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Gen next technology companies are looking forward to split their investments between core HR teams, integrated HR data analytics and software systems. Thousands of global surveys have been carried out and the results say that one company in every three plans to use or have started using HR technology. There has been an exponential increase in the number of companies opting to strike the right balance between HR executives and technology. But to choose the right HR software is still a challenging task.

Is your company looking out for HR solutions to streamline the details, make the system transparent and easily manage all HR aspects with the help of technology? We have researched some well tested solutions that would make your life easier!

Solutions to choose the right HR software:

Choose the right HR software

  • SAAS (Software-as-a-Service): SAAS has completely upheaveled the technology arcade in the past few years. Gone are the days when companies had to invest in expensive hardware that had to be maintained constantly with software’s. With the latest cloud supported technology, you can operate them and log on from anywhere in the world. SaaS like GreytHR and hr stop offer a huge array of features like organizing data, managing absence, keeping all information centralized and keeping track of employee targets. Here is how online and desktop software compare.
  • Mobile Technology: Clicks are replaced by tabs – Mobile technology is “The” platform. While buying an HR software, make sure that it supports smartphones. With the help of this SaaS that is integrated in the smartphone of all HR employee’s, any changes made by the upper hierarchy can be instantly displayed to all the team members. Moreover, all updates can be posted by the members who are anywhere in the world and the fellow members would at-once get notified about them.
  • Emergence of HR Portals: HR portal is defined as a place where all the HR documents are placed and easily managed and accessible by management and employees. The other add-ons of using HR portals is the feedback of employees can be transparently obtained, ease of inter-department communication and increasing the social connection between people. It also helps in assisting collaboration, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge to ultimately increase the productivity of the company.
  • Increasing Popularity of Self-service: Few years back tedious and time-consuming tasks like counting the salaries, leaves and performance records had to be taken care of by individuals. However, with advancement in technology there are a number of software’s available that take of these track records. The main objective behind adopting this technology is that the manpower can manage other important issues like employee dissatisfaction while the technology takes care of other trivial jobs. Towers Watson survey posited that more than 60% companies use this type of HR software’s. Here the employee can himself feed in the information like the day on which he took leave and all information is stored on cloud.
  • Newer Systems Embrace Flexibility: With the growing demand and a huge list of vendors offering these services, the competition is immense and most of them have very flexible payment systems. Companies have to pay only as per the number of employees and as the number of employees increase as the business grows. Beehive software is a solution that offers online tax payment services, HR consulting, keeps all information centralized and available on your fingertips, has no maintenance cost or hardware requirement and has HR analytics service.
  • Future Roadmap: With the wearable computing devices coming to the market next year, there would be a massive change in the workplace and workforce technology. There would be newer solutions to improve the efficiency and the methods by which work is done. Taking interviews would no longer be an excruciating task as the device would advise you on what to ask to the applicant. Your employees can wear these devices and you can come to know how much they interacted and with whom! This lets you study the behavioral traits of your employees.

Key take-away:

  • Your technology should be supported on smartphones.
  • Data must be uploaded on cloud.
  • The payment structure must not be static, prefer for the flexible ones wherein you pay only for the active members.
  • Choose the right HRIS software vendors who take regular updates and improve the shortcomings.

Bottom-line: HR technology is revamping the traditional ways of working. The existing HR technology can be used by employees, employers, candidates and managed by the higher management. Innovation and immense competition will bring about technology that will surpass all existing work regimes.

There are many software available with different access methods, the fact is to understand that what software type will satisfy your business need? and choose the right HR software accordingly. Before taking decision you can go through the list of top HR software with different access methods at SoftwareSuggest or you can talk to software experts at SoftwareSuggest.com for the right software suggestion.

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