Google Local Guides Program: How To Get Points & Badges

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Google Local Guides Program: How To Get Points & Badges

Whether you’re searching for a local restaurant, looking for directions to a new place, or exploring the latest reviews, Google Maps is often your go-to app. What you might not know, however, is that you can actively contribute to this dynamic platform and earn rewards through the Google Local Guide Program. In this blog, we’ll delve into what the program entails, its benefits, and the intricate world of Google Local Guide points, levels, and badges.

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What Is the Google Local Guide Program?

The Google Local Guide Program is a community-driven initiative designed to improve the quality and accuracy of information available on Google Maps. It empowers users like you and me to become local experts, helping both residents and travelers find the most up-to-date and relevant information about places and services in their local areas.

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Consistency and authenticity are key when contributing to the Google Local Guides Program. Focus on providing accurate, detailed, and helpful information about local places and services. Engage with the community, share your genuine experiences, and aim to improve the overall user experience on Google Maps. This commitment will not only enhance your own Local Guide journey but also positively impact those who rely on the platform for valuable insights.

Local Guides can contribute in various ways, such as writing reviews, uploading photos, sharing their local knowledge, and answering questions about places on Google Maps.

What Is the Benefit of Being a Local Guide on Google?

Becoming a Google Local Guide offers several notable benefits, ranging from personal satisfaction to tangible rewards. Below are the main google local guide benefits –

Benefit of Being a Local Guide on Google

1. Community Recognition and Influence

One of the most significant benefits of being a Local Guide is the recognition you receive from the Google Maps community. Your contributions, such as detailed reviews, helpful photos, and accurate information, establish you as a trusted source of local knowledge. Users often look for guidance from Local Guides, and your opinions can greatly influence the choices of those seeking local services or places to explore.

2. Personal Satisfaction and Civic Pride

Contributing to your local area through the Google Local Guide Program can be deeply rewarding on a personal level. You’ll experience the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts are helping fellow residents and travelers navigate and discover the best of your community. It’s a tangible way to give back and showcase your love for your neighborhood, city, or region.

3. Access to New Features

Google values the contributions of its Local Guides and, as a token of appreciation, often grants them early access to new features and updates in Google Maps. This means you can explore and use cutting-edge tools and functionalities before they are widely available. Your feedback on these features can also influence their development and refinement.

4. Exclusive Events and Opportunities

Some Local Guides are invited to exclusive events and gatherings organized by Google. These events provide unique opportunities to connect with other contributors, share experiences, and learn from Google staff. You can deepen your understanding of Google services and the world of local mapping while enjoying the social aspect of meeting like-minded individuals.

5. Community Engagement

The Local Guide Program creates a sense of community among individuals who share a common passion for improving Google Maps. You can connect with fellow Local Guides, exchange tips, insights, and advice, and even collaborate on special projects to enhance local content. This sense of belonging can be both motivating and fulfilling.

6. Local Guide Levels and Rewards

Your contributions earn you Local Guide points, which determine your Local Guide level. Each level comes with increasingly valuable rewards. These may include discounts on Google services, extended storage through Google One, and other perks, often tailored to your location and activity level. The higher your Local Guide level, the more significant the rewards become.

7. Tangible Local Perks

Depending on your area and the local businesses that participate, you might enjoy tangible benefits as a Local Guide. These can range from discounts at local restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues to free movie tickets and special offers from nearby businesses. These perks can add real-world value to your participation.

8. Boosting Your Online Presence

Your reviews and photos on Google Maps are visible to a vast online audience. Being a Local Guide can enhance your online presence, especially if you’re a business owner or looking to establish yourself as an expert in a particular field or location. Your contributions can help you gain recognition beyond the Google Maps platform.

What Are Google Local Guide Points, Levels & Badges?

The Google Local Guide Program operates on a point-based system, where you earn points for various types of contributions. These points determine your Local Guide level and, in turn, the associated benefits. Here’s how it works:

Points that Determine Your Local Guide Level

1. Points

You can earn points by writing reviews, adding photos, correcting information, and answering questions on Google Maps. The more helpful and relevant your contributions, the more points you’ll receive. Each contribution type has a different point value.

2. Levels

There are several Local Guide levels, starting at Level 1 and going up to Level 10. As you accumulate points, you’ll progress through the levels. Higher levels come with more significant rewards and recognition.

3. Badges

At each level, you’ll unlock different badges that represent your contributions. These badges serve as a visual recognition of your expertise and dedication. Some popular badges include “Reviewer,” “Photographer,” “Explorer,” and “Trailblazer.”

Here’s a breakdown of the levels and their corresponding point requirements:

  • Level 1: 0 – 4 points
  • Level 2: 5 – 49 points
  • Level 3: 50 – 199 points
  • Level 4: 200 – 499 points
  • Level 5: 500 – 999 points
  • Level 6: 1,000 – 4,999 points
  • Level 7: 5,000 – 19,999 points
  • Level 8: 20,000 – 49,999 points
  • Level 9: 50,000 – 99,999 points
  • Level 10: 100,000+ points

How to Join the Google Local Guides Program?

The Google Local Guides Program is an excellent way to contribute to the accuracy and richness of information on Google Maps, while also enjoying the benefits of being part of a community of local experts. Here’s a detailed guide on how to join the program:

How to Join the Google Local Guides Program?

1. Create or Sign In to Your Google Account

To become a Local Guide, you’ll need a Google account. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Google account by visiting the Google Account creation page.

2. Download the Google Maps App

If you haven’t already, download and install the Google Maps app on your smartphone or tablet. The Local Guides program is primarily mobile-based, so having the app is essential.

3. Open Google Maps and Sign In

Launch the Google Maps app and sign in to your Google account.

4. Access the Local Guides Section

Tap the “Contribute” button located at the bottom of the screen. This will open a menu with various options for contributing to Google Maps.

5. Opt to Join the Local Guides Program

From the “Contribute” menu, select the “Join Local Guides” option. This will initiate the process of becoming a Local Guide.

6. Agree to the Program’s Terms

Read through the terms and conditions of the Local Guides Program and, if you agree, click “Accept.” It’s crucial to understand and comply with the program’s guidelines.

7. Set Your Profile Information

You’ll be prompted to set up your Local Guides profile. This includes choosing a profile picture and adding some information about yourself, such as your name and location.

8. Start Contributing

Once your profile is set up, you’re officially a Local Guide. You can begin contributing to Google Maps by writing reviews, uploading photos, answering questions, adding new places, and more.

9. Earn Points and Levels

As you contribute, you’ll earn points for your activities. These points will determine your Local Guide level, which in turn, will grant you access to more benefits and Google guide rewards.

10. Engage with the Local Guides Community

Connect with fellow Local Guides and participate in the program’s community forums and events. You can share experiences, ask questions, and learn from other contributors.

How Many Google Reviewers Are Local Guides?

The exact number of Google Reviewers who are also Local Guides can be challenging to pinpoint precisely, as it’s continually changing due to the program’s popularity and the dynamic nature of contributions. 

The Google Local Guides Program has millions of members globally, and many of them engage in writing reviews as part of their contributions. However, it’s important to note that not all Google Reviewers are automatically Local Guides, and not all Local Guides focus primarily on writing reviews.

In the analysis, the total number of reviewers within the dataset was examined, which comprised 1.1 million Google Business Profiles encompassing approximately 169 million reviews. The table provided below illustrates the number of distinct users categorized by their guide levels, ranging from those who are not Local Guides to those who have attained the highest level, Level 10. 

Local Guide level is established by inspecting the badges linked to user profile photos. Notably, badges commence at Level 4, which is why Levels 1-3 are grouped together, as the distinctions between these early levels are minimal.


Google Local Guides Program is a valuable platform for individuals to actively contribute to the accuracy and richness of information on Google Maps, while also enjoying a wide range of benefits. 

By following the steps outlined in the guide, you can join this program and make a positive impact on your local community and beyond. As the number of contributors to the program continues to grow, the collective effort of Local Guides plays a crucial role in helping people make informed decisions, discover new places, and enhance their local and global experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Google Local Guides do not receive monetary compensation for their contributions. They participate voluntarily to improve Google Maps and provide valuable information to users.

Google Local Guides can earn rewards such as access to new features, discounts on Google services, extended storage through Google One, and local perks like discounts at businesses in their area. The specific rewards vary by level and location.

Local Guides advance in levels based on the number of points they accumulate through contributions to Google Maps. The more points you earn, the higher your level. Different contributions yield different point values.

Yes, a Local Guide can lose their level or perks if they violate the program's guidelines or fail to maintain the required point threshold for their current level. It's important to follow the program's rules to maintain your status and benefits.

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