How to Choose the Best Construction Scheduling Software?

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Construction Scheduling

Construction scheduling software is essential for the smooth processing of projects which usually include many complexities. There are very few universal solutions, however. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on evaluating the various construction scheduling programs out there. This will help you find the very best solution for you!

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What Should You Look for in Construction Scheduling Software?

#1. Compatibility with Your Existing Tech Stack

Chances are, you’ve already spent a substantial amount of time and money incorporating various software packages into your company’s workflow.

Unless you’re having major problems with those systems, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when shopping for construction project scheduling software. Your wallet will thank you, as will the employees who actually have to utilize the software you choose.

Most construction scheduling software makers list integrations prominently on their websites, so you should have no problem conducting this research before buying. Look for actual integrations rather than just an API unless you have capable developers in-house who can hook things up for you.

#2. Mobile Friendliness

Construction resource scheduling software needs to be mobile-friendly. This is especially true in the age of COVID-19, when jobs are frequently managed from out of the office.

Software that tethers users to a computer (especially one connected to a local network rather than the cloud) puts your company at a significant disadvantage. You’ll have a constantly outdated understanding of where your project stands, which will cost you significant money and effort.

#3. Security

As companies increasingly move online, hackers are having a field day. That’s why you must prioritize security with any software you bring into your company, including construction scheduling programs.

The best construction scheduling software will include industry-standard security features that protect your company’s information. Before incorporating any program, ask the sales rep about items such as:

  • firewalls
  • penetration testing
  • tokenization
  • obfuscation
  • two-factor authentication

These will save you from costly breaches.

#4. Reputation

Construction is a big industry, but it’s also tightly-knit. When shopping for construction project scheduling software, you’ll quickly notice that a few names jump out thanks to their stellar reputation.

The reason you should take reputation seriously when it comes to shopping for construction scheduling software is simple. If companies similar to yours have had a solid experience with a particular program, chances are you will too!

#5. Support

Even the best construction resource scheduling software has occasional bugs or glitches that must be resolved. Companies with a reliable support team will address these concerns promptly.

The best way to gauge whether a software company has sturdy support is to look for reviews from its longtime customers. It’s hard to spot potential issues for yourself as a new customer since companies will typically put on their best face when dealing with prospects. You want to find out how the support holds up a year down the line.

#6. Cost

While some decent free construction scheduling software programs exist, the most robust options are typically paid. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop for deals on software, though. After all, the budget is a major determining factor for most companies when choosing new technology to implement.

You should consider the monthly cost and how many licenses the software comes with. Particularly, ask yourself whether the number of licenses will be enough to support your company if it grows as projected over the next few years.

Plenty of programs are cheap enough when you only need one or two licenses but quickly become prohibitively expensive the more you need.

#7. Ease of Use

While software will come with a learning curve, getting the program to do what you want should never be an uphill battle. The best construction scheduling software, in particular, is easy to use since so many people will rely on it in one way or another.

Spend some time playing around with the software before you purchase. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s demo videos; get in there and start clicking around!

#8. Input from Stakeholders

Ensure you get input from the workers who spend the most time using your software daily. Decisions made solely by higher-ups often leave the hands-on workers feeling ignored and working with a program that doesn’t fully meet their needs.

While higher-ups certainly have their place in the discussions, the people who have been hired to do a particular job that depends on a particular program should have a say, too.

#9. Specificity

When evaluating construction scheduling software, it’s important to consider the specificity of the program. While general scheduling software like Asana or Monday may work for other industries, they may not meet the unique scheduling needs of the construction industry.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a software program that is specifically designed for construction scheduling. With a wide range of construction scheduling software options available, there is no need to settle for a generic program that may not adequately address the specific requirements of the construction industry.

#10. What You’re Looking to Schedule

Are you primarily scheduling people? Equipment? Other resources? All of the above?

The right software will depend on your answer. Some programs have great all-around resource scheduling features that will cater to various situations, while others have strong suits.

This goes back to playing with the software before settling on it. Doing so will help you determine whether the program does what you need it to do efficiently.

Be sure to test various programs if the first one doesn’t do exactly what you want.


Construction scheduling software is precious for keeping construction projects moving. You must choose the right software since a poor fit will cost you time, effort, and money.

We hope this article has been useful in providing you with some tips for evaluating scheduling software effectively.

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