How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings?

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How can Web Design Impact SEO

The outcome of your SEO checklist will depend, to a great extent, on how well your website is designed, not just for the search engines but also for the visitors. Regardless of whether it is a Google algorithm update or your digital marketing efforts, your website must be the tool that can foster your web presence. In this article, we will deal with the following important aspects,

1. Why is updating your website important?

2. SEO trends in 2023 to watch out for.

3. What are the few ways in which SEO and web design can complement the functioning of Google?

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Let us take one sub-topic at a time in the paragraphs that follow,

How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings

When you have your business online, it becomes even more important to update your website from time to time. However, improving visibility is just one of the many reasons; the more important ones are as follows,

1. Visual Representation

It is a well-known fact that your website will speak volumes about your business and the nature of the organization that your company represents. Keep in mind the following aspects when you make certain changes to your website,

  1. Update the content of your website with the appropriate dates
  2. You can change the color scheme once in a while to enhance the appeal
  3. Make the content informative and add value to the visitors’ knowledge quotient

2. Mobile-friendly and Responsive

These days you find that smartphone usage is more than the time you spend on your laptops, notebooks, and PCs. With the help of Responsive Design, you are making your website not just desktop-friendly but mobile-friendly too.

Mobile-friendly and Responsive

Such is the popularity of Responsive Design that many companies or businesses online have opted for the “Mobile-first” approach.

3. Coding

Your website browser must be compatible. Also, it must have valid source codes and must comply with the basic web standards. Most importantly, it is essential to update your website because you may not yield the right results if the programming language is out of date. You have to stay updated with the web standards that change every year.

4. Marketing 

The call-to-action buttons that you used earlier may not be of much use these days. Be innovative and creative as far as content is concerned, and build a unique USP for the web pages and the landing pages. 

5. Using Advanced and Latest Measuring Tools

In outdated websites, the tools that you have for measuring marketing success may not be good enough now. It would help if you continuously incorporated necessary tools like tracking conversion rates, user recordings, and mappings. To tap into the potential of these latest tools, your website has to be modern.

Latest Measuring Tools

The reasons why you require an updated website, as mentioned above, are just a few of them. But at any point in time, regardless of the nature of the products and services you are offering, staying abreast of the latest marketing tools is always a welcome move. Your website is undoubtedly one of the best tools for generating higher revenues and improving your ROI.

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Seo Trends in 2023 to Watch Out For

You have to develop or update your website, depending on the current requirements in the digital market. There are some essential trends that you have to follow. You will surely find that a few ongoing trends will be standard for both 2023 and the year that has just passed. It is going to be a spillover to the 2023 ad, yet there are going to be a few that will require you to change your marketing approach and strategy online.

Here are a few SEO trends to watch out for in 2023.

BERT algorithm

This is more about writing content for the “users’ intent” rather than developing content based on what key phrases and keywords they type in or are looking for. You must assess the user’s access point to make the content as per the user’s intent.

It is best to align your content depending on what the users are currently looking for as compared to conventional parameters that govern content development. It will also ensure that in case there are updates from Google, there will not be a remarkable drop in your digital footfall. You can consult experts at Big Drop to know more. 

Content Must Be of High Quality and Optimized

We can safely say that this is a trend that is not just characteristic of 2023 but what we have seen ever since SEO impacts started being realized.

High Quality content

Moreover, content also affects how you build your links, approach your link-building strategies, and build the site structure aside from offering invaluable information to the visitors. As such, the content will not just be of high quality but has to be optimized too. 

Content Cannibalization

One of the best practices is to “merge,” “sort,” and ‘archive” content and also make sure that there are no overlapping “rankings” for the same content. Also, it would help if you carried out content audits from time to time.

Eat Will Rule

Regardless of whether it is content or addressing customer issues, search engine majors are expected to take into account “E-E-A-T.” It is the abbreviation for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness” of your online business writers. Whether it is individual writing content for you or a company, they will take the track record into account.

User Experience

One of the critical factors that most SEO professionals must focus on this year is improving and working on user experience. When it comes to user experience, it is not just how they are being catered to as far as relevant content is concerned but also right from the time the search results are returned and how visitors accept them.

User Experience

Aside from the above, other SEO trends to watch out for in 2020 include the following,

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Mobile SEO
  3. Optimizing knowledge graph and entity
  4. Structured data
  5. Brand building
  6. Link building
  7. Enhancing visibility

How can SEO and web design enhance Google compatibility?

It is not just the keywords that matter when it comes to completing rankings or algorithms of search engines and working in tandem with them. Let us find out a few factors that will ensure that SEO professionals can work in sync with the search engines, offer a better user experience for the visitors, and also make the search engines happy. What are these measures that you can take? Let us find out.

1. Being User-Friendly Also Means It Is Google-Friendly

When you are opting for web designing, make sure that your visitors can navigate through the site easily. You will come across many websites that have visitors, but they do not stay here for long. These are bounces, and the higher the bounces; the more are your website’s chances of sliding behind as far as rankings are concerned. So, offer a unique user experience to make your visitors and search engines happy.

2. Mobile-Friendly

If you have a website that is only desktop-friendly, you might be losing out on prospective leads. As such, if you build a website that can be accessed in your hand-held devices, too, your chances of getting leads and converting them to customers will be higher also.

So, when Google introduced the “mobile-first” index in one of its updates, it did so with a reason which was to be beneficial for all. In fact, studies also reveal that way back in 2017, at least 70% of digital footfall or web traffic was generated from smartphones or hand-held devices. And over the years, this figure has jumped much higher. So, when you build your website, make sure you emphasize a mobile-friendly version of your website.

3. The Loading Time of Your Website

When you design your website, you must make sure that the loading time of your website is optimum. The higher the time it takes for your website to download, the greater the chances of visitors bouncing out or going to your competitor’s websites.

Loading Time of Your Website

And the best way to improve the loading time of your website is to decrease clutter, incorporate optimum elements of website designing, and thereby to minimize the size of the web page that you will view when visiting the site.

4. SEO and Good Content

We know that “Content is King.” If you have good content that is informative, adds value to visitors, loads fast, offers appropriate buttons for ‘call to action”, and is updated, then you can attract visitors. 

From time to time, it is essential to update your content, revisit the same, carry out a content audit, study page rankings of each page, research the best keywords, and key phrases, and most searched words online. As such, good content also means that your SEO approach is good too. 

Remember, if you have the necessary tools that can make you stand out from the crowd, you can withstand and survive any update that is rolled out by a search engine major, and you can keep at bay the chances of a big drop!

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