Property Management Software (PMS) or hotel management software (HMS) are technologies blessing for the hospitality industry.  The main aim is to automate the operation of the hotels. Such as that these software act like the brains behind the operation of the entire property, how many rooms are available and the prices of the same. There are different software available in the market to choose from, some open sources, some web based and some on cloud based application.

The operations need support no matter how small or big the business is, the back end and front end work needs a smart mind to handle it and to make it seamless and effortless, all data is put in an app.

Today the market of PMS has many software and applications available to suit the varied needs of the users. Whether it’s a motel, a spa, a restaurant, a condominium or a big chain of hotels, the variety in the market is huge. However to be able to choose the right hotel management software, one has to look after this parameters, these will determine their priority based on which one can choose accurately.

Things to throw light upon before choosing the right PMS / HMS made for you!

Selecting the rigth PMS/HMS Software

  • Security

To safeguard the assimilated information of the guest’s data and to stop any breaches for the same, security should be the ideally focus. Payment Application Data Security Standard is one such compliance that can be a consideration to choose. Security breaches in hotels can be in terms of: Network security, Password management, data compromise. They all have to be dealt individually, some need just installation of an application firewall whereas others are more complex and need closer understanding.

  • Usability

To understand the reputation of the application, if this is being used by other reputed players in the competition. To understand the user base of the app to know if they have been working with similar environment to be able to suit needs accurately. This is to understand what other peers are using & understand if all is in sync. To know the real reputation of the product!

  • Installation

There is a certain installation and configuration that is involved with the system apps, it is very important to know the process before getting the software, how easy or complicated it is and what kind of maintenance will be required to handle the same. E.g. some apps like hotelogix don’t need anything but the internet to be able to run the operations.

  • Integration with other apps

This is to learn how well does the app communicates and integrates with other available systems. The chosen application should be capable of performing all the needed tasks peacefully and seamlessly with other apps also . For instance if the company has been keeping data as a Microsoft excel file and just adopting a new web based app where all information will be added, the ease with which this data can be copied or will the staff face inconvenience of typing it all in again.

  • Features

The best way to do that is by knowing that what are the functions the system to be purchased should have. If the app has many complicated and latest features that you will be paying for and never using is, will be a waste of everything. The personality and criteria of ITC will vary from that of Oberoi, to understand the criteria and choosing accurately is what the teams should be able to do.

  • After sales support

This is one of the most important considerations, how is the after sales service? Does team belong to hospitality background and understands the needs of the trade? If they offer 24*7 complete assistance with the online help? Suppose data spillage is happening, how soon can the assistance is provided to stop the same?
These will help one understand what they need and what will exactly suit their business requirement in the best possible way and get the most appropriate app for themselves.
Many different types of software are available in the space of property management systems. To name a few, we have selected the gems out of them!

The best property management software that you should have!

A cloud based PMS; it provides all solutions on the cloud which makes it a web-based hotel management system. This is a centrally hosted app, where everyone has the latest information (by everyone it mean all hotels in the chain or all members using the cloud). It is a single system that manages many operations.

This is a web-based hotel management software. The latest one came with SAAS technology to manage the operations with ease. eZee has 3 software for different functions of a hotel – eZee BurrP for restaurant and Bar; eZee Reservations; and eZee Centrix which is a hotel manager to manage property rates and inventory efficiently from one place.

It prides itself on being a 360 degree approach to property management, HoteLogix shows the ‘up-to-the-minute’ status of a Property! This is basically a reservation chart that displays like a dashboard where one can draw bookings directly and update them simply. This is very helpful to simplify complex room operations.

The infrastructure needed a simple computer and a basic internet connection. Maintenance of the same is managed by the team of HoteLogix on the cloud. They call themselves the “Smart Hotelliers”

The above are 3 comparable examples of what the market holds. Apart from these, there are many other software as well like Reznext, Fiesta, WinHMS.

There are many technologies and many software, the trick is to understand what the need is and what is the best for your business. You can go through the software buying guide before taking decision talk to software experts at for the right software suggestion.

The best PMS will ensure operations that will be eventually resulting in lowering costs, bettering guest services, more accurate inventory, and best of all, a better experience for all the guests. You can see an infographic which show list of top hotel management software for your hotel.