If you see performance management as a repetitive ritual about ticking boxes, then you’re doing it wrong. Performance management should be a meaningful exercise that makes your employees feel valued, gives them direction, and motivates them to drive big business results.

If you want to do performance management right, then you need a reliable way to measure skills and competencies, analyze your results, and set goals for continuous improvement. But filling out annual appraisals using paper forms can make this process tedious, difficult, and inefficient.

Technology can give you a significant advantage when it comes to improving performance within your organization. Here’s how modern HR software can help.

Three ways HR software supports effective performance management

With technology on your side, performance reviews can become less of a chore. In fact, they can become a highly effective component in your growth strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fast and efficient: For a start, HR software lets you launch a company-wide performance review with the click of a button. There’s no need to print out individual forms and hand-deliver them to desks. You can simply distribute appraisal questions by hitting “start”.
  • Online collaboration: Managers and employees can work together to answer performance questions without leaving their desks. If your HR software is optimized for mobile, your workforce will be able to collaborate on their performance review from anywhere in the world.
  • More accurate data: If your HR software allows for 360-degree feedback, you’ll be able to gather performance data from not just the employee and their manager, but from dozens of their colleagues, too. This takes a lot of the bias out of the equation and gives you a much more rounded and accurate view of each employee’s performance.
  • Visual analysis and scoring: One of the most difficult areas of performance management is analyzing results – and putting the data into a format you can actually do something with. HR software will crunch the numbers for you, and even present your high and low performers in league tables, to help you decide where to spend rewards, and who to coach or train.

  • Result tracking: After your first performance review, you’ll be able to implement strategies and goals to help you improve. And if your HR software is good enough, it will show you what effect these strategies had, by letting you compare performance year-on-year.

Though there are many specific performance management software products available but if you need performance management module in HR software than People HR could be the one. While this software is primarily a core human resources management system, it contains a fantastic tool called Performance.

While some HR systems seem to offer little more than digital forms for appraising performance, People HR offers a comprehensive performance management system, that takes you through the process from start to finish. This includes building custom questions that are linked to your company’s core values, as well as inbuilt “goal” setting, for helping you improve performance after your review is done.

You can learn more about how the People HR software makes performance management easy and more effective in this youtube video demonstration presented by the Managing Director and Performance evangelist, Sat Sindhar, of People HR.


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