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The architecture and construction industry has been trending globally over the last few decades. There has been an evolution of many architectural software and devices. However, almost all of us are heavily dependent on the technical guys and the interior designers to make these software work. Contrary to the general experience, a software that came very handy for me to designed my residential apartment has been Ghar360.

Ghar360 provides a FREE do it yourself platform that enables anyone to sign up and start designing the home online within minutes.

Ghar360 review by softwaresuggest

Ghar360 developed by Bangalore Based TechZag Solutions Pvt. Ltd, has been designed for the construction and architectural industry and enables users to design and visualize their dream home online. The software gives a 360 degree walkthrough of the entire home and allows users to customize home interiors as per their interests – from home décor to furniture to paints and almost everything you need to design your house.

Users can digitize the floor plan into an interactive walk-able space. It not only gives the aerial view of the floor but also gives an option to go inside the house and have an entire walkthrough of the home interior. The 2D to 3D conversion is completely automated and it just takes only a second to render the 2D Floorplan to 3D.

Ghar360, comes handy even for Architects and Builder. It allows them to showcase their projects on and connect with people planning to build a home. The information they can provide to their customer can be as detailed as house elevations, interior design, videos, concept, team members, associates, recommendations, drawing files and other home related products all in 3D. The product is developed using the latest technologies like HTML5, WebGL etc which has contributed to the user experience.  (Here is a comprehensive list of the construction and real-estate software )

Additionally, Ghar360 has also reinvented the interior products shopping experience. It has integrated 1000’s of real products across various categories that enable users to try, visualize and play around with real products in real time before they buy them.

The company is also trying to create an online collaborative platform connecting the users with Architects, Interior Designers, E-Commerce websites and other Offline retail outlets so that they have access to all they need from a single platform from designing the home interiors to buying of products and connecting with other parties in the ecosystem.

Ghar360 will also be partnering with builders and real estate portals where all those who buy the property from these builders will have an access to digitalized floor plans that could later be used for home customization and home renovation purposes. The users will also have an access to browse through various products across different categories from both online as well as offline stores to try out various products before they buy them. This floorplan will be available with them for a lifetime and can be used at any point of time where they can also use it if they decide to rent it out or if they are looking for home renovation.

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