Today most of the internal company communication has shifted from emails to messenger apps like hip chat, slack, etc…but it just resolves communication and p2p file sharing! Collaboration and productivity need much more than just communication tools. Project Management Collaboration tools are required to serve other needs like file sharing, video conferencing, task planning and task management.

Present Solutions

Cloud storage has revolutionised the way we handle files and most of us just can’t do without dropbox, box, OneDrive or Google drive. On a personal front smart phone calendar and task manager help us plan and stay on schedule while task management apps like solo, trello, etc…have helped us get over paper and provided added functionality which help us manage and collaborate. Skype, Google hangouts, etc…have made video conferencing accessible to everyone. Although it would be a bit too early to conclude that these applications have saved substantial time and money spent on travel but they have definitely saved us hefty phone-bills.

Present Scenario 

Today we have an application to solve almost all the problems but it further emanates a problem. We end up spending too much time doing everything everywhere! Today enterprises use at least three to four applications to collaborate and multiple platforms make this complex and more time consuming. Sending a message via Google mail with a file attached as a link on dropbox. This leads to frequent platform shifting consuming extra time and data redundancy consuming extra data off your internet package. An average employee ends up spending 28 man-hours, equivalent to four working days every month on writing emails, organising calendars and managing tasks. So if you had all of it at one place, a single tab on your browser or a single app which could help you get through your work day, it would be a saviour!

The Future

Collaboration 2.0 leverages cloud computing and brings everything at one place to simplify the process and increase your productivity and project management software performance. It thus wipes out the complexity and lets you focus on your work. Collaboration 2.0 provides you with cloud storage, communication and task management tools at one place to help you collaborate efficiently and get more things done. Accenture pioneered collaboration 2.0 but the solution is limited to Accenture and its clients.

So, Gridle built a highly scalable solution which can be used by teams as well as enterprises. It provides multiple features like cloud storage for storing, sharing and annotating files, instant messaging and video conferencing for communication, personal planner as well as task management for teams. And to let you use existing platforms, it has multiple integrations like Dropbox and Skype. With inbuilt features and integrations you can effortlessly collaborate with your team as well as manage your own priorities.

With rich features and functionality collaboration 2.0 is taking productivity to the next level and defining the future of teamwork.


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