If you had the chance to hire a workforce of superheroes, who would you employ? If you really put some thought into this, you could end up connecting the brightest minds with the strongest bodies to make the ultimate superhero workforce.

Types of Superhero Workforce

Rocket and Groot

The (arguably) most adorable yet feisty twosome from Guardians of the Galaxy would be brilliant cherry pickers. We already know how successful they are as a team, so we don’t have to worry about them not getting along!

Plus, Groot’s strength and loyalty to Rocket makes them perfectly suited for work that requires two superheroes. Rocket could be the brains of the situation and Groot would do the manual labour while keeping Rocket in check – we all know that Rocket can get a little angry sometimes!


Obviously, Ant-Man would be hired as part of the quality control. Why? Because he could simply shrink down to size and run around the product checking for any mistakes in the details.

You’d never receive an item back for faultiness, as Ant-Man would’ve picked up on the issue way before it had been approved to be sent out in the first place.


Clearly, Hawkeye would be the supervisor of the team. We’re sure you can hazard a guess as to why! But just in case, it’s because of his hawk-like vision and fast reactions he’d be on the rest of the superhero workforce like a predator to its prey. Hopefully, he wouldn’t take his job role too seriously though; maybe we’d have to make a rule of ‘no weapons at work’.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out who else we’d pick for our superhero workforce and what role they would be hired for. Additionally, PeopleVox management software is the perfect solution if, for some unbeknown reason, you can’t hire your ultimate superhero workforce.

superher workforce

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