How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy: 6 Effective Ways

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Incorporating new ideas in a business is what will keep you alive in the competition. Nothing matches the digital marketing capability when attracting as many customers as possible to your business.

Digital marketing is simply the best way to make your company shine online. No matter how big or small your business is, digital marketing strategy takes the credit to take it to new pomp and show.

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The challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the gear of digital marketing for many businesses. Further, your business analysts may indicate a substantial increase in competitors’ business online. You may be spending high on a digital marketing plan to match your competitors, but it might not yield stunning results yet. This is enough for any management or digital marketing department to think about the effectiveness of online marketing strategies’ exemplary implementation.

All you need is a thorough digital marketing strategy at this point in your business. Just like you need to take small and collaborative steps to achieve this much in your business, digital marketing requires the same.

With 93% of the online engagements starting from a search engine only, let us help you encircle the main points of your business’s proper digital marketing steps.

All about Digital Marketing Strategy:

Before jumping to the strategy directly, it is vital to have an understanding of digital marketing. You may hear it multiple times a day, but having a clear perspective of the uses of internet marketing strategy will help its successful implementation. Let us start with a straightforward definition.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is promoting the awareness of your products and services through many media using the internet. You may get highly-acclaimed definitions of this concept, but earning profit online remains the main essence. Many businesses have their internal digital marketing team or outsource it to any professional service provider. The next concept is about digital marketing strategy.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy defines various activities used by different online marketing channels to attain several aims. These channels can contain paid or earned media. A digital marketing plan permits you to figure and introduce your online marketing strategy with success.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Note: Always remember that no two digital marketing strategies are similar. All of the businesses will have their different strategy that fits your requirements and includes a grouping of methods.

A solid digital marketing strategy includes the following goal types:

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term

6 Effective Steps to Build Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

Deciding on several types of goals, you can work out a better marketing plan for your growing business. Thus, the best ways to build an effective digital marketing strategy must include the following steps:

1. Target Your Customer Segment

Like any other marketing firm, it is vital to understand the prospective audience before designing the internet marketing strategy. While many say that data is good, tapping the wrong data can be the worst decision for your business. With a little less than 60% of the world population on the internet, it is crucial to hitting the bull’s eye.

You must obtain the prospective users ‘ real-time data based on your company’s work, i.e., direct model, B2B, or B2C model. This data collected is pivotal in targeting your future customers.

The best combination of qualitative, demographic, and psychographic data is required for estimating the business volumes.

You can take the help of different tools like web analytics to get customers’ information. Further, surveys, questionnaires, and consistent feedback can add to the data’s worth. Finding the salary and orientation details require personalized interviews over the generalized survey forms.

The precision in searching for the target audience requires the sales and marketing team’s involvement at all levels. Your website, social media accounts, etc., are the harbinger of change when you’ve to look out for a new customer base. 

Digital marketing goals should be measurable.

Don’t be an example of pitching combs to the bald. Having an unknown audience is the worst-case scenario for your online marketing strategies. Thus, it is best to start with the target audience’s proper definition to make it work well for your business and then move swiftly toward the planning.

2. Plan The Digital Marketing Goals

Like any other strategy, your digital marketing strategy requires clear goals. Your digital marketing and other marketing goals should resonate with the business’s success. You can take the help of the highly-acclaimed concepts.

Plan The Digital Marketing GoalsAccording to the book “EMarketing Excellence,” any business can set digital marketing goals using the 5S strategy. 

These 5S stands for:

  • Sell: Your online marketing should not only yield sales of your product or services but also play a crucial role in promoting the awareness of your brand. If your digital marketing strategy is not contributing to sales, it is time to stop and change the direction of the plans.
  • Speak: You don’t have to spend extra dollars on customer communication to achieve the same using digital marketing. Thus, effective communication is another important goal of digital marketing.
  • Serve: You must cater to many customers after implementing digital marketing compared to the scenario with its absence.
  • Save: Your digital marketing plans should keep you high on savings compared to other marketing options like print media.
  • Sizzle: Creating your online presence should be the main motto of digital marketing. Placing your brand to the right customers can earn immense business profits.

These goals play an important role in further planning, execution, and, last but not least, evaluating online marketing strategies. Once the goals are set, it is the turn to seek the digital marketing tools that realize its success.

3. Prepare With The Most Suitable Digital Marketing Tools

Your business will require the best digital marketing tools to achieve the best of the proposed digital marketing strategy. With over 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, it is hard to miss the power of organic and paid social media platforms.

Prepare With The most Suitable Digital Marketing Tools

The next to your help are email marketing, display retargeting, programmatic advertising, website testing and analytics, video hosting, content marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing.

With the search advertising traffic expected to reach 137 billion USD by 2022, you may not miss these user-friendly tools in digital marketing. You may already have specific digital marketing tools catering to your business that require serious evaluation. 

4. Evaluation Of The Existing Digital Marketing Sources 

If your existing digital marketing campaigns are not doing right, it is time to get them diagnosed. Don’t try to get along with the years-old digital marketing strategy. It is time to start the clear and affirmative evaluation of all digital marketing sources to eliminate the loopholes.

Owned, Paid, and Earned Media are the fundamentals of digital marketing sources.

Owned media includes your business’s website, blogs, galleries, and social media profiles. Your blogs on other websites also come in owned media. The paid press consists of the online channels that promote your business—the earned media results from digital marketing efforts like positive reviews, press mentions, etc.

You don’t have to repeat the same mistake over again. Hence, never skip the evaluation process while building online marketing policies for your business. The evaluation reports are the inputs to the audits of the digital marketing sources.

5. Audits and Planning the Digital Marketing Sources 

Once evaluations are in place, it is time to get the results from audits. The audits and planning will go hand in hand for all three types, i.e., owned, paid, and earned media.

Audits and Planning the Digital Marketing Sources

Owned Media: Starting with the owned media, content is the king here. All you need to do is prepare a list of the existing contents and their performance over time. Get through the website content, blogs, posts, and e-books. A transparent audit will yield you their performance to stress on the top achievers while improving the mediocre to plan the successful digital marketing strategy. 

Content can be recycled and is subject to use.

Creating an effective content plan is all that will take your owned media to new heights. Never underestimate the power of the pen when more than 72% of online marketers consider content creation an efficient SEO policy.

Paid Media: Paid campaigns usually get the digital marketing auditors’ best eye because you spend considerable amounts on them. With Google Adwords converting 50% better traffic to your business, it can go hand-in-hand with Facebook, Twitter, etc. The paid media audits can be more elaborate with the input-to-output ratios that classify the best performers and stick to the essence of digital marketing.

Just like your PR in traditional marketing, planning the right paid media strategy can boost your profits.

Earned Media: If your business has got something great across the months, it is hard to miss them working for overall success. Your news media coverage or presence in traditional media outlets should be present in the digital marketing strategy. 

Further, the online ratings and reviews earned by the best customer service can be considered a benchmark. With almost zero expenditure on the earned media, unbiased audits and effective planning can help it take your business to other heights. You can plan the promotional content based on previous earnings.

With minor companies focusing on reviews, bringing life to the earned media can help you plan your digital presence. With more than 57% of people shopping using friends or family referrals, you may not miss a single opportunity here. 

Earned media can be regarded as publicity gained from different methods without paying anything or using paid advertisements.

Once the audits have resulted in substantial planning of the digital marketing sources, it is time to collaborate on the different parts of digital marketing. The planning and auditing of the digital marketing tools and references are unmissable in this strategy formulation.

6. Collaborate with The Digital Marketing Campaign

A comprehensive digital marketing campaign is not attainable without the best collaboration of its elements. You have the performance of the tools and planning of the movements. The next step is the practical interpretation of the proposed evaluations and audits.

The accumulation of the different steps and policies under digital marketing strategy brings it under one umbrella. This further facilitates the ease of control, access, and evaluation of the guidelines. The action plan of your strategy defines its effectiveness.

Collaborating in digital marketing helps you get to prospective customers’ voices.

As said before, digital marketing is vast, and it is best to plan a digital marketing strategy template for all stakeholders’ easy access.

Many service providers offer free templates and paid services in digital marketing. These ensure a compact, effective, and highly fruitful plan to streamline the entire policy. These templates further cover the digital marketing budgets and time frames for proper implementation.

Implementing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Implementing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you’re ready with the checklist, it is time for efficient implementation. Like familiar to many, you can outsource or create business opportunities using the potential of digital marketing. Just like any other concept, your online marketing campaign requires constant supervision since it is highly volatile. Further, with more than 50% of online purchases from smartphones only, your internet marketing strategy must be mobile-friendly.

More and more businesses are tapping the vicious power of digital marketing. It is estimated that significant players have increased their digital marketing budgets by more than 13%, following the essential parts of planning, execution, auditing, and modifying work stupendously for any business’s online marketing strategies. Let it do the intelligent work for your business to make it an overall success. 


Do you know that over 80% of customers do a detailed online search before buying a service or product? Merely having a digital marketing strategy is not enough as all the parameters needed for the system must also contribute to your business’s success. Therefore, you have to ensure the proper enforcement of your digital marketing plans.

The best internet marketing strategy requires devotion to preparation and execution. Refrain from shortcuts and concentrate on the beautiful ways to multiply your business by digital means because slow and steady will always win the race. 

Did we miss any important tips on ways to build an effective digital marketing strategy? Let us know more about it and your success stories in digital marketing.

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